Chapter 491: Resentful Mad Demon Bloodline

Chapter 491: Resentful Mad Demon Bloodline

Just as the woman in black chased after Ye Guan, the end of the Time River trembled. A mysterious cultivator clad in a hooded black robe appeared. The mysterious cultivator had a towering physique, and they emitted an inscrutable air.

They vanished from the spot, and a trail of crimson light swiftly flew across the Time River. Ye Guan sensed something and came to a halt. He looked around and slashed out.


A burst of crimson sword light shattered, and Ye Guan was thrown a few kilometers away. Ye Guan's fleshly body had been torn apart, and fresh blood drenched him entirely.

The mysterious figure in black was about to attack once again when a streak of sword light flew toward them. The mysterious figure in black raised his hand, and a crimson shield appeared.


The crimson shield shattered, forcing the mysterious figure in black to retreat several hundred meters away. The woman in black glared coldly at the mysterious figure in black. There was a pitch-black void beneath the hood, and only a pair of crimson eyes were visible.

The woman in black took a stance and was about to attack when she recalled something and frowned. Then, the woman in black's figure blurred as she flew toward Ye Guan.

Ye Guan was about to slash out when the woman in black waved her sleeve, unleashing a powerful sword force that Ye Guan in place. The woman in black then placed a hand on Ye Guan's shoulder before disappearing into the distance.

The crimson eyes of the mysterious figure in black narrowed. They raised their right hand slowly, and an array made out of strange red screens manifested before the woman in black and Ye Guan. The screens were made out of thumb-sized runes, looking both mystifying and terrifying.

The woman in black's expression turned icy, and she slashed down forcefully.


The array shattered, but then a myriad of swords made out of blood manifested to surround the woman in black and Ye Guan in the blink of an eye.

The woman in black's eyes narrowed, and she pulled Ye Guan behind her before thrusting forward with her sword.

A kaleidoscope of sword lights erupted, transforming into individual swords that made a beeline for the oncoming blood swords.


The collision between the blood swords and the woman in black's radiant swords created powerful shockwaves that made the Time River tremble violently.

The woman pointed with two fingers, conjuring a terrifying sword force that manifested into a protective shield. The sword force protected her and Ye Guan from the relentless shockwaves.

Just then, a shadowy figure lunged toward Ye Guan from behind. The woman in black reacted swiftly and turned, pulling Ye Guan behind her once more. Then, she pointed a finger at the shadowy figure, sending a dazzling beam of sword light toward the latter.


A powerful explosion occurred, and the shadowy figure was blasted hundreds of meters away.

The mysterious figure in black eventually came to a halt, and they gazed at the woman in black. “She has grasped the Dao...”

The woman in black grinned sinisterly and rushed toward the mysterious figure in black.

The mysterious figure in black's eyes narrowed, and they drew a circle with both hands, conjuring a circle made out of red light. The circle made out of red light devoured the woman in black's sword light.

The woman in black brought her hands together just then and slashed downward. A colossal sword manifested and descended upon the circle made out of red light.


The circle made out of red light trembled violently, but it didn’t vanish.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure in black was sent flying hundreds of meters away.

He eventually managed to come to a halt, but a sword light was already flying toward him.


The mysterious figure in black was forced to retreat once more.

The woman in black was about to make another move when she sensed the approach of twelve powerful auras. Her eyes narrowed into slits, and she didn't hesitate to grab Ye Guan before disappearing.

The woman in black wasn't afraid to fight. She was more afraid that Ye Guan would reach his limits before the fight ended.

Ye Guan was simply too weak to withstand the Mad Demon Bloodline’s endless power. Ye Guan could indeed make use of the Mad Demon Bloodline to become even stronger, but if he were to cross a certain threshold, he'd explode.

After all, his fleshly body and soul had their own limits.

Therefore, the woman in black had no choice but to leave with Ye Guan.

The mysterious figure in black witnessed the woman in black's retreat, and they vanished into thin air. A beam of black light flew toward the woman in black. In response, the woman in black slashed out.

A deafening boom echoed, and the black light shattered, but a strange light curtain appeared in front of the woman in black and Ye Guan. Moments later, a myriad blood swords manifested—they had been surrounded!

The woman in black's eyes became incomparably cold. However, she refused to engage with the blood swords and slashed out, carving open the void to create a spacetime tunnel. The woman in black decisively jumped into the spacetime tunnel along with Ye Guan.

The mysterious figure in black frowned, but they didn’t chase after the woman in black.


Spacetime rifts manifested, revealing twelve mysterious figures wielding blood swords. In addition, powerful supreme elites from the Time River soon arrived with their weapons in hand.

The mysterious figure in black stared at the hole in spacetime and exclaimed, “They went to the Abandoned Heaven World!”

An old man next to the mysterious figure in black said in a deep voice, “Sovereign, what should we do?”

The mysterious figure in black pondered for a while before replying, “She's very strong; we're not strong enough to stop her. We have to wait for the Heaven Sovereign.”

