Chapter 159 Backyard. 1

There was no sign of people when we reached the backyard.

And as I have expected, the neglected plants and trees provided just the right number of blinders for our cause.

I found a patch of grass and rolled Amelia onto it.

Though I deliberately weakened the power of my spell just to bind her in our battle, I cast a recovery spell just in case.

After that, Amelia seemed to start breathing more easily.

For assurance, I decided to apply some restraints in order for her not to run amok once she wakes up.

By that, I took out a large handkerchief from my pocket and tied her hands with it.

This way, I wouldn't have to worry about being counterattacked.

"Hey, how long are you planning to sleep?"

"Hnnnn, nnu..."

I shook Amelia's shoulders and brought my face closer to hers to check her breathing.

Amelia moans as she woke up, before rolling her eyes at my face.

She immediately tries to move away, only to find out later that her body has been restrained.

"Hey, get this off me! Do you really think it's okay for a teacher to do this?"

"Well, it's probably not a good idea."

"Then untie me right now. Or your sins will be heavy."

"Oi oi, aren't you too hasty?"

We've skipped over reporting to the school and immediately went to the talks about a trial?

"Isn't this already the end of the line for you, oh Mr. Fay?"

"The excellent teacher and genius unknown man, evicted from the prestigious school because of messing around with a student?"

"Hey, are you trying to accuse me..."

"What are you talking about? Of course, I am. Or is that genius brain of yours just a fluke?"

Amelia is annoyed, as if she was just stating the obvious to an idiot who couldn't understand.

I sighed, then stared at the woman.

The first thing I saw was her breasts, and they were quite large.

Humongous, in fact.

"Hey, where are you looking?"

Amelia notices my gaze and tries to hide it, but then she realizes her arms are restrained behind her, so she can't do anything.

She then tried to stand up, only to be unable to because it was prevented by me.

"Get away from me, you bastard!"

In the end, she tried to kick me, so I had no choice but to activate my body manipulation magic.

As if a mechanism that ran out of power, Amelia's legs were put down.

"Kuh, this...what is happening?"

I'm sure she was trying to resist it with her magic, but her efforts are futile. As it was being blocked by a magic spell I enchanted in her restraints, the one in front of me is now nothing but a powerless beautiful lady.

Just like that, the genius scholarship student Amelia has lost all her resistance. 𝗳𝘳𝒆𝘦𝑤𝐞𝚋𝗻𝚘𝘷𝘦𝙡.𝑐𝐨𝘮

"Don't give me any more work. It's displeasing."

"You bastard!"

When she found out that she could no longer resist in any way, she starts to curse on me.

But in this situation, it was nothing but a cute yapping.

"Now then. Now that you're awake, it's time we get down to business."

"Business? You really think you have the right to do business with me after what you've done? Unhand me right now! Or you'll suffer the consequences!"

"You...just who do you think you are?"

"What? Are you provoking me? I am- "

"Just a peasant who barely knows where she stands. Do you really know what you did just now? You assaulted a teacher in the academy without any warning."

"Hmph, do you really think they will believe you? I am a scholarship student, a genius that will surpass them in the future."

"It's my right to be given such treatment, and they should be happy to be my stepping stone. Plus, aren't you strong? Aren't you ashamed of yourself, doing such underhanded methods like that to me?"

That was not even a fair fight!"

Wow. I have met a lot of people who have delusions of grandeur in their minds, but this is the first time I have seen one being openly brought by a student. What's more, of someone who is on a lower caste than me.

"It seems that you still have no idea of the graveness of your offense. You just assaulted an official, albeit retired from his duties, without any form of reason. Even though I have quit as a court wizard, I am still of the service of the country.

You are really lucky I was the one who you have assaulted, Miss Burness. If it's someone else, you would have been subjected to expulsion at the very least, and a death penalty for you and your family at it is very worst.

Most of the teachers and students here have a high standing in this country or as influential as them.

If you're doubting me, how about we head over to the headmistress office right now? To also hasten your expulsion papers and find a replacement for your seat."

