Chapter 832 Risking It All

Chapter 832 Risking It All


CHAPTER 831 — Risking It All

The days whisked by, and Li Jing did not get any good reports about what she was searching for. For some reason, these days have been the longest period of her life. All she needed was for her foster mother and sister to make one wrong move. One wrong step would give her the ticket to finding out all that she needed to know. Seated in front of her dressing mirror, she applied the last bit of makeup to her face, smacking her lips as she gently massaged them. "There, now you're better." She offered her reflection a cute smile, loving the nude-coloured lipstick on her lips that added a flare to her overall appearance. Not slutty, not provocative, demanding attention, but still reserved and unique. "I better place a call to Yin Lifen already. We need to present a sharp one at today's meeting. It is time I raised the bar for Gramps Company. I need to award him something big and this contract." Her eyes glistened, filled with hope. "This contract would give me that."

Having Ye Cheng as her husband and biggest business partner was something Li Jing was thankful for, but she still knew she had something else: her brain, her intellect, and her knack for giving the best business proposals, marketing, and the like.

Way back after she left university, she always wondered why she had a good knack for business but had no useful lead on that thought, thinking it was just a blessing from God. Still, when she thought of Li Chun, she felt she inherited it from him if his wife's statement about her being an illegitimate child was true. However, it wasn't until she met her grandfather and knew about her mother that she understood where she had gotten this from. Indeed, it had been a talent passed down from generations, each honing their skills and talents to greater heights. She gave herself one more encouraging smile, rose to her feet, picked up her bag and keys, and then walked out of the house. Li Jing pressed her phone against her left ear, waiting patiently for the call to go through as she made her way to her car. "Tsk, why can't I get through to her? Hmm, I may as well leave her a chat on WeChat and…" BRRRRHHH!

She stopped briefly when she was about to turn on the car's ignition and glanced at her caller. "Auntie." Swiftly, she answered the call, her smile reaching her eyes as she waited for her reply. "If it isn't my favourite grand-neice," Lin Huilang greeted, her voice chirpy and filled with joy at hearing Li Jing's voice. "I see you are doing okay."

"I am. How are you? Good morning."

"I'm alright. Sorry about the delay in my call. I have been packed full these days, and I end up forgetting when I want to call. Today, though, I have your time."

Li Jing's lips tugged downward a little. Now that her grand-aunt was sparing her some time, she got too busy with work.


"Auntie, it's okay."

"Are you sure? Is anything the matter?"

"No. It's just that I am busy today. I am heading for a meeting as we speak. Perhaps when I return or something."

"Hmm. Too sad. I really hoped we could catch up."

"And we will."

"Okay, if you say so. But then again, you are very sure there's nothing, right? Everything is on track and okay between Ye Cheng and you."

Li Jing gave a nod. When she realized she was on a call, she corrected herself quickly, using her mouth. "We are fine. Talk to you later, Auntie. See you soon."

"Okay, baby. See you. I'm only a call away if you need anything."

"Sure, Auntie."

She ended the call and drove off after sending a quick message to Yin Lifen. ~Several minutes later~

A car drove into the estate, stopping in front of the mansion as a lady dressed in a purple, knee-high-fitted, off-shoulder gown stepped out of the car in her pair of black heels and a black bag to match.

Adjusting her black shades a little, she took a quick glance at the house before hurrying through. As soon as the gatekeeper noticed her, he quickly lowered his head and let her in. "First step in."

"Welcome back, Madam."

"Hmm," she waved her palm, smiling gently at him. "Umm, why are you in a hurry? Should I open the gate to let the cab you came with in?"

"No. I'll be out soon."

She made her way quickly to the front porch of the mansion and rang the doorbell. As soon as the door opened and the maid lowered her head to greet her, she lifted her chin to the side, fixing her shade once more. "Um, excuse me. I forgot something in the kitchen. I need a quick snack too," she informed the young maid. "Yes, Madam."

At once, she stepped aside, letting her walk in before shutting the door behind her. Rather than head to the kitchen as she had announced, the maid was shocked when she saw her taking another bend elsewhere. "Umm, Madam Li, I thought you said you were visiting the kitchens."

At once, she pivoted on her heels, her hair rolling with her in an enchanting manner, captivating the young maid. Her lips curled upward in a bewitching smile before she took two steps forward. "My bad. I was thinking of getting something first from the uh…"

"Your study or the Master's?" The lady's lips formed an O briefly but as quickly as it came, it was off. "Ahem! My bad," she said, clearing her throat. "I have something to get from his study as well. Let's head for the kitchen first. I can visit the study before heading back to the company."

"Yes, madam."

"Please lead the way." Obeying her, the young maid led the way to the kitchens but often stole a glance at her, watching how she admired the paintings on the wall as they went.

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