Genius Summoner

Genius Summoner


Authors : Like Snow 3000

Status : ongoing

Genres : Romance, Martial Arts, Josei, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure

Chapters: 2140

Last update: 7 days ago

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When she opens her eyes again, she isinastrange world, anew continent.Born inthe declining Yun family and being beaten todeath bythe son ofapowerful familythis isher identity this life.Her father and brother, who had protected her asiftheir lives depended onit, becomes her strength tocontinue living.The great family fortune attracts afatal disaster from greedy people.Since she isreborn asYun Feng, noone can touch the Yun family!Whoever steals the Yun family's assets would pay back five times the amount!Whoever plots against Yun family's lives would pay back ten times the amount!Ifthere are still people who dare totouch the Yun family, she would definitely return the favor with all her strength. She would not rest until she's dead!Therefore, she chooses tostand upwithout any hesitation! From then on, the continent would lose agood-for-nothing and gain anexceptional genius!Isitvery difficult for awarrior toadvance? Sorry, Ihave asecret treasure totemper mybody. Ican advance two levels inthree days.Isamage very powerful? I'm sorry, Idon't care. She senses the five elements, and anall-elemental mage isquietly born.Isasummoner very rare? I'm sorry, I'm asummoner that appears only once inathousand years. Moreover, I'm afive-elemental summoner. Magical beasts and soonare not aproblem. There's also ameatball that seems tobeaten-thousand-year magical beast~With such amysterious treasure inher possession, the Yun family's Old Ancestor personally guides her cultivation path. Beside her isastrange meatball that seems tobeanancient magical beast. Asasummoner that ishard tocome byinten thousand years, aswell asawarrior, mage, socket master, refiner, and soon, she has always been very low-keyarrogant inalow-key manner!Let uswitness how this formidable lady starts from the beginning and scales tothe top ofthe pyramid! From now on, she will rule the world!

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