Chapter 322 - : Finally Done

Chapter 322: Finally Done

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“Why are you in such a hurry? We’ll go tomorrow.” Gu Chuanzong was unhappy.

Mdm Shen tugged at Gu Gang’s sleeve and said softly, “Let’s quickly finish this matter so that there won’t be any complications.”

Gu Gang thought about it and agreed. Madam Hu was capricious, so he could not give her a chance to go back on her word.

Hence, he glared at Gu Chuanzong and said, “Why tomorrow? It’s still early. You can come back after you’re done.”

As the village chief, he had to make a trip. Therefore, he walked up to Gu Chuanzong and said, “Give me the silver.”

Gu Chuanzong was stunned. Gu Gang glared at him. “Why? Don’t you need to bribe to move the household register?”

Doctor Gu ttttttt could only give him the silver. After giving it to him, he suddenly realized that the Ding family should pay for it.

However, Gu Gang could not be bothered with him. He got someone to get an ox cart and sat on it.

Doctor Gu could only get into the car unwillingly. Ding Jincheng asked Father Ding to bring Madam Hu back to the village first. He could do this.

Madam Hu wanted to follow him, worried that he would be at a disadvantage alone.

However, she had just fought with Madam Jia. Her face was bruised, her clothes were torn, and her right foot was twisted.

Hence, she could only remind Ding Jincheng to be more careful. Only then did Father Ding carry her back.

The three of them staggered out of Gu village on the ox cart. Not long after they left the village, they saw a carriage parked by the roadside.

There was a young man sitting on the shaft of the carriage. They did not know him.

Only Ding Jincheng remained silent with his head lowered and Bian Yuanzhi in his arms.

Gu Gang and Gu Chuanzong had a discussion curiously.

Not long after the ox cart left, Shao Qingyuan walked over from afar. Ah Zhu lifted the curtain and jumped up. “That’s enough. As long as they settle the household registration.”

“Let’s go.” Gu Yundong relaxed slightly and turned to look out of the window. He instantly felt refreshed.

Therefore, she didn’t notice Shao Qingyuan’s hesitant expression.

However, before Shao Qingyuan left, he asked Ah Gou to stay behind and instructed him to do something.

The carriage did not move very fast. After all, the speed of the ox cart was limited, so they could only move slowly.

After entering the county city, Gu Yundong went to the inn to see Madam Yang.

Madam Yang didn’t see her the entire night and was a little anxious. If Shao Qingyuan hadn’t come back to report, she wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night. Now that she saw her, she quickly pulled her back. “Dongdong, I missed you so much.”

“I miss you too. Have you eaten?”

Madam Yang nodded, and Gu Yundong accompanied her to talk while waiting for news from Ding Jincheng.

Ding Jincheng had already entered the county office. The person in charge of household registration was the secretary, so he could be considered to know Gu Chuanzong.

Now that Ding Jincheng had come personally and explained the situation, he did not make things difficult for him.

However, Ding Jincheng didn’t want to transfer Bian Yuanzhi to the Ding Family. Instead, he wanted to give Bian Yuanzhi an independent house.

“Yuanzhi is the only son of the Bian Family. He’s going to carry on the family name. If he moves to the Ding Family, what if things get messed up in the future?”

Gu Chuanzong pursed his lips. Things get messed up? Wasn’t he just afraid that the child would take away his assets when he grew up?

However, this was no longer his business. The three of them completed their household registration and walked back.

However, Ding Jincheng said that he would buy clothes for Bian Yuanzhi instead of going with them.

In the end, after Gu Gang and the other man left, Ding Jincheng led the child straight to the inn. They didn’t even look at the clothing store when they passed by.

Bian Yuanzhi thought that he had brought him here to sell him.

Especially when he saw Ding Jincheng bringing him to knock on a door of the room in the inn and saw a rich lady standing inside, this thought reached its peak..

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