Chapter 1854 Giving Birth to Triplets

Chapter 1854 Giving Birth to Triplets

Qi Zhenbai's eyes fell on his wife's bulging stomach at that moment. He didn't show any emotion on his face, but there was some worry in his eyes, especially since his wife was still very thin overall. His face didn't look good.

Qi Zhenbai was about to speak, but Chi Shuyan spoke first. "Dad, I'm really fine. Don't you think I've been in good spirits recently? By the way, it's getting late. Hurry and take Sister Fu home!"

Seeing that Father Chi and her teacher were about to speak, Chi Shuyan said gratefully, "Dad, Sister Fu, Zhenbai and Mom are here to take care of me. I'm really fine. Rest up and come see me tomorrow."

Father Chi was stumped by his daughter's words. In the end, at his daughter's strong urging, he could only take Fu Qing away from the hospital first.

Qi Zhenbai was worried about his wife being alone, so he sent his father-in-law just to the door.

After Father Chi and her teacher left the hospital, Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief.

"Wife, are you feeling unwell?" Qi Zhenbai looked at her seriously and carefully, afraid that she wasn't feeling well. Chi Shuyan waved her hand. "Where's Mom?"

"She went to get you some water!" Qi Zhenbai said.

Chi Shuyan nodded.

"Are you really alright?" Qi Zhenbai asked seriously.

"Yes!" Ever since she got pregnant, especially since her stomach got bigger and bigger, this man treated her like she was fragile, and was afraid that something would happen to her. He didn't even leave her side when she went to the washroom, and would carry her there instead.

Chi Shuyan felt helpless and embarrassed.

Just as she was thinking about going to the washroom, her lower body felt a bit wet. At first, Chi Shuyan thought that she had peed herself on the bed. She felt embarrassed at first, but when her stomach started to hurt, she realized that she was about to go into labor.

Chi Shuyan's face turned pale and Qi Zhenbai was so scared that his heart tightened. "Are you really alright? Wife, be good and tell me the truth!"

Chi Shuyan was in pain. She gritted her teeth and clutched the man's hand. "Husband, I… I think I'm going into labor!"

As soon as she said that, Qi Zhenbai's mind went blank and his face turned several degrees whiter.

When his wife first entered the hospital, Qi Zhenbai had methodically rehearsed countless times in his mind what to do when his wife went into labor. Now that it was happening, however, even someone as steady and experienced as Qi Zhenbai panicked at that moment. His mind was in a mess and he couldn't think of anything, his face filled with anxiety.

He immediately picked her up and wanted to rush out to find the doctor, but his fingers kept twitching nervously. He kept looking at his wife's face. When he saw her face turn increasingly pale, Qi Zhenbai's legs trembled especially violently as he comforted her, but his voice shook when he spoke.

Fortunately, Mother Qi came back in time. Seeing that her daughter-in-law was about to go into labor, she immediately told her son to hurry and put Shuyan back on the bed, and she immediately went to call the doctor.

Qi Zhenbai's mind was blank at that moment, and cold sweat instantly broke out on his forehead. Those who didn't know better would think that he was the one going into labor.

Chi Shuyan had never seen the man so anxious and panicked. She hurriedly grabbed his hand to comfort him, and her stomach hurt even more.

Fortunately, it wasn't long before a large group of specialists, doctors and nurses arrived and immediately pushed her into the delivery room.

Mother Qi's mind had also blanked out for a moment when she heard that her daughter-in-law was suddenly going into labor. Now that she could think again, she hurriedly had her son inform everyone in the old residence and her father-in-law.

After saying that, Mother Qi turned around and looked at her son. Seeing that he was still staring fixedly at the tightly shut doors of the delivery room and hadn't heard her at all, Mother Qi could only tell her son again, "Zhenbai, your wife won't give birth so soon. Hurry and inform your grandfather and father to come over. By the way, there's also your father-in-law."

After Mother Qi said that, Qi Zhenbai finally came back to his senses. His hands were still trembling when he took out his phone. In the end, it was Mother Qi who called everyone.

Not to mention how nervous Father Chi was when he found out that his daughter was going to give birth tonight, it was a good thing he and Fu Qing hadn't gone too far, and it didn't take long for them to return to the hospital.

As for the old Qi residence, Mother Qi's phone call completely woke everyone up. When Grandpa and Father Qi heard that Zhenbai's wife was going into labor, they were excited and nervous. Their lips trembled and they couldn't speak properly.

The two of them were too impatient to wait for the others at the old residence, so they got into the car and rushed to the hospital first, afraid that they would miss the first opportunity to see the child.

Grandpa Qi and Father Qi arrived at the hospital the quickest after Father Chi. The others in the old residence also arrived not long after they received the news.

It was almost dawn the next day before Chi Shuyan gave birth to triplets.

The doors of the delivery room opened, and the nurses came out with three children in their arms. They told everyone that Shuyan had just given birth to triplets: two sons and a daughter. Everyone in the Qi family, as well as Father Chi and Fu Qing, were so happy and surprised that they couldn't close their mouths.

Grandpa Qi, Father Qi and Mother Qi in particular were so happy that they almost fainted when they heard that Zhenbai's wife had given them three (great-)grandchildren.

