Chapter 604 - : Fallen Blue Aspect

Chapter 604: Fallen Blue Aspect

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The red dragonflight of Wyrmrest Temple came aggressively, covering the sky and the sun. The spread wings of red dragons of various sizes almost covered the entire sky.

But in the ensuing battle, not only did the red dragonflight fail to break through the first line of defense of the Nexus, but it even had to escape dejectedly.

The red dragonflight had no other choice. Rafaro, Julia, Benia, and Fat Tiger blocked the three zones of the sky, midair, and ground. Rafaro’s colossal body was even larger than the red dragons, and he killed any dragon that dared to attack him and threw them down from the sky. Julia and Benia shuttled among the dragons agilely. The dragons couldn’t attack them, and the two could kill them as soon as they attacked.

The most ridiculous thing was the big dog blocking the entrance of the Nexus on the ground. The red dragons dared to swear that they had never seen a hellhound bigger than it! Fat Tiger just sat there, blocked the entrance with his butt, and didn’t move again. He didn’t dodge the dragon breaths and magic bombardments of the red dragons. His exaggerated defense gave people the feeling that the red dragonflight was rubbing him, making him feel so comfortable that his three heads were yawning.

The red dragons couldn’t break the demon’s defense line. Thinking that their queen was in the depths of the Nexus, they were anxious. But before they could think of a solution, the Blue Aspect, Malygos, rushed out!

After signing the contract with Demon King Osiris, Malygos seemed to have removed the last bit of misgivings in his heart. As soon as he appeared, he killed the red dragons wantonly. His crazy and bloodthirsty appearance stunned the red dragons. They didn’t understand what had happened and why Malygos became so hysterical. They thought that his madness was acting up, and some red dragons even tried to wake him up.

After receiving the message from Alexstrasza, the red dragons finally understood what had happened. After knowing that Malygos had fallen because of the demon’s bewitchment, the red dragons were furious and rushed forward without regard for their own safety, wanting to capture him.

But Malygos was an Aspect and the leader of the blue dragonflight after all. How could he be subdued by these little fellows of the red dragonflight? He killed all the red dragons that dared to surround him.

It was said that becoming evil made you three times stronger. This saying actually wasn’t unreasonable. When you shouldered certain responsibilities, these responsibilities would also put pressure on you, making you have to follow certain rules, making you feel very tired. But if you no longer wanted to shoulder these responsibilities, you would instead feel extremely relaxed after putting down the heavy burden, and you naturally didn’t need to consider too much when doing things. This was also why in the history of many worlds, the more dazzling the hero, the faster they would fall.

It was difficult to build but easy to destroy. This was one of the unchanging truths… Now that Malygos had put down all the heavy burdens on his shoulders, he naturally didn’t have any psychological burden when slaughtering his own kind.

It was a bitter battle. Scarlet dragon blood splashed down from the sky, and dead red dragons crashed onto the ground. The heavy tonnage smashed into the ground, creating pits. When Alexstrasza rushed out, she saw this tragic scene, and her heart was bleeding.

“Go!” Alexstrasza flew into the sky and roared angrily at the red dragons, “Aren’t you even listening to my orders?”

“But…” The red dragons were still unwilling. They had rushed all the way from Wyrmrest Temple, but after such a battle, they still had to escape. Where would their dignity go?

“Get lost! Go back and defend Wyrmrest Temple!” Alexstrasza snarled as she rushed at Malygos to stop him from killing the red dragons.

Although the red dragons were unwilling, they still chose to obey the queen’s orders in the end. As they retreated, they turned their heads to pay attention to Alexstrasza, who was covering their retreat. But what they saw made their eyes bulge.

A strange, ink-like mist suddenly appeared on the back of Alexstrasza. A tall demon appeared, grabbed the root of her right wing bone, and casually tore it!

Alexstrasza’s miserable howl immediately spread throughout the entire battlefield. She fell from the sky, and Roy suddenly tore off her right wing, causing blood to rain down along with her broken wing.

Her enormous body crashed to the ground and even bounced twice from the rebound. The entire battlefield fell silent. Everyone’s eyes were on Alexstrasza as she trembled and stood up. Blood sprayed out from the root of her wing, dyeing the ground red. The crimson scales on her body, which were originally like flames, seemed to have dimmed a lot.

“Queen?!” f𝗿𝚎eweb𝗻o𝐯𝐞l.𝚌om

“Quickly save her!!”

The red dragons returned to their senses and roared angrily. They rushed to the ground fearlessly and arrived in front of Alexstrasza to protect her. Many red dragons used their bodies to build a shield wall around her.

They looked at the mist-like demon in the air with incomparably angry eyes, but they could only see Roy’s misty face and his cold eyes shining with light.

The Angel of Despair, Auriel, who had been lying on Roy’s shoulder, had the same misty state as Roy’s body. Her face was completely blurry, but the densely-packed strange eyes in her spread wings were all staring at the red dragons below.

