Chapter 49: The Arrogant Off-Road Vehicle Youth

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Chapter 49: The Arrogant Off-Road Vehicle Youth

After burying the remaining few Class C Agile Zombies, both strength and agility had surpassed 90, with three bio-claws acquired and only one bio-whisker. However, after burying the robust zombie hunted today, it should be possible to gather two whiskers.

"Need to hunt more Class C Agile Claw Zombies," Alex muttered to himself, somewhat expectant of the upgraded version of the 'Sinful Blade'. However, looking at the Apocalypse Coins column, Alex felt a bit disappointed. Not enough to reach 300, otherwise, he could directly summon a Strangler Armored Vehicle, which according to the system description, should be incredibly powerful.

At least, it should be much more formidable than the few modified off-road vehicles he had seen before. But now, with 228 Apocalypse Coins, he should soon gather the required 300. novelbuddy .com

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" A series of loud and rapid horn sounds startled Alex.

"Who's honking their car horn like that? Are they crazy? Looking for death?"

Shen Tingting angrily pulled on her clothes and ran towards the city wall, irritated. The others, also curious, stood up, donning their clothes and followed to the city wall. Alex closed his eyes and controlled the three-eyed crow to fly into the sky.

"It's those guys again!"

This time, the people in the modified off-road vehicles seemed to have made some decision. Besides two modified off-road vehicles, they also brought a mixer truck. The loud horn sound was coming from the mixer truck.

The vast swarm of zombies at the school gate was attracted by the sound of the mixer truck and madly rushed towards it. The mixer truck, seemingly prepared, hit the gas and recklessly sped away into the distance. Meanwhile, the two modified off-road vehicles charged into the school.

The school's iron gate could not withstand the attack of an off-road vehicle loaded with steel railings, and was instantly smashed to pieces. Two off-road vehicles charged towards the school's inner City of Darkness.

"Master! It looks like two cars are heading our way!" the tall and beautiful Li Wan-ning, due to her height, was the first to spot the off-road vehicles racing arrogantly towards them.

Alex's expression turned cold, and he suddenly stood up and leaped onto the city wall.

A height of six meters was nothing for Alex now, requiring just a single leap.

As the roar of the engines filled the air, two modified armored vehicles stopped at the entrance of the City of Darkness.

The window of the Ford Raptor off-road vehicle slowly lowered, revealing a face with a slight arrogant and contemptuous smile through the reinforced steel-barred window.

This was a young man with a rogue-like demeanor, dyed white hair, and a perpetual slight smirk, his eyes full of arrogance.

As Alex and the girls saw this young man, he too noticed Alex.

"Holy shit! What the heck is this? There really is a city here! Damn it!" exclaimed the young man with white hair.

The young man in the passenger seat, wearing earrings, kept tapping his head as he looked at the walls of the City of Darkness, exclaiming in surprise.

"Look! There's someone on the city tower!" shouted a girl with silver hair from the pickup truck. She looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, pretty but with heavy makeup, giving her a somewhat enchanting appearance.

These people were clearly delinquents, and most likely rich second-generation kids.

"Hey, kid on the city wall! How did you make this wall? I damn heard there was a city here and didn't believe it, but you damn really opened my eyes!" the white-haired young man sneered at Alex, waving his hand arrogantly and shouting, "You damn really are a talent!"

"Yo! So many student girls here! Damn! These chicks are hot! I always said there were many beauties in this school! Didn't expect this kid to have taken them all!"

"Get lost!" Alex coldly yelled at these delinquent youths, then gestured to the girls around him, who were watching the scene, to go down the city wall first.

Alex knew these guys had guns. At this distance, although he wasn't worried about getting hit, these women, unaware of the power of rifles, might not be able to react in time.

"You little bastard really have the guts!" The white-haired young man pulled out a Type 81 rifle from behind his seat and fired two random shots at Alex's position.

Thanks to the cover of the city wall, the bullets only hit the wall.

But Alex, seeing the power of a rifle for the first time, was still a bit pale.

If not for his fear of the rifle, he would have gone down and chopped these guys up already!

"If you don't want to die, then open the gates nicely for me! Your city is now requisitioned by me! And your women, they are now mine! Hahaha!!! Such fine goods, wasted on a loser like you!" the white-haired young man laughed maniacally.

"I'm telling you now! You're going to die a miserable death!" Alex coldly stared at the white-haired young man, speaking each word deliberately.

These provocations had thoroughly ignited Alex's rage!

These people were courting death!

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