"They can't do that! If they did that, my father and I will- "

"Also, fair fight? You call that a fair fight even though it was you who barged in and cast a spell without even asking for a duel? You see, Miss Burness, we have specified training grounds to do that activity. Or are you afraid of being seen when you lost?"

I-I'm not afraid! It's just- "

"Even if we fight in the same way, the results will still be the same. Your lightning bolt spell just now is just a perfected example of a textbook way of casting the spell. Even in the way you materialized your magic circle in front of me, I would have dealt you in a thousand ways before you could even act. Don't believe me? Watch this."

I first cast a transparent dome for soundproofing just to be safe, then, with a flick of a finger,


A soft crackle of thunder resounded inside the dome. Right in front of Amelia is a crystalized spot in the ground, sizzled by a lightning bolt I have just struck.



There was only silence in the latter's eyes. Then it turned into resignation, then into fear. Trembling in her seat, those eyes faced me.

I think I overdid it a little.

"Anyway, as you can see, there is a huge difference in our abilities, and if you are as genius as you are saying, you should know the difference right away. Anyway, what you have done just now caused me quite a commotion, so it wouldn't leave me unscathed either way. How about we make a deal?"

"H-hmph. Such arrogance for someone who has bound the other party. Very well. Let me hear your demands."

(That spell just now, I didn't even detect any preparations or magic circles before it was cast! If I was hit by that spell, I would be done for! But I have to stay strong, or else this man will take everything!)

"As expected of Miss Burness, you are indeed an intelligent woman. After all, the academy wouldn't have chosen you as their student if you weren't, right? Anyway, since you are still in your first year, I won't be too hard on you. However, as your offense is heavy, I can't just let this pass. Ah, by the way, your restraints have been released just now. I don't want to be told that I am forcing my student to do my demands."

"Enough of your lecture and your excessive blabbering! Just get on it and tell me what you want already!"

"Well, all I want is simple. I want your body."


"Yes, your body. As you can see, you're a fine specimen yourself, Miss Burness."

"You want me to be your guinea pig!? Isn't that going a bit too far?!"

"I believe you misunderstand something. It's not between me and my background as a former court wizard. I have already retired from that. What I want is a physical relationship. Something a man and a woman should have."

"Y-you, you want me to be your lover!? Aren't you the one getting full of yourself and not me?"

"Heavens, no, Miss Burness. It would be detrimental to my goals if we fall in love with each other. What I want is purely physical... carnal, if that word suits you more. This is why I used the term "your body" just earlier. So, do we have a deal?"

"You...I can't believe that a court wizard like you would stoop so low. But indeed, I have a beautiful body, but what's in it for me?"

"I don't think you are in a position to negotiate the terms, Miss Burness. I am already taking a big risk here. It's either I keep silent on your one-sided assault in exchange for a simple desire of your flesh, or take your chances with your so-called scholarship title that would put you, me, and your family in disgrace for the least part and to the guillotine for the worst. So, what will you do?"

Amelia contemplated for a moment, but after a while, she,

"Very well, we have a deal."

"You did a wise choice, Miss Burness. I assure you won't regret it."

"And? What should I do, you lowly scum? I know you are not gonna let me through just like that."

"As expected of a daughter of a book merchant. Your negotiation skills are good."

When I blurted that out loud, Amelia's eyes were widened in shock.

"How did you know that? You, don't tell me-. "

"I had my eyes on you for a while now. It's just that I didn't expect you to come to me personally. After all, I have a thing for big-breasted beauties like you."

"You scum! I can't believe I have been deceived by you!"

"Deceived? I never deceived you on anything. It's just your interpretation going wild. Also, you have accepted our deal without any scams or hidden agendas in it. Or is Miss Amelia Burness, the oh, so excellent sorceress that will surpass every wizard in the future, just at this level?"

"I am not like that! Ugh...Very well. If it's my body you want, then it's my body that you'll receive. Just don't come running with your tail in between your legs later."

"Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Burness. Now, if you please, could you stand on the patch of grass over there?"

