Chapter 3044 - : Rumors

Chapter 3044: Rumors

Translator: Legge

Su Zhu?

Why did this name sound familiar?

The Perfected Dragon seemed to have thought of something and his heart skipped a beat. His eyes widened as he blurted out, “Su Zhu of the Sword World, the number one Perfected Spirit!”

He was only a Hollow Nether Perfected Dragon and did not have the chance to follow Dragon Queen Hornless and the others to the Blessed Heaven World back then. Naturally, he had never seen Su Zimo before.

However, Su Zhu of the Sword World had been too famous in the medium chiliocosm in recent years and was even known as the number one Perfected Spirit in history. He had also heard of him.

However, the rumors mentioned that Su Zhu was the number one Perfected Spirit but the person in front of him was a Grotto-heaven King. That was why he did not realize it immediately.

Su Zimo did not make things difficult for the two of them. He released the spirit consciousness pressure suppressing the two Dragons and returned them to the Dragon World.

When the Perfected Dragon returned to the Dragon World, he still had a bewildered expression and said in a deep voice, “I’ll head to the Hornless Dragon Domain now. If you’re fooling me, you’ll definitely suffer the wrath of the Dragon race!”

Thereafter, the two Dragons soared into the air and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Monkey looked at the backs of the two Dragons and his anger from earlier on had yet to dissipate. He said indignantly, “First, from the looks of it, those rumors are not groundless. These Dragons are indeed way too arrogant. The so-called Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes must have been initiated by these Dragons!”

Su Zimo was silent.

Along the way, the two of them heard many rumors.

At some point in time, the Dragons who were originally hibernating in the Dragon World suddenly started a war, conquering the surrounding worlds of various sizes and suppressing the other races.

The Dragon World was a super large world after all. Coupled with the strength of the Dragon race itself, almost no other race could contend against the conquest of the Dragon army.

After the Dragon race conquered a world, they regarded themselves as superiors and ruled and enslaved the billions of living beings of that world.

Under the continuous conquests, the territory of the Dragon World expanded rapidly.

Under such circumstances, it was inevitable that there would be some conflict with the Parasol Tree World.

Both of them were super large worlds. Even if there were disputes in the past, they had their reservations and the two worlds would try their best to resolve them.

However, this time round, the stance of the Parasol Tree World was abnormally domineering as well. The conflict between the two sides escalated continuously and a war between worlds finally broke out!

Due to the powerful bloodline of the Dragon race, they were indeed one of the strongest races.

However, that did not mean that the Dragon race was much nobler than the other races.

Although the human race was innately weak, since ancient times, the majority of Great Emperor experts born were humans.

The Butterfly race was even weaker. However, in this generation, Die Yue rose as well and intimidated the ten thousand races!

It was common for the Dragon race to feel superior and it was the same in Tianhuang Mainland.

However, earlier on, the two Dragons were too hostile towards Su Zimo and Monkey and looked down on them from the bottom of their hearts.

Su Zimo did not have much contact with the Dragon race of the medium chiliocosm. The only ones he had a relationship with were Dragon Queen Hornless and Long Li.

At the very least, he did not feel that condescending attitude from the two of them.

Now that it was the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes and times were sensitive, there might be a reason for the attitude of the two Dragons.

No matter what, when Su Zimo saw that the two Dragons were too hostile, he did not say that he was visiting Long Ran directly. Instead, he used his name as Su Zhu and said that he was paying Long Li a visit.

Be it Su Zhu or Long Li, there was no way they would underestimate these two Perfected Spirits.


Before long, Long Li rushed over from the Dragon World.

Although she looked a little tired, Long Li was still pleasantly surprised the moment he saw Su Zimo. Before she arrived, she waved her arm and shouted with a smile, “Brother Su Zhu!”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded as well, cupping his fists. “Fellow Daoist Long Li, I hope you won’t take offense to my presumptuous visit.”

“Brother Su Zhu, why are you so polite to me? I’ll only be happy that you came to see me, how could I be offended?”

Long Li said, “As long as you’re willing to come, I’ll welcome you anytime.”

“This is…”

Long Li’s gaze shifted to Monkey.

Su Zimo said, “He’s my sworn brother and his surname is Yuan.”

“Hello, Brother Yuan.”

Long Li shouted and cupped her fists politely.


Monkey grinned when he heard that. “Hello too! You’re pleasing to the eye and can speak better than the two little Dragons earlier on.”

Monkey was still brooding over what happened earlier on.

Long Li seemed to have realized something and frowned, asking, “Did Long Gui and friend make things difficult for you guys earlier on?”

“Not to that extent.”

Su Zimo waved it off nonchalantly. “It’s just that they’re a little hostile. It’s understandable given the times.”

When Long Li heard that, her expression was complicated. She sighed gently. “Brother Su, you guys should have heard some rumors about the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes when you came, right?”

Su Zimo looked at Long Li’s expression and asked in a deep voice, “Are those rumors true?”

Long Li pursed her lips and nodded.

Su Zimo was puzzled and asked with a frown, “Why did the Dragon race start a war and conquer other worlds? They even wanted to rule and enslave other races?”

For several eras, the Dragon race had never done such a thing.

Long Li said, “Our Dragons were initially just hibernating in the Dragon World. Typically, we won’t cause trouble and no world would dare to provoke us.”

“However, thousands of years ago, a concept gradually emerged in the Dragon World and it was established that living beings of the ten thousand races should be respected by the Dragon race. We should be supreme and the other races should be slaves.”

“If they refuse to submit, we’ll kill them!”

Su Zimo’s heart sank when he heard that.

From the looks of it, the reason why the Perfected Dragon called Long Gui was so hostile to them was not because of the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes, but because of this.

Su Zimo asked, “Is there no one in the Dragon race who tried to stop such crazy ideals?”

“At first, of course, some Dragons objected.”

Long Li shook her head. “However, those voices were gradually suppressed and that concept was indeed recognized by many Dragons. Later on, there were no other voices.”

“Who suppressed them?”

Su Zimo asked immediately.

Long Li seemed to be wary and looked around, pursing her lips in silence.

Monkey sneered, “It’s no wonder that there aren’t any worlds willing to help the Dragon race and even switch sides one after another.”

Long Li did not say anything against Monkey’s mockery and merely smiled bitterly.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and asked, “You’ll probably get into trouble for meeting us this time round, right?”

Long Li hesitated for a moment. “It’s naturally unavoidable to attract some criticism.”

“However, I’m the only supreme Perfected Spirit of the Dragon World after all. Ordinary Dragons won’t dare to provoke me. Brother Su, don’t worry. With me leading the way, no one in the Dragon World will dare to make things difficult for you!”

Long Li’s confidence was not only because she was a supreme Perfected Spirit.

She was also backed by Dragon Queen Hornless.

As for Dragon Queen Hornless, she was one of the Five Great Dragon Kings of the Dragon World and guarded the Hornless Dragon Domain. Be it her status or combat strength, she was at the peak!

“Brother Su, you’re actually here to see Long Ran, right?”

Long Li was extremely smart and sensed Su Zimo’s thoughts before long.


Su Zimo did not hide anything and nodded. “If possible, I want to bring him away.”

During his conversation with Long Li earlier on, Su Zimo felt a little uneasy.

The situation of the Battle of the Dragons and Phoenixes was far more complicated than he had imagined.

There were also some dangers in the Dragon World.

In fact, there was an indescribable strangeness to it…

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