The old man nodded and stayed put. Meanwhile, a collective sigh of relief swept through the group of Time Reversers. The mysterious figure in the black robe was none other than the bodyguard of the Past Clan’s Clan Leader. She had two bodyguards—the Heaven Sovereign and the Earth Sovereign. The mysterious figure in the black robe was the Earth Sovereign.

The Earth Sovereign turned toward the Time Reversers and glared sinisterly at them, saying, "You people know that none of you have any other choices. Why hesitate to stake your lives in this gamble?"

A wave of discomfort washed across the Time Reversers, but the Earth Sovereign continued to taunt them, "A young man has actually managed to toy with hundreds of you. Are you not ashamed at all?"

The Time Reversers' expressions were ugly, but none of them dared to challenge the Earth Sovereign.

"Get ready for another fight. Should anyone choose to retreat or hesitate, I will personally take their life away," the Earth Sovereign declared.

Silence descended, and the Time Reversers could only nod in response. The Earth Sovereign looked away and stared at the Abandoned Heaven Realm with a frown.


Peculiar rocks dotted the terrain while the scent of beautiful flowers pervaded the air on the summit of a mountain somewhere in the Abandoned Heaven Realm. A natural hot spring with crystal clear water was on one corner of the mountain.

The serenity of the mountain was disturbed by the woman in black and Ye Guan.

The woman in black waved her sleeve gracefully, tearing apart Ye Guan’s clothes.

Then, she carried Ye Guan and hurled him into the hot spring. Immediately afterward, she pressed down with her hand, sending a wave of sword might to prevent Ye Guan from swimming to the surface.

The woman in black was attempting to suppress the Mad Demon Bloodline!

If it were to remain unruly, Ye Guan would end up dying.

The Mad Demon Bloodline went mad, and it resisted fiercely against the woman in black's sword might[1].

The woman in black frowned. There was something wrong with the Mad Demon Bloodline. It felt like it was nursing a resentment against Ye Guan.

Why would the Mad Demon Bloodline nurse a resentment against Ye Guan?

The woman in black shook her head and sent another powerful wave of sword might.

The unyielding Mad Demon Bloodline eventually relented in the face of the woman in black's suppression.

The woman in black sighed in relief. If the Mad Demon Bloodline had decided to struggle for another hour, she would have lost control of it.

Two hours later, Ye Guan's Mad Demon Bloodline eventually calmed down, and the crimson light in his eyes eventually vanished.

Thirty minutes later, Ye Guan stirred and frowned. He was still emitting killing intent, but it was no longer as fierce and as overpowering as earlier

The woman in black stopped suppressing Ye Guan, and the latter opened his eyes slowly. His eyes gradually regained their focus, and he looked around until he found the woman in black standing nearby.

Ye Guan jumped in shock before immediately calming down and asking, “Aunt?”

The woman in black was none other than Ye Qingqing[2].

Ye Qingqing nodded lightly. "Yes."

"Thank you for your help, Aunt,” said Ye Guan, bowing deeply to Ye Qingqing.

Ye Guan never really thought that he would end up surviving the entire ordeal. He had allowed the Mad Demon Bloodline to let loose after all. At that point, he had decided that either his enemies would die, or he would die.

Of course, he also didn't expect to see Ye Qingqing here.

Ye Qingqing examined Ye Guan from top to bottom before asking, "How are you feeling?"

"A bit exhausted, but..." Ye Guan trailed off, seemingly pondering over something before continuing, "I don't feel too bad."

Ye Qingqing nodded. "Good to hear that."

Ye Guan stepped out of the hot spring and was immediately struck by the cold breeze. Stunned, Ye Guan retreated back into the hot spring and looked down—he was stark naked! freewebn(o)

Ye Guan couldn't help but feel a bit awkward.

Ye Qingqing saw his odd expression and asked, "What's up with that shy look? I already saw everything, you know?"

Ye Guan was speechless. He put on his clothes and finally emerged from the hot spring. Then, he used some profound energy to dry his clothes.

Ye Qingqing examined Ye Guan once more. She had been observing him from the shadows, and she had never really shown herself. Staring at him up close, she realized that he had perfectly inherited his father's looks and talents.

"Aunt, where are we?" Ye Guan asked.

Ye Qingqing looked around and replied, "I don't know."

Ye Guan nodded. "How about we leave?"

Ye Qingqing shook her head. "We can't leave."

Ye Guan was puzzled.

Ye Qingqing looked up and explained, "The Time Reversers have locked down the spacetime. They've surrounded this realm as well."

Those pesky Time Reversers! Ye Guan's expression darkened, "How about we fight our way out?"

Ye Qingqing glanced at Ye Guan. "Sure, but you might not be up for it."

Ye Guan froze.

"We will wait for reinforcements," Ye Qingqing said.

Ye Guan shook his head and said, "There aren't going to be reinforcements. The reinforcements from the True Universe and the Guanxuan Universe are currently fighting the Time Reversers."

"There are reinforcements," Ye Qing affirmed.

Ye Guan was stunned. I have more strong relatives? Am I really the weakest in the family?

1. Sword might and sword force are the same; interchangeable, it's just translator preference ☜

2. mentioned once in CH 140 ☜

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