Chapter 720 - : The Finale

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Chapter 720: The Finale

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“If you want Yan Bei to die here, you can try touching our Saint Envoy!” Su Yan threatened coldly.

Huo Qi sneered when he heard this, as though he couldn’t understand Su Yan’s stupidity. He said directly, “I’m just too lazy to expose you. Do you really think I’m a fool? Isn’t Yan Bei with you? Su Yan, you’re too naive. Do you think we don’t know what you did in B City previously? Do you think that just because you colluded with Yan Bei and deceived Yan Xi, you can really hide it from the world and take the opportunity to infiltrate the Su family? Aren’t you taking things for granted? Moreover, you seem to have forgotten something very important!”

Looking at Huo Qi’s confident expression, Su Yan’s heart trembled. When she sD0ke. she was alreadv timid. She subconsciouslv followed Huo Oil s words and

asked, “What is it?”

“Su Lu is an extremely meticulous and smart person. Do you really think you can hide it from him? Do you know what it means to beat someone at his own game? Do you know what it means to invite someone into your trap?” Huo Qi’s eyes were filled with mockery. He glanced at the stunned Su Yan, then turned to look at Pu Wei.

He smiled and asked casually, “Saint Envoy, when I asked you if you had any more tricks up your sleeve, I was actually asking if you had a third trick other than the Namphan police station and the people from Sky Splitter who were surrounding the Seven Treasures Pavilion.” free(w)

When Pu Wei heard this, the expression in his eyes turned cold. He glanced at the clock in the hall from the corner of his eye. After seeing the time on it, he frowned. During the time he had planned, his subordinates didn’t come over to receive him!

After sensing that something was wrong, Pu Wei’s expression didn’t change, but his actions of bending down to take out his gun were surprisingly agile!

However, no matter how fast he was, could he be faster than the bullets in Huo Qi and Su Qing’s guns? The answer was naturally no.

When the bullet kissed Pu Wei’s chest, he had just raised his pistol!

Glancing at Pu Wei, who had been shot and was leaning back, Su Yan was shocked. She immediately pushed Yan Bei away and was about to shoot Su Qing in the head. Thinking that she had to take revenge, a neurotic smile appeared on Su Yan’s lips!

However, the blood-colored demoness that was forced to bloom in her heart in the next second made her entire body tremble. The gun in her hand was tilted, and the bullet only brushed past Su Qing’s ear.

Su Yan had been shot in the chest. This should be a very new sniper bullet. It could bypass any bulletproof equipment and pierced through Su Yan’s heart like it was piercing through ordinary clothes.

Su Yan fell stiffly and looked at the gorgeous lights above her head. She was still thinking, The heavens don’t seem to have heard of my wishes. They never did, and they still don’t!

Ying Chen hid outside the window on the first floor of the Seven Treasures Pavilion and shot Su Yan dead. She glanced at Ying Xing beside her, and gestured at the other members of their A586 Death Gates team to attack.

Actually, what had just happened was still very terrifying. After Huo Qi shot Pu

Wei, Su Qing and Huo Yun decided to clean up the remaining killers around Pu Wei. Naturally, Su Yan, who was holding Yan Bei in her hand, would also be taken care of. As for the A586 Death Gates team, they had followed Su Qing from Country F to Namphan, then to the Seven Treasures Pavilion. They were already in charge of the safety of Su Qing and Huo Qi from the perimeters!

Of course, with Old Master Yuan Cheng leading the Namphan military to clean up the assassins that Sky Splitter had ambushed outside the Seven Treasure Pavilion, their team’s mission was actually very easy.

Pu Wei and Su Yan both fell to the ground, and the entire hall fell silent. Huo Qi looked at the dying Pu Wei, took two steps forward, and kneeled down on one knee in front of him.

“Actually, your plan today can’t be said to have failed completely. At the very least, in order to deal with you, I’ve already used all my strength! You’re a very powerful enemy. I respect you, but you shouldn’t target Su Qing. She’s my woman, and I don’t like others thinking about her.”

As Huo Qi spoke, he turned around and looked up at Su Qing. He seemed to be talking to Pu Wei, who was no longer breathing, and also seemed to be explaining the truth to Su Qing. He said, “The past can only become the past. It can’t hurt the current you, nor can it affect your future! It’s time to let go.” Su Qing looked at Huo Qi and a smile slowly appeared on her lips.

There was no place for her in the lives of those who were stuck in their memories. As for her, she had someone to bring her forward..

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