Chapter 515 - : Enemies Meet, Eyes Turn Red (4)

Chapter 515: Enemies Meet, Eyes Turn Red (4)

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“Lu…Oh .

Baby Guan opened her mouth to say something, but this action allowed the man’s tongue to take the opportunity to enter her mouth and do whatever he wanted.

The man’s hot breath blew on her face. Baby Guan felt dizzy. She couldn’t resist this kiss.

However, he felt very unbalanced. Why did he have to do whatever he wanted?

She opened her mouth and bit his tongue with great force.

Lu Jingzhi narrowed his eyes and kissed her even more brazenly.

He only stopped when Baby Guan was kissed to the point where she could not resist at all. He looked at her blushing face with satisfaction.

“Baby Guan, do you think this matter will work just because you said you want to break off the engagement? Our marriage is decided by our parents. It’s not up to you to do whatever you want!”

Baby Guan was stunned. ” You’re the one who refused to acknowledge our wedding date. You said that you would cancel this marriage sooner or later. Lu Jingzhi, are you crazy? ”

Lu Jingzhi frowned. ” I have the final say in the marriage. It’s not up to you! ”

Baby Guan gritted her teeth in anger. ” F * ck, what do you take me for?! ”

“Don’t swear!”

“I knew it! Damn it!”

“Who do you want to rely on? I know that you’ve been plotting against me for a long time. If you perform well, I can fulfill your wish.”

Baby Guan was speechless.

“Bastard, I’ll find a boyfriend tomorrow and let you be arrogant…Oh .

F * ck! Was this man addicted to kissing her?

After ordering the dishes, the cold dishes were served. The two people who went out had not returned yet.

Qiao Mu knew that Lu Jingzhi could not do anything to Guan Baby, but she was the one who brought the baby here. If the two of them were to quarrel in the hotel, it would be her fault.

However, the door was suddenly pushed open and two people came back.

Lu Jingzhi was the first to walk in. He looked calm as he walked leisurely to the dining table and sat down. Behind him, Baby Guan’s face was slightly red and her lips were unnaturally swollen. It was obvious that the two of them had done something bad when they went out.

Lu Jingzhi looked at Baby Guan behind him and patted the empty seat beside him. ” Come and sit. ”

There were two empty seats in front of the round table. Li Yan and Qiao Mu sat together, Chi Xia sat beside Qiao Mu, and there was an empty seat between Ling Xi and Chi Xia.

Su Chen sat next to Li Yan while Lu Jingzhi sat next to Su Chen. There was an empty seat between Lu Jingzhi and Ling Xi. In other words, Ling Xi’s hands were empty. One of them was connected to Lu Jingzhi while the other was connected to Chi Xia.

Baby Guan rolled her eyes at Lu Jingzhi and sat in the empty seat between Chi Xia and Ling Xi.

Lu Jingzhi’s expression was a little ugly. He stood up and walked behind Ling Xi. He patted Ling Xi’s shoulder and Ling Xi could only reluctantly switch seats with him.

Poor him. Everyone was in pairs, and he was the only one left!

Fortunately, his second brother didn’t seem to get along well with the other little beauty, so his situation wasn’t so awkward.

Qiao Mu looked at Baby Guan ambiguously and teased, “”Baby, what happened to your mouth? It’s like you’re wearing lipstick.”

Baby Guan took a sip of water nonchalantly. ” I was bitten by a dog. ‘

“Pfft…” Ling Xi laughed. ” Little beauty, you’re right. Lu Xiaosan is born in the year of the dog.

Her words made Baby Guan’s expression become unnatural. She said angrily, ‘”‘1 was bitten by a dog. What does it have to do with him?”

Lu Jingzhi frowned. ” Baby Guan, you’ve turned a deaf ear to my words. Don’t swear! ‘

“I told you, it’s none of your business!”

“Shall we go out and talk?”

As soon as he said this, Baby Guan felt a burning pain on her lips and immediately quieted down..

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