Danger! Extreme danger! All the red dragons, including Alexstrasza, felt an extremely dangerous aura, and their intuition was frantically warning them. Although they didn’t understand what was happening, they knew that the mist-like demon was brewing some kind of extremely dangerous power.

“Leave quickly! Take the queen and leave!!” An adult red dragon was the first to react. He roared at the other red dragons, flapped his wings, and rushed toward Roy. Several red dragons were doing the same as him. They planned to use their lives to buy time for the queen.

The other red dragons hurriedly went to pick up Alexstrasza. At this moment, they couldn’t worry about anything else. They opened their mouths, grabbed her tail and four legs, and dragged her up.

Just as Alexstrasza was dragged away, Roy’s attack arrived.

From all the strange eyes on Auriel’s wings, extremely dark rays of light shot out. It was Void energy. The moment it erupted, the Void energy had already annihilated the light of the material world, which was why it looked so dark and deep. The Void energy shot out from the eyes was like a dense formation that instantly erupted and covered a large area below. The rays were so fast that they didn’t even give the red dragons any time to react. While the dragons were still charging, the rays had already riddled them with holes.

The Void energy penetrated the bodies of the red dragons and finally landed on the ground. The energy annihilated all the matter it touched along the way, causing dense and deep pits in the ground. Although they looked inconspicuous, in fact, these Void rays had already penetrated about ten kilometers underground. It wasn’t until the energy was exhausted that this annihilation stopped.

After a while, a trace of distortion appeared in the air and even space, and it didn’t dissipate for a long time. The red dragons who were shot through crashed to the ground with a bang. Their bodies were like rags, but no blood flowed out of any of their wounds. In less than a minute after falling, all their wounds glowed with distorted light, and their flesh and bones gradually dissipated under this distorted light.

Not even the souls were left behind…

This was the first time Roy used Void energy to attack living creatures. The principle of this attack was very simple. He only needed to adjust the Chaos energy in Auriel’s body, causing the Void energy and Chaos energy to lose balance in her body. When Void energy had the upper hand, she would release the excess Void energy through the strange Void eyes on her wings.

The effect was beyond his expectations. Void energy’s lethality and penetration ability in the material world were simply unparalleled, and it could be said to exceed any known energy. This energy was the opposite effect of all things in the material world, but it was not antimatter because it was also the opposite of antimatter! Everything visible and invisible in the world, including light, electromagnetic waves, particles, and even rays, was within its annihilation range!

This was where it was dangerous. If you wanted to resist this energy, you needed a large amount of matter to dissolve it. Roy’s Chaos power could reach a balance with Void energy. Chaos power was an energy born from a cycle. It continuously produced material energy and Void energy that constantly disintegrated after coming into contact, neutralizing and even annihilating each other, forming a dynamic balance that prevented Void energy from spreading.

The dragons of the red dragonflight clearly couldn’t understand this power, but Roy’s silent attack had completely terrified them. They could no longer care about fighting and hurriedly escaped with Alexstrasza, leaving only a few red dragons behind to stall for time.

Roy had no intention of chasing them down. After dealing with the red dragons left at the scene, he let Alexstrasza escape.

Rafaro’s colossal body descended from the sky, and his winding dragon body circled into a geometric pattern. His head was salivating as he looked at the souls of the red dragon who had died in battle below.

He was originally a dragon, and after Roy’s soul modification, he had a characteristic—all the souls of his kind would make him stronger. Seeing him like this, Roy naturally knew what he wanted, so he waved his hand and let him eat freely.

Seeing Rafaro devour the souls of the red dragons, Malygos didn’t have any thoughts. He said anxiously to Roy, “Osiris, you promised to let me see Sindragosa!”

“Of course. After all, we signed a demon contract!” Roy nodded. “Let’s go. Take me to the place where Sindragosa is buried.”

Malygos let out a dragon roar and spread his wings to fly up. In fact, he knew where Sindragosa was buried. But because she had died too tragically, he had suffered a heavy blow. He couldn’t bear to look at her corpse, so he had just dragged it out like this and didn’t move her body back to the Dragonblight. Now that he heard that Osiris could resurrect Sindragosa, he couldn’t wait.

Roy called out to Julia and Benia and got Rafaro and Fat Tiger to guard the Nexus, and then the three of them flew up and followed Malygos.

On the way, Julia whispered to Roy, “Darling, are you planning to use your blood to resurrect Sindragosa into a dragon lich? This method seems to require the soul of that dragon, right? It’s been so long. Can you still do this?”

“I don’t know either. Let’s go and take a look at the situation first!” Roy shook his head. “Sindragosa is a powerful blue dragon. Perhaps her soul hasn’t completely dissipated… Moreover, even if it has really dissipated, I have other methods.”

“What method?” Benia asked curiously. “Are you planning to get that death knight Arthas to resurrect her? With the power of undead magic?”

Roy smiled confidently. “There’s no need to find Arthas specially. If it’s just a simple undead spell, I can do it. Don’t forget. There’s more than one Frostmourne…”

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