Chapter 490 - : Going to Beijing (1)

Chapter 490: Going to Beijing (1)

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After all, for such a lone time, he had a lot of scripts in his hands. There were Survival missions and all kinds of scenarios in every genre.

Naturally, there would be a love story.

As a veteran actor, he had seen too many romantic scenes. Therefore, he immediately felt that this brat’s motive was not simple. He could not help but take a step forward and pull his sister behind him. His scrutinizing gaze fell on Fu Shiyan before he spoke slowly. “Weiwei, I think Little 1 is right.”

Chi Wei:

The little girl looked for her eyes, and doubt flashed across her eyes again. Clearly, she did not react for a moment.

” This person is up to no good. You have to be careful in the future and stay away from him, especially at night. Don’t ever meet him! ‘

Chi Yun nodded repeatedly.

Fu Shiyan was speechless.

He shouldn’t have come!

The man’s casual expression changed, and a hint of grievance flashed across his eyes. Then, he looked at the little girl pitifully again, but who knew that after the little girl heard this, she actually nodded obediently, indicating that she understood. She even said,”Then I’ll be careful of him.”

Fu Shiyan was speechless.

For a moment, he was speechless.

It was very lively here.

However, things were different in the side courtyard.

Ever since the truth was revealed, the old lady and Chi Wan had been together for a long time. Instead of staying at home, the old lady used the excuse that she had to be hospitalized because of her foot injury to stay in the hospital. As for Chi Wan, who had done something wrong and was especially arrogant, she stayed at the hospital with the old lady and only returned today.

Chi Wan clenched her fists.

She had never thought that things would develop to this extent, nor did she expect her situation to be so awkward. All of this was within her expectations, but she could only not appear on camera because her family had been broadcasting live for the past few days.

The netizens were the most vengeful.

Previously, they had compared her to Chi Wei and exaggerated her to the point that she was nothing. However, they realized that they had been wrong. Once they were in the same frame, she would be belittled to the point that she was nothing…

The conditions in the hospital were really bad.

Although the old lady was staying in a VIP room that cost more money, the conditions in the hospital were not the same as at home. The old lady slept on the bed, so he could only sleep on the floor next door. He was extremely sore every day, and he could not go home. He could only pretend to be obedient and coax the old lady to be happy.

Although the old lady did not have a good relationship with them, she was still an old lady. They could not ignore her completely, nor could they not support her.

This time, they only dared to come back from the hospital after knowing that the live broadcast had ended. Chi Wan pushed the old lady and the two of them appeared in the courtyard together. They didn’t enter the main room but quietly observed the situation around them in a more remote place.

The old lady frowned.

Hearing the commotion in the room, he turned his head to look at his obedient granddaughter. His heart ached even more. He patted Chi Wan’s hand as if he was comforting her. His voice was still old, but it was unconsciously gentler.

“Wanwan, push Grandma over.”

“These people are really too much. In the past, Grandma misunderstood Chiwei, but this girl never thought of telling Grandma about her identity. This isn’t Grandma’s fault alone, but all of them! During this period of time, they didn’t come to see me. Instead, they were happy at home, as if they couldn’t wait for me to die immediately.”

Chi Wan lowered her eyes.

At this moment, the girl was no longer as obedient as before. A hint of resentment flashed across her beautiful eyes, but it was quickly covered up. She curled her lips and made a coaxing sound.

“Grandma and Sister are doing a mission after all. This kind of live broadcast must be positive. If she comes to the hospital, it might not mean good. Uncle and the others will definitely cooperate.”

However, these words still could not appease the old lady. Instead, her mood became even worse.

“Even if it’s a live broadcast, their live broadcast should have ended today, right? But do you think these people have thought of me?”

It was obvious.

The old lady was unhappy.

Chi Wan curved her lips and didn’t say anything else. However, she was still very obedient. The old lady pushed her into the courtyard. The commotion wasn’t very low. At the very least, it was completely noticeable.

Qiao Yueyue and Chi Yun were the first to notice Chi Wan and the old ladys presence.

The couple paused for a moment and could not help but frown in tacit understanding. However, they quickly found their expression control and raised a fake smile.

“Mom? Wanwan?”

“So you still remember me and Wanwan.” The old lady could not help but be sarcastic again. Her voice leaned toward the elderly, so it sounded even more unpleasant and extremely mean.

Chi Wan pushed the old lady to Chi Yun and Qiao Yueyue’s side, then continued to remain silent out of habit. She didn’t say anything because she was very clear about her status. She didn’t have the right to say anything, so she could only say it through the old lady’s mouth.

However, Chi Wan’s eyes were filled with shock. However, she could not help but fall for this man. This man really looked outstanding and his status was especially high, but why did he have to pursue Chi Wei?

Actually, she wasn’t that bad.

Even if he said he didn’t have a pool. He couldn’t compare to people who had won countless awards at a very young age, but compared to his peers, he was already a big sister. Moreover, those netizens insisted on making comparisons, and this old lady insisted on making comparisons. It wasn’t his fault.

She…He did not say anything from the beginning to the end.

Why was he being looked down upon by everyone now?

Under the girl’s sweet smile, her heart turned even colder. It was obvious that she had already developed some worries and resentment towards this world. She only felt that this world was so unfair. He had already worked so hard, but why could he not even compare to others?

Qiao Yue was speechless.

Chi Yun was speechless. freew ebnov el

She was being sarcastic again.

Chi Yun could not help but take a sip of tea.”You’re discharged. Why didn’t you tell us in advance that you’re coming back? Today is Weiwei!s return to Beijing. We don’t want to quarrel either. You’d better go back to your room and rest. ”

Although his tone was very polite, as if he was discussing, it was obvious that he did not give anyone the chance to refuse.

The old lady widened her eyes again. “Why do you only remember that Weiwei is going to Beijing?”

“Is our Wanwan not going?”

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