Chapter 625: You Will Eat All of It, Right?

Chapter 625: You Will Eat All of It, Right?

The Incubus System Chapter 615. You Will Eat All of It, Right?

"You shouldn't mention it." This time, Celia was the one who nagged me. "If not, Nathan wouldn't have said that to her," she complained. fre(e)

"I have to" I muttered as I watched Nathan and Jenny who were getting further away.

"Why?" she retorted.

I turned to her. "Nathan is plotting something and he is trying to use you and Jenny to do it," I gave her a brief explanation.

It surprised her.

"What" she muttered in disbelief.

"I don't want to involve you. So yeah. This is the best way," I stated.

"Brother" She moved to my side and held my hand gently. Her eyes fixed on me said her question clearly. 'You are really going to clash with him?'

I answered her with a bitter smile and a nod.

"There's nothing I can do. All depends on him," I answered softly. Before she said a word, I released her hand from me. "Ask the chauffeur to pick us up, I will get my phone," I said.

After I got out of the toilet, we waited for our ride and went to the caf where Larry took me for our chaotic dinner a few months ago. We were at Nighthallow city and it was a perfect opportunity so I wouldn't waste it. I just hoped they had extra seats since I didn't make any reservations. freew ebnove

A luxurious white car arrived and the chauffeur immediately opened the door for us. It was Camila's Car. I just hoped the Demon Hunter Association didn't mess with her or they would face me directly. Well, sooner or later I still had to face them. I just needed more information. My goal was to take over them and I should have enough strength for that. Still, since most of my family and friends were in this world and I didn't have any authority, I had to be careful.

They were a legal organization and I was the villain here. For them, my presence was a mistake and there was nothing I could do to change it. It was easy to make all humans hate me and everyone who was associated with me.

In the car, we killed time by chatting. Mostly via Telepathy since we talked about many things related to my stay in the dark dimension. I talked about my new partners, Nefaris and Syntyche, which almost made her scream after she found out they were demon queens. And I also mentioned my pets.

At first, she seemed to mind it since we never had that many pets before. Not to mention they were demons. But I reassured her that they were not dangerous, moreover, all of them were Foxy's friends and their shape was not much different from the human world's pets. So she finally agreed.

"Wait where are they going to sleep? Should we buy some cages?" she asked. She had already taken off her graduation gown.

Our car moved through the streets. It wasn't as crowded as usual but we were still stuck in the traffic here and there. But I knew we were close to our destination.

I hummed for a while before I replied, "I think a couple of dog beds should be enough," I confirmed. Thinking again, back in the capital, they could sleep on a tree together with Kir. While in Licheri, they usually slept on a tree in the yard. I had offered to let them sleep in a real bed, but they refused. They said they weren't used to it and preferred to sleep in the open place. But since Mrs. Clea was my neighbor and I couldn't let them sleep in my yard, a few dog beds should be enough.

"Then should we also buy some litter boxes?" she asked.

It left me speechless. I put my fist in front of my chin. My puzzled expression was getting clearer on my face.

'Wait, do they ever poop or not?' I thought. I had never seen them do it so I was confused. I did still do it and they had the bathroom in demon world so they should still do it. But here, they only consumed my energy so I wasn't sure whether they would pop or not.

She cringed at my expression.

"Please don't say you don't know"

I turned to her and shook my head from side to side.

"Well, they always take care of themselves. How do I know?" I defended myself.

"Just buy one first. In case they need it."

I nodded in agreement.

A few seconds later, the car stopped, indicating that we had arrived. We got out of the car and entered the cafe. The crowded caf surprised me since I thought it wouldn't be as crowded as the meal time, but I was wrong.

Well, if we didn't get a place, we would just have to move somewhere else.

"Good afternoon, sir. Welcome to the Unusual Fest Caf. How can I help you?" the waiter asked me politely.

"We haven't made a reservation but can we have a table for two?" I asked.

"Of course. We still have a few seats left. Follow me, sir," he replied. It relieved me.

We followed him, past the tables filled with people, and sat at the table by the window.

"Here is the menu," said the waiter, putting the list on the table. "Please call me when you are ready to order."

"Okay," I said with a smile.

Then he left.

"Oh my God" Celia muttered. Her eyes were busy tracing the menu list in front of her. "They will make costumes of fusion food of our choice?" she said in disbelief. Her excitement was evident in her tone.

"Yeah. That's an interesting concept, right? That's why I brought you here." A smile bloomed on my lips due to her excitement.

She shifted her gaze to me.

"Then I hope you don't regret it." Somehow it sounded like a threat. Then a grin appeared on her face. "Cause I will order a lot of it."

"It doesn't matter as long as you eat all of it," I stated. Well, money was not a problem anymore so she could order and eat as much as she wanted.

She answered me with an annoying smirk.

In an instant, my smile faded as I began to understand her meaning.

"You will eat all of it, right?" I made sure.

"I will taste it and you will eat all of it," she stated firmly before returning her gaze to the menu again.

'Oh no'

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