In particular, Grandpa Qi rubbed his hands excitedly and happily, smiling until his gums were exposed. He kept praising his granddaughter-in-law. His eyes were wide open as he stared excitedly and nervously at the children in the arms of the two nurses. No matter how he looked at them, they were really cute and beautiful.

Father and Mother Qi also praised and looked at the children, and praised their granddaughter-in-law. They really didn't expect this daughter-in-law to be so amazing that she would give birth to three treasures for their Qi family. Now that they had grandchildren, how could Father and Mother Qi not be happy?

Father Qi wasn't worried about his son blocking him now; there were so many grandchildren, he would definitely be able to hold one.

Father Qi couldn't stop chuckling.

Everyone in the Qi family, as well as Father Chi and Fu Qing, were also very surprised by Zhenbai's wife's stunning feat. They originally thought that she would give birth to two children, but who would have thought that she would have three? Now that she had both sons and a daughter, the Qi family uncles and aunts were filled with envy and hatred.

How blessed was Zhenbai's wife?

Zhenbai, this kid, was also amazing.

Qi Zhenbai wasn't blinded by the three children at that moment. Although he was also very happy, his wife was the most important. He glanced at the children before he immediately asked the nurse, "How's my wife now? Can I go in and see her?"

The two nurses immediately said that the mother would be pushed into a regular ward later, and they would be able to see her.

As soon as the two nurses said that, Chi Shuyan was pushed out on a hospital bed. When Qi Zhenbai saw his wife lying on the bed with a pale face, he immediately couldn't care less about the children and immediately followed the bed to a regular ward.

Father Chi was very satisfied with his son-in-law's performance. He didn't have to worry about his daughter being bullied by this kid in the future. However, recalling what his daughter's character was like, it would actually be good if Yan Yan didn't bully Zhenbai.

Chi Shuyan only woke up in the afternoon. When she woke up, she saw Qi Zhenbai holding her hand tightly and staring fixedly at her. His gaze inexplicably made her feel a little scared yet sweet.

Feeling her flat stomach, she had a thought and hurriedly asked Qi Zhenbai where her child was.

Without waiting for Qi Zhenbai to speak, Qi Hao said excitedly, "Sister-in-law, you're too awesome. Other pregnant women have one child at a time. Sister-in-law, you actually had three children at once!"

Chi Shuyan: "…"

"No, my cousin is also especially awesome!" Qi Hao said with admiration.

Chi Shuyan: "…"

Qi Zhenbai: "…"

"That's right, Sister-in-law, look who's here to see you!" After Qi Hao finished speaking, Chi Shuyan looked in his direction and saw Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen on the side. 𝑏𝘦𝑑𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮

The two were also very excited at that moment, but because of the especially imposing husband next to Celestial Master Chi, they were subconsciously very nervous.

The two of them hadn't been in the mood to observe Celestial Master Chi's husband last time after they left the old Liang family residence.

Now that they took a closer look at Celestial Master Chi's husband's appearance, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen sighed. When they first came in and saw him, they hadn't been able to look away.

This was the first time the two of them couldn't stop looking at a man. One could imagine how good-looking Celestial Master Chi's husband was.

The two of them had specially come this time to thank Chi Shuyan. Their families had wanted to come over together to thank her, but Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen had been afraid of disturbing her. They also heard that Celestial Master Chi had just given birth, so it wasn't good to disturb her.

The two of them specially brought a lot of gifts to thank her.

As for Fang Yu, he had lost an arm. When he went home, everyone in the family was scared out of their wits. By the time he finished explaining, Father Fang was still fine, while Mother Fang had almost collapsed after listening to him and almost cried her eyes out.

In the past few months, Fang Yu had accepted the fact that his arm had been cut off.

Chi Shuyan was very gratified by Fang Yu's tough mental state and attitude. Seeing that Lu Ningwen was in good condition and was gradually getting rid of the shadow of what happened at the old Liang family residence, she pursed her lips and said, "You don't have to be polite. It's good that everyone is fine!"

As they chatted, Chi Shuyan learned that the two of them were currently in the midst of a lawsuit against the production team of the variety show. Because this involved the loss of several human lives, this lawsuit was very complicated. It was also because celebrities were involved that this lawsuit drew a lot of attention, and there was a high chance that they would win.

Overall, everyone was walking in the right direction, and Chi Shuyan was very happy.

Since she had just given birth and was a little weak, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen hurriedly thanked her and left. Before they left, they wanted to see the triplets. Chi Shuyan found out that the three children were a little premature, and were now in incubators. Grandpa Qi, Father Qi, Mother Qi and Father Chi had all gone to see the triplets, so she simply had Qi Hao take the two of them over as well.

Only the young couple was left in the room.

Qi Zhenbai's eyes were still especially hot and his face was filled with deep affection. Chi Shuyan was a bit embarrassed. This man was usually especially reserved. Now that he was suddenly staring at her with deep affection, she felt a little embarrassed and helpless.

Qi Zhenbai grabbed his wife's hand and raised it to his cheek. Thinking of the three children his wife had given birth to, he was overjoyed, excited, and very happy. No words could express his excitement and gratitude at that moment. He looked deeply at the woman in front of him, as if he was imprinting her bit by bit on his heart so that he would never forget her.

Chi Shuyan was about to say a few words, when the man's deep voice suddenly rang out. "Wife, it's so good to have you in this life! If there's a next life, marry me in the next one, okay?"


"Wife, I love you!"

"Me too!"

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