Chapter 536 Frightened away

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Chapter 536 Frightened away

Behind the broken house some distance away from the battlefield, Miss Yin and the group of demon stood, stunned.

"H-He killed the young master?"

Finally, a demon spoke. His question breaking everyone out of their daze.

Just then, the elves started attacking Nix's group of demons. fre(e)novelkiss

Seeing this, one of Miss Yin's two trusted aids glanced at her and, noticing how she looked petrified, hesitantly asked, "Miss Yin, should we move in now?"

He knew if they didn't help, that group of demons will soon be massacred, but he was reluctant to move in because… Max, the man who just killed Nix, was still there. Even though he looked completely spent, he didn't want to risk it and it seemed from the silence behind him that demons who were complaining just a while ago also didn't want to take the risk.


Miss Yin regained her senses and after registering what the demon said, she looked at Max, her eyes narrowing.

Seeing that she had become silent, a three-star demon, whose brother was currently fighting against the elves, couldn't help but speak up.

"There is nothing to hesitate. That man is exhausted and is no longer a threat now. As long as Miss Yin act with some caution, she can easily handle him. As for the rest, they are nothing against us all."

"So, I say we rush in and kill them. We'll be able to tell the others that we got revenge for the young master. If not, we might be punished for running away like cowards when we returned to the base."

Hearing this, a few others agreed with him. Miss Yin, however, continued looking at Max with a serious look on her face. Ha!

After a while, she exhaled deeply, a determined expression appearing on her face, and raised her hand. "Let's go. We'll kill—"

Just as she was about to give the order to charge and kill Max and others, she froze mid-sentence because… Max had suddenly stood up and was looking in their direction.

She then watched his lips move and could make out what he was saying.

"Come if you want to die."

The two demons besides saw her expression and looked in the direction she was looking, and when they saw the sadistic grin on Max's face,


They gulped audibly and felt chills run down their spines.

Immediately, they started praying that Miss Yin would consider retreating because even if Max was weakened and wouldn't be a threat to a high-stage four-star demon like her; he wouldn't have much of a problem killing them if he went on a rampage.

Miss Yin was silent for a few moments. She then turned around to look at the group of demon, who looked at her nervously. "I also think he is weakened right now and just like one of you had just said, if I acted cautiously, I can take him down." She said,

Then her voice turned grave as she continued, "However, I'm not sure if I can save all of you, even if I put my life on the line if he disregarded everything and went on a rampage."

"So, I leave the decision to you guys. Raise your hands if you want to go there and fight. If the majority of you want to take the risk, we will immediately go in."

The demons looked at each other, but no one raised their hands. Even the demon, who previously suggested they shouldn't hesitate, kept his head lowered.

Miss Yin looked at them and nodded. "Since this is your decision, I won't force you guys. Let's retreat."

Saying this, she glanced at Max, her eyes glittering and then rushed away, straight out of the town.


On the other side, Max sighed in relief and let his body fall on his knees again when he noticed their presence disappear completely from his perception.

While he was fighting Nix, he had already noticed their presence and kept his attention on them, too, fearing they would come when he was about to kill Nix.

That's why he made it seem like he was helpless against him and then struck like a thunder strike, instantly killing him, not giving them the chance to save him even if they wanted.

Of course, this was not the only reason, since he needed time to gain complete control over his aura sphere without being obvious about it.

Fortunately, Nix gave him the perfect opportunity by not engaging him at the end, then trying to provoke him by bringing Emily up.

When his aura sphere had turned violent, it wasn't because of the turmoil in his emotions, but because he had completely gained control over it and was ready to kill him. However, he couldn't move then because if he did, his control would over the aura sphere would weaken. So, he acted as though he had lost control because of his remarks.

As for why he frightened them away instead of killing them was because manipulating his aura sphere—which only existences above the emperor realm could do—had taken a severe toll on his mind and body, leaving him completely drained and in no situation to fight. "What was that?" Emily asked, glancing in the direction Miss Yin and others were hiding.

"A group of demons." Max said and before she could become worried, he added, "Don't worry, they left."

Hearing this, Emily nodded, relaxing.

She then asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just temporarily weakened."

Max nodded and then looked at the elves bombarding the demons and said, "Go, help them. Also, try to incapacitate a few if you can. I'll finish them off."

"Okay." Emily nodded and rushed away to help the elves.

Thanks to the demons being distracted, the elves had already managed to kill four of them, leaving a three-star and two early-stage four-star demons, who were also struggling to survive.

After Emily joined the battle, it wasn't long before they were also defeated.

She managed to cripple the three-star one and one of the four-star demons with the help of the female four-star elf.

They tried to subdue the last four-star one too, but he showed signs of self-detonating, so they directly killed him.

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