"H-here? Just that?....There. are you content now?"

"Yes, just like that. But from here on, just leave it all to me."

"What are you...Kyaa! My-my body is moving on its own!"

I activated my body manipulation spell on her, then enhanced my soundproofing barrier and added an invisible filter to not reflect us moving inside.

It will put no harm if I add additional security before doing the deed.

However, it wouldn't be thrilling if everything is safe, so let's add a little spice to it.

"What is this, you might ask? It is only a body manipulation spell that I cast on you. However, it won't be as exciting if you just follow my commands like a puppet, so how about we play a little game while at it?"

" much do you plan on shaming me like this..."

"I am not shaming you, Miss Burness. In fact, with that deal of ours just earlier, I say I had already helped you by a lot. But I see that you're still...dissatisfied with what I am doing, so let's make another deal.

Right now, your body is bound by my spell, isn't it? I may be a..., very cultured individual, but I am not fond of forcing my women to do my bidding. The reason I cast a spell on you is so that you won't get hurt, but I know you won't believe it because of your prejudice in me, hence this deal.

I know that you have offered your body to make me silent about your misconduct, but this time, it will be a matter of pride. From here on, I will be doing things in your body, lewd ones that for sure you won't like at first. This is where the deal enters.

If you say "no," even just once, I'll stop. However, our previous agreement will be off, and we will report everything to the higher-ups about the deeds that we've done. I may indeed by controlling your body, but your mind and mouth is free on its own."

"Is that a challenge, Mr. Fay? Are you telling me that I will submit it to you? Very well, I accept. But if I make you say "No" instead, you'll be my personal servant for life."

"Very well. I accept those conditions. I'll be starting now."

I started by manipulating her legs and made them spread apart, then slipped my hand inside her short skirt.

"Hyaa! Where are you putting your hands...ah, it's touching me!"

I immediately went for a direct attack, but as expected, it is not even wet yet.

And so, I prioritized caressing the secret area on top of her panties first.

As I did that, however, Amelia glares at me with a disgusted look on her face.

"Why aren't you putting it in right away? Are you afraid that you won't be able to resist once you put it inside?"

Unlike those pampered noble ladies, she appears to have education in this area. That taunt, however, had made me immediately convinced of something that should be her flaw.

While she doesn't shy away from the topic of sex, which is already commendable for her age, it seems that she has focused too much on the study of magic that she neglected everything about that topic.

If that's the case, let's just go ahead and keep her in the dark.

I can't wait to see how she reacts later.

"You seem to think I'll be enjoying myself alone, but sex isn't like that."

"Says a teacher who's having his way with a student. After I graduate here and became famous, I will expose all your misdeeds and wrongdoings, you horny but impotent small penis!"

"I admire you for your choice of words, as should I have expected of a common birth, but if that's all you got in your insults, then I'm afraid you still have to learn."

Honestly, if it was the old me, I would have already slapped this girl, but after having through those 'experiences' as a professional, I could only stare at her with pity.

So, instead of getting angry, I decided to spend that energy to make her 'happy.'

I inserted my fingers, which had so far only been over her underwear, inside.

I immediately felt the softness of her skin when I touched it directly.

"To touch the place where I pee directly, are you that stupid?"

"'re saying that, but isn't it feeling better and better?"

"How would I feel good from just this?"

"Oh? In that case, then how about this?"

I stroke the clitoris of Amelia, who's still in her rebelling tone.

And immediately, a noticeable reaction from her appeared.

"Hiuuu!? What is this, something just electrocuted my body..."

Seeing the moment when the girl wakes up to sex, an indescribable feeling of excitement wells up over me.

Yes, that's it. Sooner or later, I will see your slutty face as you cum. Prepare yourself, you cheeky woman.

While continuing to caress her private parts, I directed my other hand to her upper body.

My aim is, of course, her big tits.

"Wait, you, you're going to take it off!"

"It's your fault for not wearing your uniform properly."

Despite being a first-year, Amelia's uniform was already worn out, so it was easy to open it with one hand.

