Chapter 855 - : Give Me A Kiss

Chapter 855: Give Me A Kiss

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Su Han raised her eyebrows, clicked her tongue, and said, “How can that be? You are accompanying me to the birthday banquet. How can I let you prepare your own dress? You must buy one. It won’t waste too much of your time. When the time comes, I’ll have Ah Lei pick you up. Also, in the future, don’t call me Mrs. Guan, it feels too distant. Just call me Auntie.”

Shen Xi grinned, pulling the corners of her mouth, her face aching from the forced smile.

And so, in an unexpected turn, Su Han arranged Shen Xi’s schedule for the next few days.

Su Rui, who couldn’t get a word in, was seething with anger on the side.

Until Shen Xi was dropped off at her doorstep by Guan Lei, she still had a silly and dazed look on her face.

Guan Lei chuckled, affectionately brushing his finger against Shen Xi’s delicate nose. “Back to reality? What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking, how did 1 agree to this?” Shen Xi said weakly.

Ignoring Shen Xi’s objection, Guan Lei grabbed her hand. “If it weren’t for your accident this time, maybe we would have officially met our parents by now.”

Shen Xi didn’t know how to respond to Guan Lei’s words.

Unable to pull her hand away, Shen Xi resorted to pinching Guan Lei’s wrist. But even as she turned Guan Lei’s hand red, he refused to let go.

Shen Xi had no choice but to speak up, “Guan Lei, let go of me.”

Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi and shook his head. “Give me a kiss, and I’ll let go.”

Shen Xi glared at Guan Lei fiercely, then turned her head to look out the window in frustration.

“Or I can kiss you,” Guan Lei said in a helpless tone.

Shen Xi turned and angrily said, “You dare!”

With a quick “smack,” Guan Lei swiftly kissed Shen Xi’s lips.

Infuriated, Shen Xi tried to slap Guan Lei with her other hand, but before she could, Guan Lei grabbed her wrist.

He shamelessly pressed against her and passionately kissed her red lips a few times before finally releasing her.

Shen Xi’s chest heaved with anger. She stared at Guan Lei without saying a word.

Guan Lei immediately raised his head, apologizing sincerely, “Sorry, Xi, 1 couldn’t control myself. But we used to be intimate. So, my mind always recalls some intimate moments we had before, I…

Shen Xi’s face turned crimson, and she shouted, “Shut up!’

Perhaps, maybe, they were indeed intimate in the past, but she couldn’t accept it now.

With a pitiful expression, Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi and said, “Our first time was initiated by you, Xi. Late at night, you came to my house, kissed me passionately, and said you wanted me. You even put your hand inside my shirt, pinching my nipple. I got hard, and 1…”

“Guan Lei, stop talking!” Shen Xi’s entire face was as hot as if she had a fever. She opened the car door and fled back to the Shen family villa, practically crawling away.

Watching Shen Xi’s fleeing figure, Guan Lei smiled somewhat maliciously.

In this state, Shen Xi was truly adorable. He would continue playing with her next time.

Shen Xi rushed into her bathroom in a panic, splashing cold water on her face until it cooled down. Looking at her disheveled reflection in the mirror, she gritted her teeth and said, “Guan Lei!”

In the evening, Shen Xi heard the verdict regarding Jiang Xue’s case. Charged with intentional harm and causing a death, she was sentenced to thirty years in prison.

Meanwhile, Xia Chun, also charged with intentional harm, received a three-year prison sentence.

A smirk appeared on Shen Xi’s lips. Perhaps the mother and daughter could reunite in prison, comforting each other.

Unlike her past life, where she was separated from her parents by life and death. novelbuddy.c om

Fortunately, she blew up that family in the end.

At that moment, Shen Xi’s head inexplicably began to ache.

Her memories suddenly reminded her that, in her previous life, when she blew up the art gallery, she accidentally killed two people.

She vividly remembered one being Meng Yu, but who was the other?

The memories swirling in her mind resembled a chaotic battlefield, leaving

Shen Xi with the sensation that her entire head was on the verge of exploding.

No matter how she tried to recall, she couldn’t remember who that person was.

But based on her recent experiences, she knew that any blurry or missing memories were undoubtedly related to Guan Lei.

Shen Xi’s eyes turned bloodshot.. Could it be that the person she killed in her previous life was Guan Lei?

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