Chapter 450 - : The Power of Three

Chapter 450: The Power of Three

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After Jian Dan related her story to Mo Mo, Mo Mo joined their army without hesitation.

“Jian, don’t worry. I’ll definitely help you torture Wei Qianyi so badly that her mother won’t be able to recognize her!”

“Mo Mo, I had no idea you have such a dark side.”

“Bah, when have I ever had a good side?”

Just like that, the three of them officially formed an army…

The meeting today was supposed to humiliate Jian Dan and take the opportunity to send her packing. However, Mo Mo’s appearance directly turned the tables as Jian Dan emerged with a landslide victory. She even won over those enfants terribles from the Planning Department.

Since she was going to make a move, she had to attack the other party’s weakness…

Wei Qianyi’s weakness was naturally her identity and Chu Liyuan’s attitude.

Now that Jian Dan had successfully established a foothold in Qin Corporation, she had to make her move.

The truth was, Jian Dan did not really need to make a move at all because all she needed to do was just play along. She did not need to do anything to attract all of Wei Qianyi’s energy to her.

Of course, all the credit had to go to Chu Liyuan…

Chu Liyuan had lunch with Jian Dan and got off work with her every day like clockwork. Furthermore, the news that Mr. Chu would be at the Planning Department whenever he had time had spread like wildfire throughout the entire company.

The whole company was abuzz with talk that Wei Qianyi had fallen out of favor and Chu Liyuan’s new favorite was the new director of the Planning Department.

Everyone in the company was shocked by this news because Chu Liyuan had never had a woman by his side other than Wei Qianyi for so many years.

There were two people who had been tearing their hair out over this news—the HR manager and the general manager.

Because if this was true, then they had offended Chu Liyuan’s woman. With Chu Liyuan’s vengeful personality, they would definitely come to a bad end.

The scandal between Jian Dan and Chu Liyuan had blown up in the office, so Wei Qianyi had spent all her energy on dealing with Jian Dan. Hence, Mengjiao’s investigation went very smoothly. In just half a month, she had already collected a load of incriminating evidence.

Jian Dan would never have thought that after all the barrage of misdeeds Wei Qianyi had committed, there was still no evidence of her kidnapping of and hiring assassins on Jian Dan back then.

Wei Qianyi was on the verge of boiling over after the string of recent events in the company.

Jian Dan has to die. If she doesn’t die, I’ll never be able to get Chu Liyuan. I may even lose everything that I have now. I can’t allow such a thing to happen. Hence, she dialed the number that she had not called in years…

“I want her dead. This time, I want to do it myself and watch her die with my own eyes!”

After ending the call, Wei Qianyi’s eyes brimmed with murderous intent…

Of course, Mengjiao had already wiretapped Wei Qianyi’s cell phone to gather evidence and this call was overheard by her. freew ebnove

She finally can’t take it anymore and makes a move. This time, she’ll be caught red-handed!

“Jian, I discovered something today!”

“What is it?”

“Someone is also investigating Wei Qianyi. Moreover, the other party’s skills are very good. Even I can’t track him.”

“Someone else is investigating too?”

Other victims who had been hurt by Wei Qianyi?

“It’s me.” A small head suddenly popped in from outside the door.

“Xiaokai? Why are you back?” Shouldn’t Xiaokai be at the family residence with Grandma and Grandpa now?

“I came back because I needed to talk to you.”

“Come here. Xiaokai, do you know that you shouldn’t be running around like this. It’s very dangerous, do you know?”

Things are at a kairos time, we’ve to be extremely cautious about everything. Nothing must go wrong.

In particular, Xiaokai and Xiaoxin mustn’t get hurt at all.

Jian Dan did not catch the meaning of Xiaokai’s words, but Mengjiao did. “Are you Jian’s son?”


“You just said it was you. Don’t tell me… you’re the one who’s investigating Wei Qianyi?”

“That’s right, it’s yours truly. I came to look for Daxin because of this. I didn’t expect you to be Daxin’s friend. Since you’re her friend, it’s alright then.”

“Jian, he’s indeed your son! He’s already so good at hacking at such a tender age. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.”

“We’ll see.” Jian Dan said proudly.

“Stop poking fun at me, you two. I’m here for another matter besides this.”

“When I was investigating Wei Qianyi, I found an encrypted folder with multiple encryptions. I put in a great deal of effort to crack it and It took me a whole one week.”

A week? Looks like this folder must be very important.

The folder was filled with videos.. When they clicked on one, the contents made them scowl instantly…

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