Chapter 1133 Akami is here!

Chapter 1133 Akami is here!

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Just down the hall from Katherine's room, Alan was awake again and making surprisingly good progress with his college applications for UC Berkeley and UCLA. He was driven to work in part because he didn't want to think about the upcoming party.

During one rare mental break, he thought, It's weird. Almost any kid in my shoes would be slobbering with anticipation. But right now, I'm actually apprehensive about what's going to happen tonight. Why? This is going to be the pinnacle of my sexual "career" so far, what with Brenda, Xania, and Kim coming, as well as the usual sexy suspects. Plus, each poker party has been wilder and more arousing than the last!

So why am I more interested in math all of a sudden? Well, I guess I'd better roll with it while I can, anyway. I could have made more progress if all that pounding and banging downstairs wasn't so loud and annoying. Dang. Now THAT noise really gets me curious.

There had indeed been a loud banging coming from downstairs, which lasted for several hours before it finally ended about eight o'clock. In this case it was clear that the banging was not of a sexual nature; instead, it sounded like people building something and moving heavy objects.

He thought, I'll bet Mom n' Mother did something really special, just for tonight. Heck, there's no need to worry about money anymore, if we ever did, so they can really go all out. But with what, exactly? Maybe they put that huge bed in the living room like we'd planned? Or maybe it's some kind of special table just for poker games? I really want to go downstairs and check it out, but I shouldn't.

He stifled his curiosity and continued plugging away on his college applications.

He looked at the clock from time to time, watching the time pass ever so slowly. It passed eight-thirty and he still wasn't done, but he redoubled his efforts. While he was still feeling strangely nervous and unaroused about the party, he was also a very polite person and didn't want the others to have to wait for him.

Both Katherine and Amy came up to check on him, but they just stuck their heads in, and then left as soon as they saw he was still working.

At one point, he heard the doorbell ring, and that caused him to increase the pace of his work even more. He focused on his college applications like he was possessed. That helped keep all of his mixed feelings about the party in the back of his mind.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was just a few minutes to nine o'clock. He knew the guests must have arrived by now and that the party was starting without him. He'd heard the doorbell ring two more times. He scanned the papers in front of him and saw that he was basically done with the two applications that were soon coming due. However, he wouldn't be completely done and at ease until the UC Berkeley application in particular was actually in the mail.

Then he decided, Fuck it! I still have until Saturday night to mail these. I can do that tomorrow. It'll be good to review everything once again before then anyway, just to be sure I didn't make any mistakes.

Then, aware that someone could be monitoring him on video, he looked up and said triumphantly, "That's it! I'm done!" Despite his best efforts, the curiosity of what might be happening downstairs was really killing him. He bounded up and rushed to the door.

But even before he could get to it, Katherine opened it and rushed in. (It just so happened that she'd been walking down the hallway to her room and heard his outburst.) "YES!" she exclaimed just as triumphantly over his completing the college applications. She fell into his arms and gave him a big kiss.

Naturally, he eagerly responded.

"Thank God!" she said after eventually coming up for air. "Big Diving Board Brother, some people were saying we should just give in and come up here and get you, but I knew you could finish everything on time. You rock!" She kissed him again and hugged him even more.

He was the one to break the kiss this time. He ruffled his sister's hair joyously and said modestly, "Awww, it's just a college application. Geez. You make it sound like I just invented the light bulb or something."

"I suppose you're right; we get carried away. But we're all just so proud of you! I can't wait until we're all living in a big new house up near Berkeley!" Suddenly she pulled back and held out her arms. "How do I look?"

He noticed that she was dolled up in a fancy pumpkin colored dress like she was going to a very high society function. It reminded him of the Renaissance era bodice that Suzanne wore on Halloween. It revealed her breasts right down to the very tops of her areolae, and it pushed everything forward, making her look as ample in the chest as Amy was now. Everything else on her looked exquisite as well. She even wore jewelry and light traces of make-up (make-up was a rarity for any of the female family members except Suzanne, who used subtle amounts every day).

After giving her an appreciative look over, he teased, "You look fantastic. If you weren't my sister, I would grab you and totally do you." He grinned and winked at her. "But that would be wrong." f(r)

She giggled at his joke, but she was also pulling him towards the door even before he finished talking.

But he was so appreciative of her look that he whistled and said, "Dang, Sis, you really look like a lady. A beautiful lady."

Suddenly she became all bashful. "Really? You're just saying that."

"No. It's so true. I'm the luckiest guy alive."

She started tugging him along. "Well, at least that's true! Come on, Mr. Flatterer. I'm dying to at least blow you right now so I can gobble down another great big load, but that would be rude to all the people waiting downstairs, wouldn't it? Come on down and meet the guests! Or should I say, cum up and down all over as you meat the guests?" She giggled. "And I do mean M E A T."

