Chapter 590

Chapter 590

To think that four more Immortal Emperors would gather here.

Lin Fan knew the impact of martial arts on the Immortal Realm. Logically speaking, no one would be willing to let him pass down his martial arts, let alone establish a sacred ground for martial arts.

This was jumping on everyone and slapping them furiously.


He could understand the thoughts of these Immortal Emperors.

These four Immortal Emperors did not wish for Lin Fan to be alive. However, Lin Fan wanted to establish a Holy Land of Martialism. If they were unconvinced, they would fight. The final victor would do whatever he wanted.

And at this moment.

Another change occurred between the world.

An Immortal Emperor had arrived, and this Immortal Emperor was very low-key. His appearance was very normal, so he walked out from the void.

Jade Pond Holy Land, Grand Elder Tang Xing.

Immortal Emperor Yin Yang said in surprise, “Immortal Emperor Tang, I didn’t expect you to come as well. That’s good. It seems that this child’s actions have already aroused the anger of the Immortal Realm. Everyone wants to kill him.”

It had been a while since Tang Xing had seen Lin Fan.

This time around, he was extremely shocked. With just a single glance, he realized that the other party was indeed extraordinary. He had indeed become an Immortal Emperor.

Facing the conversation between Immortal Emperor Yin Yang.

Tang Xing smiled and waved his hand. Then, he came before Lin Fan and cupped his fists, “Congratulations, Fellow Lin. After not seeing you for a while, you have finally become an Immortal Emperor.”

“So it’s Fellow Tang. It’s been a long time since we last met.” Lin Fan smiled.

Zhou Qiang, who was at the side, let out a sigh of relief.

He had originally thought that the Martial Ancestor had welcomed another powerful enemy. Looking at the current situation, it turned out that it was an acquaintance. That was good. If it was still an enemy, he would be wondering what kind of status our Martial Dao had in the Immortal Realm.

Why did it feel like a street rat that everyone was shouting at?

When Immortal Emperor Yin Yang and the others saw Tang Xing’s actions, they were very displeased. They said angrily, “Tang Xing, as the Jade Pond Holy Land’s Grand Elder, you actually know someone who cultivates the martial arts taboo system. Did your Jade Pond Holy Land allow you to do this?”

Hahaha! Fellow Yin Yang, this old man doesn’t quite understand what you’re saying. You guys seem to be the ones who said the taboo system. What does this have to do with me, Tang Xing? Moreover, do I need your permission to make friends with me?

Tang Xing had long known that Lin Fan wasn’t an ordinary person. He had long since established a good relationship with him. Now that Immortal Emperor Yin Yang had said this, he was truly displeased.

We are all Immortal Emperors, so why do you have to pretend?

Do you think you can control my thoughts?

Tang Xing’s words made the few Immortal Emperors furious. It was as though a traitor had appeared within them. They looked at Tang Xing gloomily. As the Supreme Elder of the Jade Pond Holy Land, he actually did not stand with them. Instead, he stayed with the people who cultivated the martial arts forbidden technique. This was truly despicable.

“Fellow Lin, congratulations on establishing the Martial Dao Holy Land. From now on, the Immortal Realm will have another cultivation holy land.” Tang Xing congratulated.

He could tell that Lin Fan had become an Immortal Emperor. Naturally, he had the ability to become an independent holy land. This was a huge benefit to both individuals and everyone.

Right now, every single holy land was gathering a tremendous amount of fortune.

Fate was mysterious and unpredictable. Even Immortal Emperors would find it hard to capture the existence of fate. However, they could sense it. That was why there were those with great fortune and unparalleled fortune.

For him to have a good relationship with Lin Fan was also a great benefit to him. No matter how hard he thought about it, he could not figure out what was wrong with it. As for those guys who said that they were cultivating the forbidden technique of the Immortal Realm, they were completely out of their minds.

