Chapter 820 - : Finale

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Chapter 820: Finale

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Gu Man looked at the message and replied without hesitation, “You don’t have to know the reason because 1 plan to start over. Do you want to?”

When Xiang Yin saw this message, his hands trembled with excitement, but he quickly typed on the screen, “1 do!”

It was unknown if Zhong Chu University specifically went against the netizens. A few days ago, the results did not appear no matter what. It was only when the netizens were getting impatient that they released the results.

Originally, it had never been made public before, but the situation this year was special. This was also the first time Zhong Chu University had revealed the results to others.

[How is she weak in some subjects? She just lost 30 or 40 points from the Chinese paper. The ability of students from Zhong Chu University is horrifying.]

[Why don’t I see Gu Man’s name below? Don’t tell me they don’t bother posting when the results are too low?]

[Brother, why don’t you take a look at the first one?]

Gu Man’s results instantly caused a storm on the Internet. There was no other reason. Other than Chinese, she scored full marks for all her subjects.

As for Chinese, it was only a symbolic deduction of one point.

The entire Internet was in disbelief and shouted that it was shady. However, Zhong Chu University was also very stubborn. They actually made Gu Man’s paper public.

Before concrete evidence, no matter how unconvinced they were, they had to recognize this fact.

[I’ve already said that before you reach a conclusion, don’t jump to conclusions. Fortunately, I didn’t scold her before.]

[I’ve seen through Gu Ron’s actions. I didn’t believe her at all, okay? It seems like I’m the one who’s right.]

[So I’m the only one who pays attention to the fact that she’s supposedly weaker in some subjects? What subject is she weaker in? She’s weak in Chinese by one mark?]

And results were not the most important thing. The most important thing was Old Master Cui’s statement.

The news that Gu Man was Old Master Cui’s granddaughter instantly spread throughout the entire Internet.

[She’s good-looking and her grades are good. She’s actually the daughter of one of the families from the four major families. I admit that I’m envious.]

When the Gu family found out about this, they were also very shocked. However, Gu Yuan quickly reacted and tried to build a relationship with the Cui family, but before he could take action, the Cui family attacked. 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

The incident back then was completely exposed in front of everyone. The Gu family became a rat that everyone wanted to beat up. Even Gu Ron’s account was filled with insults.

She could only be forced to delete her account.

The Gu family was getting more and more down and out, but Gu Man was thriving. Not long after her identity was exposed, she announced her engagement party with Xiang Yin.

She did not know if it was because she was bound to the Son of Providence, but as soon as she announced the engagement party, she had a dream that night. In the dream, she remembered all her memories.

She had an undying and indestructible body and had survived until now. It was just that her memories were too huge and she would choose to forget some memories, which was why the previous situation happened.

And the so-called original body was her. She was just missing a soul.

This soul was still because of the aftereffects of that battle.

After the college entrance examination ended, Gu Man and Xiang Yin’s engagement party was successfully held. At the engagement party, Chen Xue gave the necklace on her neck to Gu Man. “You seem to like this necklace very much. 1 also hope that my mother can ensure your safety.” freewebno m

When the necklace touched Gu Man, the spiritual energy in it surged and was continuously absorbed by Gu Man, and her spiritual energy completely recovered.

The meteorite had also been repaired and revealed its original appearance. It was her personal treasure.

As for Chen Xue’s necklace, Gu Man voluntarily contributed a portion of her spiritual power and returned the necklace to Chen Xue. “Your blessing is the best gift. As for the necklace, you need it more.”

Five years later, Gu Man and Xiang Yin got married. The scale of the wedding was so grand that it was called the grandest wedding of the century by netizens.

After a year, Gu Man wrote a body-strengthening book. After the citizens practiced according to the book, their health improved greatly. Gu Man was sought after by everyone.

Two years later, Gu Man successfully gave birth to twins.

In the morning, Gu Man got up from the bed and smiled at Xiang Yin, who was lying beside her.

After giving birth, she was no longer as cold as before. She was filled with love, and the smile on her face increased.

Xiang Yin sensed the movement beside him. He turned around and hugged Gu Man’s waist, pulling her into his arms. “Honey, I’m so happy to see you the moment I wake up..”

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