"I guessed as much. Comedic genius!"

She giggled, punching him lightly. "Admit it; it gets you horny, knowing you're gonna be slipping into some hot holes tonight."

"You're right. Hell, why are we just walking?"

Alan rushed down the stairs hand and hand with Katherine. He felt a bit like when he was a little kid rushing down these very same stairs on Christmas morning. In fact, there were even some years when he'd gone down holding his sister's hand because the two of them were so close. But things had changed a lot since those days; in fact, when he got to the bottom of the stairs he hardly recognized the living room. There were big white cloth tarps thrown over everything. He couldn't even see the fireplace on the other side of the room. He noticed in particular a large conical tarp in the middle of the room going all the way to the ceiling, making it look a bit like the room had a teepee in it.

His attention was quickly diverted, however, when he looked to the front doorway and saw Susan standing there with Akami.

"Akami!" Alan said in genuine surprise. He thought he knew all the people who were coming, and when he heard three doorbell rings, he assumed they were Kim, Xania, and Brenda arriving at different times. So he was thrown for quite a loop to see a different guest. He had mentioned to her on the phone recently that he wanted to get together with her soon, but he completely overlooked the idea of personally inviting her to this party.

Furthermore, Akami was dressed in a very sexy pink outfit which made it difficult for him to even recognize her. In his mind, her nurse outfit was practically a part of her body because he'd rarely seen her wearing anything else (except of course, when she was wearing nothing at all). "Dang, you look sexy! Great dress!"

Akami and Susan had been silent, watching him and his sister coming down the stairs. As they got closer, Akami smiled benignly, like a favorite aunt delighted to see her nephew after a long time. "Why, thank you kindly, Mr. Studly."

Alan stepped forward and gave her a hug and then a kiss while Susan and Katherine stood to the side.

He briefly noted that Susan, too, was dressed in a very expensive and fancy dress.

Akami laughed genially, and then said, "Alan! Is that it? Just a little peck on the lips?" She playfully swatted him. "I'm insulted."

She appeared happy enough to see him, but at the same time Alan knew that his greeting was tame by Plummer family standards, so he dipped her whole body down and French kissed her in a very dramatic fashion.

It was such a great kiss that she completely forgot about the need to breathe for a little while.

That got some ooh's and aah's from Susan and Katherine, and led to good natured laughing all around.

"Ah, now that's much better!" Akami said after he'd released her and she'd recovered her breath and her composure.

But then she frowned. Still in his close embrace, she managed to get a hand over his groin and discovered to her surprise that he didn't have an erection. She immediately protested, "Alan. Now THIS is insulting! Don't tell me that with all these beach ball boobs surrounding you, I'm not arousing to you anymore?" Suddenly, she seemed a lot less jovial and more honestly put out.

He replied very defensively, "No! It's not like that at all. In fact, you're looking great. Fantastic, even. You're soooo sexy that I hardly recognized you."

"Now I'm REALLY insulted." She was starting to get downright peeved.

"No, I don't mean it like that. Dang, I'm really putting my foot in my mouth. You have excellent perky boobs that I love to play with. Size isn't important." He didn't completely mean that last statement, but figured it was the right thing to say. He reached forward and pulled her breasts out of her cups and started playing with them as he continued to talk. "No, what I mean is that you're incredibly sexy in your nurse role. I absolutely love that whole nurse act you do."

Akami chuckled. "Yeah, I'm good at the nurse act, maybe because I work as a nurse for a living." freewebn(o)

"True," he grinned. "But now you're dressed like you're going to a fancy ball, and you're going to take the place by storm and be the center of attention. So you're just as sexy as ever, but in a different way."

She was flushed and happy, both from the compliments and the way his hands roamed over her boobs and nipples like he owned them. She wasn't used to being openly pawed in front of others like this and she was getting embarrassed. At the same time, she was surprised to find how much it excited her too.

After Akami's "beach ball boobs" comment, he made sure to pay extra attention to her smaller rack. While not big by his standards, they nonetheless were shapely and fun to play with.

Katherine giggled and then smirked, "Nice save, Bro."

Akami grinned at the compliment, but she brought a hand back to his groin and said, "Yeah, nice save, big boy, we all know you have a talented tongue in more ways than one. But what about this?" She squeezed his flaccid penis a bit to make it absolutely clear what she was referring to.

He started to explain, "If you knew what that little guy has been through today... Heck, earlier, even Aunt Suzy couldn't get him up, and it's just a fact she's pretty much the most seductive woman on the planet. It's true. Ask her!"

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