Chapter 90 - : Citrus Embrace

Chapter 90: Chapter 90: Citrus Embrace

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The second Food Spirit unexpectedly crashed into that invisible wall, a look of confusion appearing on its face.

Dan Bao secretly heaved a sigh of relief and flew to the second Food Spirit’s side.


You can’t eat this, it’s the dish that Qin Lang is using for the competition!

It swayed its big tail, with its egg yolk head bopping up and down in its body, trying to tell the second Food Spirit the importance of the Twice-Cooked Pork.

Seeing the second Food Spirit still looked confused, Dan Bao pointed with its big tail towards Qin Lang who was lying on the ground.


That’s Qin Lang, our Spirit Chef!

Qin Lang…

The second Food Spirit turned to look at the unfamiliar human.

An invisible tether connecting the two elicited a natural feeling of affinity from the second Food Spirit towards Qin Lang.

Is he the Spirit Chef that made me exist?

Is this food I want to eat very important to him?

A conflicted expression appeared on the second Food Spirit’s face.

The sensation of hunger caused it great discomfort, but if the dish is important to the Spirit Chef, it would have to restrain itself.

Amidst the conflict, the bubble-wrapped pale green chili light sphere on its head started to flicker, gradually shifting to red, then back to green, repeating this cycle.


Alright, I won’t eat!

Dan Bao released a sigh of relief.

It could understand the new companion’s hunger, after all, it had experienced it before.

But Qin Lang had fainted, they had no idea when he would wake up.

So if the Twice-Cooked Pork was eaten, they might not have a chance in this competition anymore.

After using Thought Waves to put the Twice-Cooked Pork into the kitchen cabinet car for safekeeping, Dan Bao nuzzled up to the second Food Spirit.


Once Qin Lang wakes up, he will definitely make something delicious for you!

While Dan Bao was comforting the second Food Spirit, it was worriedly looking at the timer.

More than an hour of cooking time had passed.

There was less than two hours left until the end of the competition.

“There is less than two hours left until the end of the competition!”

As the pre-arranged warming-up performance ended, the host spoke loudly, his gaze inadvertently drifting to the entrance of the arena.

“Contestant Qin Lang has been cooking for more than half an hour, while our contestant Lei Ke has yet to return!”

“According to the feedback from the Food Material Market, Lei Ke has selected some ingredients, but the ingredients from the Food Material Market were not enough to meet his needs.”

“At this moment, he is probably still on the road looking for ingredients.”

“Can he successfully find the required ingredients within three hours and finish cooking the corresponding dish?”

Countless eyes in the audience, following the host’s words, turned towards the direction of the entrance.

Time was passing by the minute, about ten or so minutes later, a cheer suddenly erupted from the audience stands.

Then, more and more cheers burst forth.

In the entrance of the arena, a figure was seen entering from the light, carrying a massive snake-skin bag.

It was Lei Ke, who had been away for a long time.

“Contestant Lei Ke is back!” the host’s voice suddenly rose, “In the snake-skin bag on his shoulder, there should be the ingredients he went off to collect!” “What could these ingredients be?”

“We can only find out after Contestant Lei Ke finishes cooking.”

“However, one and a half hours of the allocated cooking time for the competition have elapsed. Can contestant Lei Ke finish his dish, let us…”

The host paused, as he saw Lei Ke walking straight towards him, extending his hand. Without thinking, the host handed the microphone over.

“An hour and a half is enough,”

Lei Ke took the microphone and said calmly.

He handed the microphone back to the host, glanced at the countdown on the large screen, and turned to walk towards his competitive standard kitchen.

And this calmness of Lei Ke infected the tens of thousands of spectators in the audience seats.

Thunderous applause and cheers echoed in the Dongxia Arena for a moment.

The cooking of the two Spirit Chefs was still unfinished, thankfully the competition organizers had planned many warm-up performances just in case this would happen last night.

Soon, two attractive female performers came on stage, once again capturing the attention of all the viewers.

Time passed bit by bit.

Two hours into the competition.

Two and a half hours into the competition.

Only half an hour left, and the two contestants had not yet come out.

The eleven Food Recommenders on the Judges’ Seats looked at me and 1 looked at you, unable to help but frown.

Rare themes usually appear on higher competition stages.

For the city-level competitions, which are the lowest level in cooking contests, it might be a bit too demanding.

No one knew whether these two contestants could complete it.

In the audience seats, Qi Xiaoyu was no longer as confident as before.

Although Qin Lang had entered the kitchen nearly an hour earlier than Lei Ke.

But until now, he still hasn’t come out.

Although some dishes indeed require a lot of time, this would completely eliminate the advantage of going first.

“Believe in him.”

Du Weiwei patted Qi Xiaoyu on the shoulder, her gaze focused on Qin Lang’s kitchen.

As such a long waiting time passed, there was already quite a stir in the audience seating area.

Knowing that the warm-up performance would not help much in this situation, the host gritted his teeth, intending to use his own skills to maintain the atmosphere in the field. The next moment, a bell rang like heavenly music, echoing over the entire competition venue.


The host let out a huge sigh of relief, and the audience, who were somewhat exhausted from waiting, instantly perked up.

Their eyes turned to the two kitchens in the center of the venue.

However, the next moment, the atmosphere in the field became a bit weird.

Because the person who came out first was not Qin Lang, who was an hour ahead, but Lei Ke, who spent half the competition time searching for ingredients.

Lei Ke calmly pushed his kitchen cabinet car out of the kitchen, but he couldn’t help but glance at another kitchen which was still tightly closed. novelbuddy.(c)om

He was already prepared for Qin Lang to finish cooking much earlier than himself.

He didn’t expect that despite his delay, he was still faster than Qin Lang.

The more so, the heavier his heart became.

The longer the time spent on the dishes, the more complex they usually are.

So, he must not treat it lightly.

Pushing the kitchen cabinet car to the Judges’ Seats, Lei Ke took the microphone and slowly said, “Good day to the eleven Food Recommenders. Today, the dish 1 am bringing is called Citrus Embrace.”

Citrus Embrace…

Hearing the name of this dish, most people in the field showed a baffled expression.

But there were also a few who showed a face of realization and expectation.

Because this dish is quite famous in some respects.

Among these people were the well-informed eleven Food Recommenders.

Just by hearing a dish’s name, an approximate image of the dish floated in their minds.

Danju City is famous for two things, one is the local special spice, Danxia Grass, and the other is the Golden Red Tangerine, which can only be grown locally for the most authentic taste.

Citrus Embrace, a dish that blended two Danju City specialties with superb cooking skills, is the most legendary dish of Danju City.

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