Chapter 589

Chapter 589


Lin Fan raised his head and looked over.

The world was filled with turbulent winds and clouds. Anomalies were happening everywhere. The clouds in the distance were gathering rapidly. When any Immortal Emperor appeared, anyone would be able to cause the phenomenon in the surroundings to be sufficiently shocking.

This could not only bring pressure to the other party.

It could also reflect the extraordinariness of oneself.

It was to tell everyone.

The Immortal Emperor has arrived. Your time of death has arrived. The choice is right in front of you. You either choose to run away or kneel and kowtow. There is no other choice.

Zhou Qiang, who had just come from the Immortal Cultivator Realm, had never seen such a scene before. In his eyes, the world in the distance seemed to have collapsed, the rivers of stars reversed, and every slice was covered by a terrifying power, completely twisted.

Dont be nervous. The so-called Immortal Emperor likes to do this. Lin Fan said softly.

He comforted Zhou Qiang, who was feeling uneasy.

Why be afraid?

Cant you see that the Martial Ancestor is right beside you?

Being too afraid is a bad thing in the end.

Yes. Zhou Qiang replied. To him, what was there to be afraid of when a Martial Ancestor was by his side? There was no need to take it to heart at all.

Lin Fan looked at the distant world.

He frowned.

He did not like the way these Immortal Emperors acted when they appeared.


Yi Yan said softly.

The world in the distance instantly froze. Everyone was an Immortal Emperor, so there was no need to act so pretentiously. I was quietly waiting for you here, yet you insisted on using those methods to intimidate the children.

How bad.

At this moment, the clouds of the phenomenon suddenly dissipated. Immortal Emperor Yin Yang was astonished. His Yin Yang Vision dissipated uncontrollably, and he was furious. He knew that it was the other partys doing, so how could he accept it?

Forcibly reversing.

An invisible competition between Immortal Emperors was a competition of power and Immortal Emperor Laws. No one could do anything about it. In fact, Lin Fan was much stronger than him.

In the end.

Immortal Emperor Yin Yang slowly emerged from the world. After the Yin Yang Wheel appeared, he looked at Lin Fan with a sharp gaze. freewe bnovel .com

I was wondering who it was. So its Immortal Emperor Yin Yang. Its been a long time. Lin Fan smiled.

Immortal Emperor Yin Yang looked at Lin Fan coldly as though he was looking at a dead man. freewebno m

He didnt want to say a single word.

Zhou Qiang raised his head, wanting to look at Immortal Emperor Yin Yang. However, this single glance caused Zhou Qiangs heart to tremble. It was as if he had fallen into an illusionary realm. Even his eyes seemed to be blinded by this sharpness.

So strong.

This was Zhou Qiangs true thoughts.

Now, he finally understood just how powerful the experts that Martial Ancestors faced were.

When they appeared, they could even trigger worldly phenomena.

How terrifying.

How astonishing.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it.

When he was in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, he had seen the methods of the top experts and all kinds of shocking scenes. However, compared to this Immortal Emperor Yin Yang, the difference was simply too great.

The difference between the world paled in comparison.

Immediately after.

Another sharp aura was transmitted over.

Fellow Yin Yang, I didnt think that you would be the first to arrive here.

The person who came was Immortal Emperor Dong Cang. When he appeared as an Immortal Emperor, he had to act tough. However, he soon discovered that there was someone in the void that was frozen with power. There was no way for him to change the rules at all. As a result, his way of appearance became plain and ordinary. There was no extraordinary scene at all.

When Immortal Emperor Dong Cang arrived here, he immediately looked at Lin Fan. When he found out that the other party had become an Immortal Emperor, he was still in disbelief. Moreover, the death of Immortal Emperor Fu Tu in the other partys hands was something he could not accept.

As expected, he has already become an Immortal Emperor.

He could tell Lin Fans cultivation state with a single glance.

The aura that was wrapped around his body would not lie to him.

Immortal Emperor Dong Cang looked calm, but his heart had already been set off by a massive wave. It was difficult for him to maintain his calm. The first time they met, what cultivation realm did he have to face just now?

But what cultivation realm was he at now?

How did he do it?

What kind of opportunity was it that could create an Immortal Emperor expert in such a short period of time?

Immediately after.

A shocking aura was transmitted over.

Immortal Emperor Yin Yang traversed through the void, tearing through the skies as he appeared proudly before Lin Fan.

Out of the four Immortal Emperors of the past, there were only three left.

There was no life and death feud between them and Lin Fan. All of the hatred was formed within the World Immortal Abode. Back then, it would have been easy for them to kill Lin Fan. But now that everyone was in the Immortal Emperor Realm, no one was afraid of anyone. No those Immortal Emperors were afraid of Lin Fan.

He was afraid of the speed of Lin Fans rise.

Just the three of you? Lin Fan asked.

He looked at the three Immortal Emperors calmly. To him, everything was the same as before. No matter how many people there were, the outcome was the same.

If you can suppress it, then you will suppress it. You definitely wont change the situation just because you have more people.

Youre about to die, yet youre still so arrogant? Immortal Emperor Yin Yang shouted angrily. His temper was extremely explosive.

Lin Fan laughed, Arrogant? Whos arrogant? I think its you guys who are more arrogant. But it doesnt matter. I have already seen through the outcome of the future. Your tragic deaths are indeed very tragic.

Immortal Emperor Pure Yangs entire body was boiling with terrifying power. Just as he was about to make a move, Immortal Emperor Yin Yang stopped him.

Someone else was coming.

There was no need to make a move now.

The result of this kid had already been decided. There was no need to rush.


Just at this moment.

A dull roar came from the void. The void cracked and turned into fragments that dissipated between the world.

They turned around to look.

A stalwart figure gradually appeared.

I was very curious when I heard that an arrogant junior had appeared in the Immortal Realm. So, I came to see who it was. Not only did he not hide from the forbidden technique of the Immortal Realm, he was also so arrogant.

The person who came was also an Immortal Emperor. He had a rough build. When he walked, the surrounding void seemed to be crushed by some unknown power. All of it shattered.

Immortal Emperor Sui Mie.

Fellow Sui Mie, youre finally here.

A smile appeared on the faces of Immortal Emperor Dong Cang and the others.

The current Immortal Emperor was very extraordinary. He controlled two types of destructive laws.



It represented a destructive power among Immortal Emperors.

Wherever it passed, everything would shatter. Even those who were also Immortal Emperors would feel a headache when they met this person. If they could avoid him, they would avoid him. They would definitely not engage in battle with him.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes. He had not expected that a stronger Immortal Emperor would appear. It seemed like they had long wanted to kill him in this battle.


Immortal Emperor Sui Mie looked at Lin Fan with a sharp gaze. Its you, kid

He looked over.

The void shattered.

Furthermore, this power of destruction was still being transmitted over, causing the void to shatter and spread out in front of Lin Fan.

Lin Fans eyes lit up.

The shattered void came to a sudden halt before recovering to its original state.

Immortal Emperors, dont worry. I know that there are still Immortal Emperors coming. Ill wait for them to arrive before we have a good fight. With your current numbers, Im afraid that you guys wont have any chance of winning.

Lin Fan said calmly.

Zhou Qiangs heart was thumping furiously.

He just wanted to say.

Martial Ancestor was overbearing.

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