Fellow Lin has already cultivated to the Immortal Emperor Realm at such a young age. What exactly are you guys thinking? You guys don’t want to build a good relationship with him and insist on becoming enemies with him. You guys aren’t something that normal people can do.

“Thank you, Fellow Tang, for your congratulations.” Lin Fan smiled.

Tang Xing said, “When the battle happens, I can help Fellow Lin stop an Immortal Emperor.”

Lin Fan raised his hand and said calmly, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Fellow Tang. However, there’s no need for that. I have the ability to suppress these four Immortal Emperors. They aren’t far from here. If I don’t defeat them, I’m afraid that it will be very difficult for them to accept this.”

Tang Xing was extremely shocked by Lin Fan’s words. Clearly, he had not expected that Lin Fan would want to fight against four of them by himself. These four were Immortal Emperor experts.

Are you sure?

And right at this moment.

Another voice rang out.

“Congratulations, Fellow Lin.”

The void split open, and an Immortal Emperor expert appeared. Yin Immortal Mountain’s Sect Master, Mao Zhenjun.

When he found out that Lin Fan was going to establish a Holy Land of Martial Dao, he immediately left Yin Immortal Mountain and came to congratulate him. Earlier on, when he had asked a disciple to follow by his side to cultivate, he had indeed made great progress. However, later on, he had heard from his disciple that Lin Fan and the others had met with great trouble, so he had asked him to leave.

Back then.

He had used his supreme technique to deduce the tracks of Lin Fan and the others.

However, he realized that he could not find them at all.

This made Mao Zhenjun rather helpless.

He wanted to lend a helping hand, but there was nothing he could do. He could only hope that Fellow Lin would be blessed by the heavens.

Now, it seemed that it was just as he had thought. There was indeed no problem.

Fellow Lin possessed such a vast amount of luck, so how could something have happened?

At this moment.

The faces of Immortal Emperor Yin Yang and the others did not look good.

They had originally thought that this Immortal Emperor had come to suppress Lin Fan. However, they had not expected him to be an old acquaintance of the other party. Furthermore, from the looks of it, he was even with the other party.

“All of you are Immortal Emperors of the Immortal Realm. All of you possess a holy land, yet you are now with people who cultivate the forbidden technique. You are all defying the heavens.” Immortal Emperor Yin Yang shouted.

For him, it was a pity.

This kind of thing was unacceptable.

Moreover, what he couldn’t stand the most was that before they came, they had already informed several powerful Immortal Emperors. Logically speaking, they should have already arrived.

But now.

But there wasn’t even a shadow of a ghost.

This made them unable to accept such a fact.


We agreed that we would all come, but where are you guys now?

Actually, the situation is like this. The Immortal Emperors are not fools. Some things can be done, but some things really can not be done, mainly because they are too dangerous.

In the past, when the other party had not become an Immortal Emperor.

One call for a hundred answers.

You want to deal with a guy who isn’t even an Immortal Emperor? No problem, go ahead and tell us the location. We will definitely kill our way over. And now, the person you want to deal with is an Immortal Emperor. Moreover, it is a very young Immortal Emperor.

That can only be done.

It is better for us to remain neutral.

I once said that the other party cultivated the Immortal Realm Forbidden Technique. That is indeed a big problem. Moreover, the four of you were the ones who said this. No matter what, you still have to give face.

And now, you all said that those who cultivated the Immortal Realm Forbidden Technique have already become Immortal Emperors.

This matter is more complicated.

It is not that we do not want to help you.

But at the very least, let us consider this carefully. There is no enmity between us in the first place. We can’t fight to the death with an Immortal Emperor just because of a few words of yours.

Mao Zhenjun and Tang Xing looked at the flustered and exasperated appearance of Immortal Emperor Yin Yang and did not panic in the slightest.

“This time, Fellow Lin established a Martial Holy Land. The Jade Pond Holy Land will definitely support you.”

“The same goes for the Yin Immortal Mountain.”

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