Chapter 610: The Finale

Chapter 610: The Finale

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The day of the college entrance exam quickly approached, and Xia Chen successfully gained admission into a top university in the capital city.

Xia Wan chose to stay and repeat a year at school.

Although Xia Hai and Yan Han were somewhat worried, since it was Xia Wan’s own choice, they didn’t say much more.

Chen MO continued to support Xia Wan’s every decision, offering help when appropriate.

By completing the military supply order, not only did Xia Wan’s design gain fame, but it also served as free advertising for the Xia family’s clothing store.

Customers increased, and so did the number of custom orders.

Every member of the Xia family was busily happy.

Zhou En, who originally planned to return to Jing City to seek opportunities, also decided to stay and help with the Xia family’s business.

“Wanwan, guess who I saw today?” Zhou En said unclearly while gnawing on a large bone.

“Who?” Xia Wan passed Zhou En a piece of paper to wipe her hands.

“Xia Ye!” Zhou En bit into the meat fiercely. “I’m sure I wasn’t mistaken! Even

though she’s pregnant and her belly is huge, that face is really unforgettable!”

“She was standing next to a short, chubby man with hardly any hair and several layers of chin,” Zhou En said, suddenly losing her appetite and frowning at the bone in her hand.

“Did she get married?” Xia Wan became curious.

“Mhm, I heard her call that man her husband. Others seemed to call him Boss Hua,” Zhou En continued.

“A Hua surname?” Xia Wan looked at Zhou En curiously.

There were rumors that Xia Ye’s blind date was with a family with the surname Hua. Could it really be with that Hua family?

But from Zhou En’s description, it seemed different from the appearance of Hua Jun.

Xia Wan just thought that Xia Ye had returned to live in the county town and didn’t expect her to appear in front of her again.

Until one day, a man shorter than Xia Ye and with a bigger belly than Xia Ye’s pregnant belly, brought Xia Ye to their doorstep, Xia Wan realized that things were not over.

“Xia Wan, long time no see,” Xia Ye said to Xia Wan with a resentful look in her eyes.

‘What are you here for?” Xia Wan asked coldly, without any courtesy.

“My husband says he wants to buy your clothing store. Name your price!” Xia Ye said, raising her hand adorned with four or five rings, shaking them as she looked.

“You want to buy my store? You can’t afford it!” Xia Wan replied with a smile, not taking Xia Ye’s challenge seriously.

The man standing next to Xia Ye suddenly burst out, “Don’t be ignorant! It’s your honor that I want to buy your store!”

“Our Hua family operates the largest clothing trade city in Jing City! It’s backed by the Jing City Lin family! You can’t afford to offend them!” Xia Wan raised her eyebrows: “Jing City Lin family?”

“Yes, the Jing City Lin family! They’ve had three generals over three generations, two business geniuses, and two politicians currently holding mayor-level positions or higher!” The man counted off, speaking as if he were talking about his own family.

Xia Wan’s frown deepened.

“Xia Wan, do you think the Lu family is the highest you can climb? Have you heard of the Jing City Lin family?” Xia Ye scoffed, “That Chen MO you treasure is just a businessman!”

Xia Wan suddenly felt there was some truth in Xia Ye’s words.

“So you mean, I should also find a family like the Lin family, so I won’t be bullied by you?” Xia Wan said as if she had an epiphany.

“It’s too late! Xia Wan! You’re too late!” Xia Ye said with a cold laugh, “I give you a week to pack up and get out of here!”

Xia Wan glanced towards the street outside the shop and said, “Chen MO, someone says you’re not as good as the people from the Jing City Lin family!”

Chen MO pushed open the door, glaring at Xia Ye and the fat man with a gloomy expression.

The fat man shrank back slightly, intimidated by Chen Mo’s aura, but quickly regained his composure, “Be careful looking at me like that, if the Lin family finds out, you’ll suffer!”

“Can the Lin family even speak for you?” Xia Wan asked curiously.

“Of course, I am the most loyal to the Lin family…” The fat man’s words were cut off abruptly.

Lin Chao walked towards Xia Wan, smiling as he spoke, “I always said, I’m more useful than this man!”

“How about it? Consider choosing me?”

Xia Wan, looking at Chen Mot s furious expression, glanced at the smug Lin Chao, then turned back to Xia Ye and the stunned fat man.. “Sorry! The Lin family might not be able to help you either!”

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