Chapter 90 Lucky?

Chapter 90 Lucky?

Inside the Green Apple store, the ambience was sleek and modern, with only a handful of customers present. The walls were adorned with the latest Green Apple products, their vibrant screens showcasing stunning visuals. Soft, intimate lighting illuminated the displays, creating a sense of exclusivity.

The polished wooden tables showcased the various iPhone models and accessories, and the knowledgeable staff in blue shirts provided personalized attention to the few customers present. The exclusivity of Green Apple's products, known for their higher price range, seemed to limit the crowd. "Are you here for the latest iPhone, Sir?" A woman with black hair and eyeglasses approached us.

"Yeah, I'm here to buy the new iPhone," I replied with an air of confidence, playing the part of someone who was absolutely swimming in money. "You know what, I want to buy two iPhones. I want your most expensive models ," I added with a playful grin, leaning into the role of that extravagantly wealthy protagonist you'd find in novels . "You don't have to do that, Sun-seng-nim," Ayumi whispered, pulling my hand and blushing with embarrassment.

"Don't worry, this is just my gift to you. You're my amazing girlfriend, after all," I teased her, watching her cheeks turn even rosier at the mention of our relationship.

"Girl...girlfriend," she stammered, clearly flustered by the term.

"Give me two iPhones in the same color," I repeated to the saleswoman.

"Alright, Sir" the attendant replied promptly, not wanting to risk us changing our minds.

She hurriedly processed everything and asked us to wait while she completed her tasks. As a result, both of us decided to take a seat for the time being. As we waited, I could tell that Ayumi was genuinely enjoying her time. She might not have been too thrilled about the iPhone situation, but she couldn't hide her happiness after I call her my "Girlfriend". She kept fidgeting whenever I held her hand. Damn, she was too adorable and innocent. "Oh, if it isn't Ayumi," suddenly a female voice disrupted our enjoyable moment. I slowly turned around, picking up on the unfriendly tone in her voice. Standing before us was a woman with purple hair and black eyes, wearing a different school uniform .

At a quick glance, she seemed fine, but it was clear to me that she was wearing excessive mascara and heavy makeup. Behind her, there was a group of 8 people—3 girls and 5 boys, all wearing the same uniform. "Do you know her?" "She's my middle school classmate," Ayumi replied, but I could tell from her tone that she was feeling awkward about the encounter.

"What are you doing in this place? Don't tell me you're with your boyfriend," the girl sneered, unable to see my face clearly due to my hat and sunglasses. "Is he perhaps your sugar daddy? Buying you a new phone?" she taunted, her words dripping with sarcasm. "Well, I can guess that much. You've always been a bit of a slut, fantasizing on our teachers in middle school," she continued, mocking Ayumi. [She looks innocent, but she's actually a slut?]

[Oh my goodness, looks can be deceiving.]

[Maybe we can try our luck with her ?] Her comments made her companions spat insulting remarks and burst into laughter. I felt an intense urge to beat the crap out of her. Did it matter that she was a woman? After all, they had been advocating for gender equality for a long time, so why not give her a taste of it now? A single punch for the sake of equality should do the trick. "I..." Ayumi began to stutter, her voice quivering with embarrassment and from the hurtful comments. I could tell that she was holding back her tears, likely feeling embarrassed because I heard everything .

I could sense the tension rising, and I wasn't about to let this continue.


I felt something break inside my mind again. This bunch of bitches dared to insult the girlfriend of a system user? Some people are just tired of living . With billions of people in the world, they chose to mess with us? "That's right, she's with me," I chuckled as I stood up, revealing my imposing presence. I removed my hat and eyeglasses, showing them my full face.

The boys behind her suddenly looked like mere peasants in comparison.

"He's so handsome."

"He's too cute."

"Is he a model?" Whispers and compliments started to circulate as her female classmates behind her couldn't help but react to my appearance. Even the other customers and attendants were taken aback by my striking looks. That's right, I am very handsome now. How dare they bully my girlfriend?

As for the boys, I could see from their expressions that they quickly realized I far outclassed them in every way. That's right, this was the power of being a handsome guy. Bow to me, peasants. The girl who had been bullying Ayumi on the other hand was left speechless for a moment. She couldn't believe what she was seeing right now, and regret seemed to wash over her. But did she think I would let her off the hook so easily? Today, she would be my XP farm. "Ayumi, do you know this bitch?" I asked , using my finger to point at her like some kind of object.

"Hey, that's too much!" She berated me, her anger flaring. "Do you know who I am?" she started screaming, clearly wounded in her pride.

[Ding +XP] That's right be more angry bitch .So what if I'm petty ? "I don't, and I don't really care about ugly bitches," I said dismissively, shaking my head to insult her further.

"Hey, buddy. I don't think it's right for you to talk to her like that!" One of the boys defended her.

"Oh, another simp? Hey, bro, if you're planning to simp, how about choosing a high-quality woman and not someone like this?" I chuckled, playing along with the taunting. "You're embarrassing men worldwide with your taste." "You fucker !" He yelled and actually grab my collar .

This guy actually grabbed my collar over a bitch. Like, seriously, what was he thinking? I could easily beat the crap out of him if I wanted to. "Hey, do you want to fucking die ?" I warned him, my tone turning deadly serious as I activated my Faker ability. The coldness in my voice made it clear to everyone that I was no longer joking around. He instinctively loosened his grip on my collar. "Sir, please don't fight here," the attendant hurriedly attempted to mediate the situation. Even Ayumi joined in, holding my hands and trying to prevent me from further escalating the situation. "You're lucky that we're in a mall," he scoffed as he let go of me and turned away with his cronies. 'I'm lucky?' Did he just say I'm lucky?' I suddenly felt extremely irritated. That guy just bought himself a one way ticket to hell. "Mind Eye,"

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