Chapter 2058 - : Compensation Sum

Chapter 2058: Compensation Sum

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Qiao Mei looked at the name list in her hand and then at the people in front of her. She could not fathom how Gao Hai could be so evil back then and did so many unforgivable things.

“Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself! My name is Qiao Mei! I’m a descendant of the Gao family! 1 have gathered everyone here today to talk about what happened in the past,” Qiao Mei raised the loudspeaker and spoke loudly.

The people below the stage looked at one another. Some of them really hated the Gao family to the core. Those who were the descendants of the actual victims might not know much about what happened back then, but they hated Gao Hai as well.

“It’s about the person who persecuted everyone back then, Gao Ying! I don’t know if everyone still remembers him, but I’m very ashamed to say that he’s a member of the Gao family. My great-grandparents left the country during the war. Our family doesn’t know that Gao Ying had done so many nasty things in the past! Gao Ying is no longer here! He left behind a portion of his assets, totaling 100,000 dollars! This money! I plan to distribute it to all of you!” Qiao Mei said.

“What! 100,000 dollars! Give us so much money!” The people below the stage whispered among themselves.

Everyone was a little suspicious of what Qiao Mei just said. After all, how could such a good thing just fall into one’s lap out of the blue? They were all curious about Qiao Mei’s motive.

“l don’t have any other intention! On behalf of the Gao family, I just want to try my best to make up for what Gao Ying did back then. I know! The money won’t be able to make up for whatever happened! But it is a small token from me! I hope you will accept it!” Qiao Mei said.

An old woman slowly walked out from the crowd to the front of the stage, She looked at Qiao Mei kindly and said, “My daughter died because of Gao Ying. Gao Ying is Gao Ying and the Gao family is the Gao family. Back then, Old Master Gao was always very nice to us and we are all very grateful to him. If not for Old Master Gao, this area would not have been so prosperous.”

When Gao Lin’s father was still alive, he did a lot of charity work. He constructed a building to house the homeless people and did not charge them any rent. He also gave them jobs in the Gao familys factories and shops so that they could earn a living.

The older folks living here were all very grateful to the Gao family. If the Gao family needed any help, they were willing to chip in unconditionally.

“Thank you,” Qiao Mei said, feeling touched.

After that, everyone queued up according to the sequence on the name list and collected the money with the help of the community office staff. Qiao Mei had also bought a lot of groceries like rice, noodles, grains and oil to be distributed to everyone.

Gradually, the people here stopped being suspicious of Qiao Mei!s motives. They no longer equated Gao Hai with the Gao family.

The procedures to set up Qiao Real Estate Company were completed in an orderly manner. Qiao Mei only bought one shop space for now so that she would have a place to work in for the time being. She would need Deng Fan to come over and help her follow up on the rest of the business matters.

After all these things are done, Qiao Mei posted a notice on the noticeboard titled “Benefits Upon Moving Out”. It stated clearly the rewards which Qiao Mei would give everyone if they move out.

For the people who moved out within one day, Qiao Mei would give them a reward of 1,500 dollars. For those who moved out within two days, she would give them a reward of 1,000 dollars. For those who moved out within three days, she would give them a reward of 500 dollars. After the fourth day, there would not be any more rewards. If there were still people who did not move out of the house after five days, she would take coercive measures to move them out.

“Is she fooling around? I’ve lived here for so long. Why is she suddenly asking us to move!”

“We all pay our rent on time! No one can chase us away!’

“Are the stated amounts for real?”

Although it was Gao Hai r s name on the property title deed, everyone paid rent directly to the community office and the community office would hand over the money to the government.

After the economy opened up, life had become better for everyone. The capital and Hu City were the economic centers of the country and the residents’ average annual total income could reach more than 800 dollars per person. Some people could even earn up to 1,000 dollars!

However, each person’s annual income would need to support an entire family. If a family was not very big, they could still have some savings. As for a large family, it was already good enough if they did not owe any debts.

This money was something extraordinary. They could be given 1,500 dollars for free! It was a great temptation for everyone.

“Are you really going to give us money?” a man shouted in Qiao Mei’s direction when he saw her standing at the door.

“Of course! I always mean what I say!” After saying that, Qiao Mei took out a stack of money from her bag and showed it to everyone.. They had never seen so much money!

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