Chapter 400 No Other Reason

Chapter 400 No Other Reason

Atticus hadn't forgotten Dell; he couldn't even if he tried. But Dell had been basically a blip in his past that Atticus hadn't deemed it necessary to place any sort of importance on him.

If not because of the fact that he always remembered everything, he would have probably forgotten his name.

The same would've been for Lila, were she not attending the same class as him.

There was no passing thought for Dell; Atticus didn't even need to think about what the boy would gain from doing all of this to him.

From everything he had seen 7 years ago, the boy was proud, arrogant, vindictive, spiteful, and callous.

He would do something like this.

Atticus took in a deep shuddering breath as that name resounded in his head.

The time was just a few minutes after 12, and the class had basically just started.


Isabella's firm voice that had been initially resounding throughout the classroom suddenly came to an abrupt stop as her head snapped towards Atticus's form, her gaze narrowed.

But she hadn't been the only one; Zoey and Kael both stood up in unison, their shocked gazes turning towards Atticus, who was simply sitting down with his gaze facing forward.

"Atticus, are you okay?" Zoey whispered quietly to Atticus, her expression worried.

But Atticus didn't offer any response; he didn't even turn to look at her.

Although it took longer, as the Tier Ones saw Zoey and Kael standing up, they each also felt it.

It was cold as it was oppressive.

They all shivered.

As fast as lightning, they each stood up from their seats, each one of them equipping their weapons, their hearts racing.

Seeing everyone's reaction and the fact that Atticus wasn't staring at her again, Lila calmed down a bit.

But just to be safe, she also joined the rest in looking at Atticus cautiously.

And after a few seconds, the entirety of the class felt it, each of them shooting up from their seats trying their very best to stay far away from the source of this oppressive aura.

Currently, Atticus was emitting staggering amounts of killing intent that made each and every one of the students in the class break into a cold sweat.

'Who does he want to kill?' Unlike the other students who weren't too familiar with the feeling, Isabella knew exactly what it was.

And what was currently baffling her to her core was the fact that although slightly, it was making her heart race, her hand slightly trembling.

If not because of the fact that Atticus was a student, Isabella would have attacked him immediately.

If she, a Master+ rank, was currently feeling this way, she could not even begin to imagine what the other students were currently feeling.

Kael narrowed his eyes, each one of his swords trembling with intensity.

'He's pissed,' a cute petite voice suddenly responded to Zoey, who had been wondering worriedly what was happening to Atticus.

'Pissed? Pissed at what?' Zoey was baffled. They had all been sitting there listening to Isabella, and now he's suddenly pissed?

By now, everyone was up from their seats, their hands placed on their weapons, ready to respond to anything.

Each of Aislan's tattoos lit up with a dark glow, his gaze turning pitch black. To those knowledgeable about the Frostvale family, it was obvious that he was ready to shapeshift at any instant.

Meanwhile, Eldric had his whole body turned into a silver shin as his skin turned into metal, while Harmonic tapped on his headset like artifact, its form radiating a blue glow.

Each one of their gazes was fixed dangerously on Atticus.

But Atticus didn't seem to care about anything; he didn't even turn to look at any one of them.

His form abruptly stood up from his seat, startling many of the students as those who hadn't before suddenly drew out their weapons.

Atticus suddenly turned, his gaze landing on the wall at the other side of the class, just behind the highest row of chairs.

Each of the students in that line of sight immediately jumped out of the way, intending to stay out of his vision.

Isabella didn't say a single thing, a small smile on her face. She had an idea of what was going on, and she had no intention of stopping it.

Then, everyone watched as Atticus controlled the air to envelop his form, and at a speed every single one of them found hard to catch, his form abruptly disappeared, and at the next instant, the sturdy academy walls that none of them could even dream of cracking were broken through as though they were eggshells.

The entirety of the class building trembled with intensity as Atticus's form broke through the walls, reaching outside the building in under a second.

Atticus, suspended in the air, suddenly turned his cold gaze towards the second year building across the expansive garden. And with a huge blast that rocked the space, his form tore through the air, heading directly towards the second year building, his gaze icy.

A red haired boy was currently seated in front of a classroom filled with students. This classroom was just like the first year's, and their hierarchy system was exactly the same, with the Tier Ones seated at the front.

The red haired boy, Dell, was currently seated at the third seat to the left, indicating his rank among the second years.

Although an instructor was currently teaching the class, Dell's head was elsewhere.

'After this attack on him, I should leave a clue directing him towards the Resonara family next,' Dell thought with giddy anticipation.

Just as he was about to continue the thought, he suddenly noticed the instructor had abruptly stopped speaking, his head having snapped towards his right, his gaze narrowed.

Before Dell could even wonder what was going on, the whole building shook violently. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

In the next instant, it was as though a comet had broken through into their class.

A thunderous explosion shattered the tranquility of their classroom, filling the air with a resounding boom as a figure burst through the stout walls with the force of a comet hurtling through the cosmos.

With his perception operating at full throttle, Atticus's piercing blue eyes instantly swept through the room, taking in every detail with heightened clarity.

There were multiple reactions.

To his right was the form of the instructor who clearly knew that Atticus had been coming.

To his left were the rest of the second years whose expressions were the personification of shock as each of them was on the verge of standing up, their forms slowly moving.

Then, Atticus's gaze landed on the form of a red haired boy who he had come for, Dell Alverian.

Their gazes met, and it was as though everything that was initially slowed down to a crawl, abruptly stopped.

It didn't even take a second; Atticus saw it.

It had been brief, extremely so. But it could never escape Atticus; the staggering amount of killing intent that passed through Dell's gaze as he saw him.

Atticus needed no other reason; this was more than enough.

It sounded as though the atmosphere tore, akin to the rapid fire crackling of a bonfire punctuated by bursts of explosive energy.

The air parted with a sharp whoosh as Atticus left behind a trail of sonic booms, his form instantaneously appearing in front of Dell.

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