Chapter 2792 - : Good Sir, Are You A Male Or Female?

Chapter 2792: Good Sir, Are You A Male Or Female?

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Back then, Ball Shuhang had fought against the experts of the myriad worlds on Mars for Tyrannical Song’s main body. After acting tough for so long, everyone had personally seen Tyrannical Song kill the Celestial Thearch and destroy her body and soul. In a short period of time, the top big shots of the myriad worlds all secretly had the idea of challenging Tyrannical Song.

Originally, according to Ball Shuhang’s script, the Immortal big shots of the myriad worlds would be suppressed by the might of ‘Tyrannical Song killing the Heavenly Emperor’, and they would have to calm down for at least ten days to half a month to not cause trouble for the main body.

However, he didn’t expect that a special Immortal would jump out and activate the EX-rank ‘Verbal Cannon Inspiration’ skill.

It was that Immortal who had declared,’I’ve been rubbed by the Scholarly Sage and the Heavenly Emperor before. At worst, I’ll be rubbed by Demon Tyrannical Song again. What’s the big deal?’ A portion of Immortals, after calming down for several days, began to stir again.

Tyrannical Song killed the Heavenly Emperor… However, everyone in the universe knew that the Celestial Thearch’s Dao of the Celestial Heavens had been destroyed and he was in a weak state. Therefore, perhaps Tyrannical Song’s strength was still a step away from the Sage’s ‘ruling level’?

If that was the case, at worst, Tyrannical Song would press him to the ground and rub him again?

Taking a step back, even if he wasn’t confident in challenging Tyrannical Song’s main body, he could consider challenging Tyrannical Song’s clone first.

Under such a premise, the desire to challenge Tyrannical Song burned in the hearts of some Immortals.

Coincidentally, at this time, a ‘new Immortal’ took the initiative to look for Tyrannical Song and attempt to discuss the Dao with him.

Thus, a group of Immortals secretly followed, preparing to watch the spar between this ‘new Immortal’ and Tyrannical Song.

If Tyrannical Song was in a good mood and didn’t kill him like he did with the Heavenly Emperor… Or perhaps, Tyrannical Song’s main body didn’t show any dominating combat strength, so they didn’t mind going up and sparring with him… At most, he would be pressed to the ground and rubbed against it.

After receiving the message from the steel clone, Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

Another Immortal wanted to challenge him?

Are all you big shots so free? Couldn’t they just change the person to scold him? Is there any meaning in criticizing a newbie cultivator like me all day? Was he very happy?

If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have sent Song Pangqiu to the main world’s star for a sample investigation. That way, he could at least drag Song Pangqiu out to suppress the situation.

The only solution now was to make good use of the three-eyed young senior’s strength!

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and gently touched his forehead.

Previously, the three-eyed youth had poured three spells into his divine third eye.

The Immortal Sealing Eye, the Melting Eye, and a chance to summon the power of Senior Three-Eyed and borrow the power of the ruler of the Netherworld.

Although the second round of the bet had ended, the three-eyed teenager had yet to withdraw his power. Even the turtle shell immortal boat was still with Song Shuhang.

In addition, besides borrowing Senior Three-Eyed’s power, he could also consider luring the Immortals who challenged him into the Netherworld Realm, where Song Four would personally take care of the situation. Song Four had the strength of a real man for three minutes plus the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld. In the Netherworld Realm, he could also display the power of a ruler.

After thinking about it, Song Shuhang calmed down a lot.

‘Main body, the guest who brought the spirit stones has arrived on Mars.’ At that moment, Ball Shuhang sent another message.

‘Let him wait for a moment. I’ll choose the coordinates of Mars to open the Dimension Portal,’ Song Shuhang replied.

“Senior Three-Eyed, that fellow daoist of unknown gender has arrived on Mars. Let’s begin the fourth round!” he said. Bet on the other party’s gender, male, female, asexual, or bisexual.”

“Who will choose first?” the three-eyed senior youth said.

“Since I was the one who summoned the ‘fellow daoist’ to this match, for the sake of fairness, Senior Three-Eyed, you can choose your gender first.” Song Shuhang replied.

“Don’t regret it!” the three-eyed senior youth said.

Song Shuhang revealed a bright smile.” It’s impossible for me to regret it. Anyway, every time Senior Three-Eyed chooses the gender first, the probability of me getting it right will increase by quite a bit.”

The three-eyed young senior was speechless.

“In addition, Fairy Feng Yi, can I trouble you to block your senses? This was because the fellow daoist who was about to arrive was very likely related to the ancient Heavenly City. Your existence might leak the questions…For the sake of fairness, can you cooperate with us? After the bet is over, I’ll bring that fellow daoist to meet you.”

Song Shuhang suddenly said.

In a while, when he faced the fellow daoists of the universe, his identity as ‘Tyrannical Song’ would definitely be revealed. Therefore, he had to block Fairy Feng Yi first.

As for whether the fellow daoists who were coming were related to the ancient Heavenly City…Song Shuhang had made a guess, but he wasn’t sure who it was.

Anyway, he mainly wanted to temporarily block Fairy Feng Yi.

“Understood. I’ll block my senses first. Remember to call me when it’s over.” Zither Master Feng Ui nodded. She was already very happy to hear that she could meet a new member of the ancient Heavenly City. Of course, she was willing to cooperate with such a small matter.

