Chapter 440 - : You Couple Don’t Sleep in the Same Room?

Chapter 440: You Couple Don’t Sleep in the Same Room?

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Shen Man changed into the clothes and walked out of the room.

Jiang Yining showed a look of amazement. “Mom, you usually wear plain clothes. Now that you’ve changed into bright colors, you look much younger. Also, can you tell me how to maintain my figure? When 1 reach Mom’s age, it’ll be good enough if I can maintain half of your figure.”

Shen Man had given birth to two children and was already in her fifties.

However, she looked rather slim and well-proportioned.

After putting on makeup and dressing up, people would believe that she was thirty-five years old.

Her charm was especially mature, dignified, and even had a hint of allure.

With a wave of her hand, countless men would fall under her skirt.

Jiang Yining could imagine how charming she must have been when she was young.

Her father-in-law must have been blind…

To leave such a beautiful mother-in-law and go outside to find those vulgar mistresses.

“It’s not as exaggerated as you say,” Shen Man said shyly.

“I’m not exaggerating. I’m telling the truth.” Jiang Yining turned and asked Lu Zhi, “All Zhi, don’t you think our mom looks good in this outfit?”

Lu Zhi looked up and nodded.

“Yes, indeed.”

Shen Man originally thought that she wasn’t suitable to wear lake blue at her age. It was too eye-catching.

However, seeing both her son and Yining think it looked good.

She immediately felt delighted.

“You have good taste.” Shen Man asked, “How much did you spend on the clothes? 1’11 give it to you.”

As she spoke, she took out his wallet.

Wanting to give them money.

Jiang Yining quickly stopped her. “Mom, this is our gift to you. Don’t be polite. Otherwise, if we get angry, we won’t buy you any gifts in the future.”

With her threats, Shen Man didn’t dare to fork out any money.

“I won’t then. I’ll buy you something some other day.”

“Sure,” Jiang Yining said cheerfully, “My mother passed away when 1 was very young. I’ve always envied others for having a mother. Now that you’ve moved in, 1’11 treat you as my biological mother. If there’s anything we have to say, say it openly. Don’t be estranged.”


Shen Man looked at her lovingly.

Jiang Yining rubbed her cheek coquettishly.

Lu Zhi was a little jealous. Why did he feel that they were the biological mother and daughter while he was the son-in-law who had come to marry into the family?

After dinner, Jiang Yining gave a very considerate excuse to do homework, leaving the mother and son some space.

She ran upstairs alone.

Shen Man sat on the sofa with her back straight.

Looking at the TV screen that was broadcasting a variety show, she didn’t know what to say.

Lu Zhi sat lazily on the sofa with an indifferent expression.

It was hard to gauge his thoughts.

After a long period of silence…

Shen Man finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and said, “I’m sorry to disturb you guys by moving into your house. Don’t worry, when 1 find a place to stay, I’ll move out immediately.”

“This is your home. Where else do you want to move to?”

Lu Zhi asked calmly. freeweb(n)

Shen Man was slightly stunned. “Ah Zhi, you…”

Lu Zhi picked up the magazine beside him and said, “The misunderstanding has been resolved. I know 1 was wrong before. From today onwards, 1 want to make it up to you. However, before that, 1 want to ask you something. Why did you want to strangle Beicheng back then? And why didn’t you care about me? 1 almost starved to death.”

This was the last knot in his heart.

He didn’t understand why his biological mother was so ruthless.

To harm her own child.

Shen Man’s lips trembled slightly, and her hands that were hanging on her knees retracted.

After a while.

She said softly, “After I found out that your father had an affair, I suffered from postnatal depression. At that time, no one in the entire Lu family stood on my side. They only kept asking me to forgive your father, but no one considered me. Especially your grandmother. She thinks I’m having an affair with someone else. She keeps insulting me every day and orders the Lu family to alienate and ignore me.”

“At that time, facing the betrayal of my spouse, alone, far away from all my relatives. It was as if 1 had fallen into the water. No one came to save me. I was filled with disappointment in this world and completely disheartened.” “Countless nights, when I thought of what your father and that woman had done, 1 wanted to die. However, I couldn’t bear to leave the young Beicheng behind, so I thought of taking him away from this world with me.”

“Ah Zhi, I’m sorry. I thought you were old enough back then. Even if 1 were gone, you could still be taken care of by the other members of the Lu family and grow up well… 1 was afraid that you would become attached to me, so I deliberately ignored you and didn’t pay attention to you… I just hope that after I die, you won’t miss me so much….”

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