Chapter 1303 Risk and reward

Chapter 1303  Risk and reward

It took a few minutes but everyone looked around, including Liam's soul army and it seemed like they were once again in a very similar situation like before. There was absolutely no living thing for the foreseeable distance and this time there wasn't any magic clay either.

Just as everyone was wondering what the hell was happening, all of a sudden the ground quaked, hissing and sputtering. From the quivering ground, a mist began to rise, thick and pervasive, obscuring their vision with its swirling tendrils.

Everyone immediately became alert as something like this could be poisonous. Except that the mist was anything but poisonous. No one knew what this mist was and how it was being produced but the moment the mist touched their bodies, it started getting greedily absorbed.

It was as if every single cell in the body became a tiny vortex that started greedily sucking in the mist. This was definitely a good thing. No one had any doubts about it anymore.

As for what it did, it was still unclear. Of course, the first thing that everyone noticed was the healing effect of the mist. It did not heal any physical wounds. Rather it healed all the mental exhaustion and the anxiety everyone suffered from the slaughter trial.

The mist had an extremely calming effect on the mind, washing away the tension and fear that had accumulated like layers of dust over their consciousness. This unexpected boon seemed to rejuvenate their spirits, infusing them with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. The mental fog that clouded their thoughts dissipated, leaving behind a sharpness and focus that was essential for the trials ahead.

Liam immediately sat down cross-legged and started meditating. He had accumulated a lot of thoughts and ideas in his mind after continuously setting up one dao field after another and he needed to integrate everything with what he already understood.

Mist swirled around them as they did, the two of them consuming a great deal of the nourishing mist, visibly growing stronger.

Unfortunately, Eldrin was nowhere close to gaining anything from this particular floor and he only had himself to blame. The elf had barely pushed himself ever since he met Liam and it was showing in his results. But there was still time and he might be on cusp of something.

As the four of them once again dove for a second round of meditation, suddenly something stirred. There was some movement near Liam who had been sitting like a stone ever since they arrived on the floor.

Just as they wondered if something else was going on, even the mist started behaving strangely. Without any warning all of the mist started converging towards Liam, swirling and coalescing into a dense, almost tangible mass of energy around him.

The air around Liam vibrated with power, the mist enveloping him completely, hiding his form from view. The others watched in silence, a mix of awe and curiosity in their eyes, wondering what transformation or breakthrough Liam was about to experience.

The next second something even more ridiculous happened. The situation actually became worse. Every wisp of the mystical mist started rushing towards Liam. The guy had become a black hole absorbing everything in sight.

More and more mist seeped out of the ground and soon even that changed. Dense swaths of mists appeared from the ground almost as if they were pulled out forcefully and everything swirled around Liam, encasing him in something like a cocoon.

"What the hell?" Eldrin was speechless. Rey gulped while Lan Deming and Madan looked at Liam with admiration in their eyes. Anything their guild leader did was out of the ordinary. While they had barely absorbed a little of the mist, the very ground they were on started cracking and fissuring as Liam sucked everything in sight and underneath them.

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