On the side, the three-eyed youth snapped his fingers. He personally blocked her senses to prevent her from accidentally leaking the question.

“Senior, please make your choice. I’m ready to open a Dimension Portal on Mars.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and used his spatial energy to pass through the exit of the ‘Wealth Scattering Space’, passing through the Heavenly Emperor’s world and locking onto the location of Mars.

“Then, I bet that the other party is bisexual! I have a premonition that the other party is definitely not as simple as a man or a woman,” the three-eyed youth said slowly.

“Senior, if you put it this way, then I can rule out the two possibilities of bisexuality and asexuality.” Song Shuhang took the opportunity to think, Then I’ll bet… Female!”

“The bet begins. Open the Dimension Portal!” ” I have Intuition this time!” The three-eyed young senior clenched his fist and said,” You’re going to lose, Little Hang!”

“I have the same intuition. You’re the one who’s going to lose, Senior Three-Eyed!” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and activated his spatial ability.

In the next moment.

On the distant Mars, a spatial door opened.

Song Shuhang and Senior Three-Eyed got up and went to the entrance of the ‘Wealth Throne’ to connect with the spatial gate.

At the same time, Song Shuhang sent the coordinates of the spatial gate to his steel clone, and the steel clone passed it on to the Immortal who was on the right path, allowing him to bring the spirit stones directly to the location of the spatial gate.

At the same time, on the other side of Mars.

An Immortal wearing a white robe and half a mask stood quietly in the air with a rabbit in his arms.

“It’s my first time meeting Senior Song… Was it really okay to bring spirit stones? Isn’t it too old-fashioned? Do you want to exchange it for other treasures?” He thought to himself.

However, the Celestial Thearch had repeatedly told him not to feel that he was too rustic and to bring spirit stones with him when he met Senior Song. Don’t try to be smart and exchange spirit stones for other precious treasures.

Did that ‘Senior Song’ really like spirit stones? At his level, would he lack spirit stones?

Not every Immortal was an ‘Almighty Merchant’ fellow daoist.

I feel like the Celestial Thearch is tricking me.

The white-robed figure gently stroked the rabbit in his arms. He was a little nervous.

Just as he was in deep thought, the communicator that the Heavenly Emperor had left him received the coordinates of Senior Song.

He was using the Heavenly Emperor’s communication device to contact that mysterious Senior Song.

“Roger that. I’ll be right there.” the white-robed figure replied.

Then, his figure moved, and he took the huge amount of spirit stones into the void, arriving at the agreed coordinates.


Spatial fluctuations spread out, and the white-robed figure stepped into the gambling area.

He raised his head and saw two figures staring at him.

One of the two figures was wearing a mask, so his identity was unknown and his strength could not be seen.

The other was a three-eyed youth. An extremely terrifying aura surged from this youth. It was the most brutal, evil, and dark power in the world.

The ruler of the Netherworld?

Why would the ruler of the Netherworld appear in the main world?

‘Wait, I heard the Heavenly Emperor mention that Senior Song controlled the Netherworld as a mortal. Could this be Senior Song?’ The white-robed figure’s heart stirred.

He bowed to the three-eyed youth and was about to speak.

However, before he could speak, the three-eyed young man and the masked man, who were called ‘Senior Song’, spoke at the same time.

“Male or female?”

“Androgynous and asexual?”

Their six eyes locked onto the white-robed figure.

That sharp gaze seemed to want to see through his clothes, see through his body, and pry into his privacy.

The white-robed figure shrunk back and hugged itself tightly.

Why did it feel like a pitiful and helpless little white rabbit being targeted by two big bad wolves?

Senior Song, what do you want to ask?” The white-robed figure shrank back and asked the three-eyed youth.

“Senior Song? I’m not.” The three-eyed youth waved his hand.

On the side, Song Shuhang took off the ring that Senior White Two had given him to suppress his Sage Name. Several saint names popped up on his body.

Tyrannical Song, Tyrannical Scholar, Tyrannical Demon, Tyrannical Dragon, Tyrannical Destruction, Tyrannical Nether, Tyrannical Saber… And a sector lord title Tyrant!

Eight consecutive tyrants.

“Eight Tyrants?” The white-robed figure was stunned.

This was Senior Song?

Just as the Celestial Thearch said, it was too terrifying.

At the same time, he suddenly saw a claw on Senior Eight Tyrannical Song’s shoulder. He felt that this claw seemed familiar.

Junior greets Senior Song.” The white-robed figure bowed to Song Shuhang.

Opposite him…

Song Shuhang also recognized the identity of this white-robed figure.

According to the memory fragments in his mind, wasn’t this the Island Master of the mysterious island? His rabbit bag, the size-reducing purse, was made for him by this senior.

I’m sure I’ll win this round.

To be able to create such a cute item like the size-reducing purse, this white-robed great senior must be a fairy.

“Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to address each other as ‘senior’ or ‘junior’. You can just call me Tyrannical Song.” “Right now, we have a very important question to ask you,” Song Shuhang said with a smile. Fellow Daoist, are you a guy or a chick? This is really important. Can you answer us?”

The corners of the white-robed senior’s mouth twitched. He didn’t expect Senior Song to ask him such a question.

“Senior Song, I’m a man,” the white-robed senior replied.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Senior Three-Eyed Youth was startled.

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