Still, why is it so worn out even though it was only a few months since it was issued to her? Was it because she practiced magic in it a lot of times?

But I didn't think about it much as it wasn't my priority right now.

As my priority right now is one thing... to expose Amelia's beautiful body and take them into my embrace.

Interestingly, when I exposed her special places upon removing her underwear, the cheeky brat fell silent.

It was as if her daunting behavior a while ago is nothing but a joke.

"Oh? So you still have the sense of shame. And here I thought it never existed in you."

It seems that seeing her tits and pussy live is more effective on her mentally than caressing them myself.

"Still, as expected, yours are splendid. I can't believe this thing hasn't been used before."

I rubbed her breasts over her underwear, evaluating them while appreciating their size and softness.

It's just the right size for me to squeeze.

From a while ago, the frequency of her panting noises has increased.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

"Haaa, ahaa...what is this feeling..."

Despite her being dubbed as a genius, her lack of sexual knowledge didn't help her understand the meaning of this decline.

Little by little, Amelia's body is getting ready to accept me.

"H-hmph. My body is just feeling hotter than usual. Is that the best you've got?"

"Don't be impatient, Miss Burness. Soon you will feel that this isn't just a simple heat. Once it reaches the peak, we will proceed with the next step."

"Next step, huh? Let's see about that. I wonder if those grimy paws of yours could make me feel this 'heat' you are referring to."

When I explained this to her, Amelia defied me with a tone of voice that made me feel like an idiot.

"Your confidence is truly admirable, Miss Burness. However, confidence isn't needed in this field."

"Do you think you can get me off so easily? Think again."

"But it seems you're already getting off just from being touched earlier."

"That's just your speculation. To tell the truth, it feels sickening just being touched by you."

"Then, will you say the magic word?"

"Never! How about you try?"

Even after our conversation has finished, I didn't stop my caresses on the front of her fresh and tight pussy.

However, I avoided touching her inner parts, which is her vagina.

Perhaps her body is gradually beginning to feel the pleasure, as her hole is now leaking with joy juices.

"Hnnn, Fuuh...haaa, haaa."

In no time, Amelia's moans followed suit. She closes her eyes as she desperately tries to suppress her reactions.

But even from my point of view, she's already at her limit.

She's about to lose control, and only a matter of time before she explodes.

"Ahh, hyaaa! Something, something hot is coming! Aah, haaa, I can't hold it back!"

"Why don't you just give up and let the pleasure take over? Or if you can't really take it, why not say the magic word to end it all?"

"Kuh, never! Ahhh! H-how about you try! Kuhh!!"

Such a persistent person. Well, she would have given up already if she were that easy...

Because of this, I intensified the movements of my caresses, pushing Amelia further to her pinnacle of excitement.

I finally fondled the gushing precious part of her pussy, her vaginal orifice, as well as her breasts that have been completely exposed by removing her underwear.

As I increased the torture, Amelia's body trembled more and more.

(Ahh, don't cum, Amelia, you can do this, Don't cum on this man! Because you will teach this coward a lesson after this!)

With tears in her eyes, the scholarship student tried her best to hold back her climax.

But with a single finger, all her efforts were quickly shattered.

With my fingers, which were drenched in her love juices, I rubbed up her exposed clitoris.

It was then when Amelia's body stiffens, and her vagina overflows with love juices.

"Hiii! You can't do that to me! Haa, haaa, hahiiiiiiiiiiii!"

Amelia's eyes went wide, her teeth numb from the chattering.

She was not sure what's going on with her body, but this unknown pleasure attacking her made her terrified to the core.

Meanwhile, my excitement was at an all-time high as I watched Amelia convulse to climax.

"I think I'm going to take up a new hobby if this continues."

I don't really have any hobby of tormenting women to do my bidding.

But the girl in my arms was trying to take my taste in women to the next level.

Honestly, I don't like it at all.

But for now, it's necessary to get this desire out of my system as soon as possible.

After all this is done, I'm going to have Amelia take responsibility for stirring me up this way

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