Chapter 1768: The Anling Family

Chapter 1768: The Anling Family

However, just as Qing Yuanzhi breathed a sigh of relief, purple vines came swirling down from above. Those vines were filled with countless tiny sharp teeth, snapping at him.

“Ah!” A shrill scream broke through the sky, causing many birds in the forest to fly off in fright.

A moment later, Qing Yuanzhi was wrapped into a cocoon by Purple Abyss Vine and fell to the ground. His body was full of holes and bloody wounds.

Especially his face, it was horrifyingly tragic, barely recognizable from its once handsome appearance.

As for his henchmen, Weizhi had blasted their heads off. Each of them died in extremely horrifying ways, without even leaving behind intact corpses.

Qing Yuanzhi looked at the handsome young man before him, his eyes full of fear, and he stuttered, “You… you can’t kill me. Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape!”

Xi Weizhi saw that Xi Yue wanted to ask Qing Yuanzhi. With a flick of his hand, a boulder fell at Xi Yue’s feet.

Xi Yue sat down unceremoniously, looked at Qing Yuanzhi, and asked, “I have something to ask you. I’d suggest you answer honestly. Otherwise, hmph, I will let you die more miserable than those of your men.”

Qing Yuanzhi glanced at the corpses, trembling all over. He was filled with resentment, but he did not dare to refute it.

“Where is this?”

Qing Yuanzhi raised his head in surprise. Purple Abyss Vine jumped up and hit him on the head.

What are you looking at? The master asked you to answer, but you didn’t respond quickly.

Qing Yuanzhi gritted his teeth with hatred, but the fear of death and pain still made him answer obediently, “This is the Thousand Beast Forest at the intersection of the Dark Cloud Realm and several other realms.”

Xi Yue frowned, “Is this Siam Continent? What year is it now?”

Qing Yuanzhi was even more suspicious of Xi Yue’s identity, but he did not dare to show it, “Yes… this is naturally the Siam Continent. It is the year of the dragon in the Hades Era Calendar.”

The year of the dragon in the Hades Era Calendar? That was the same year that I heard from Zhu Que in that divine palace!

Xi Yue breathed a sigh of relief, which meant that she was just being teleported by the black hole, just like the teleportation array.

Unlike last time, she was not sent to the Vast Wilderness Continent millions of years ago.

In any case, this outcome was not bad. She did not want to keep traveling through the gaps in time and space and eventually be swallowed up.

Xi Yue looked at Qing Yuanzhi again, “About the Anling Family you just mentioned, which Anling Family is it?”

Before Qing Yuanzhi could answer, Anling Yan had already walked over carefully. She respectfully greeted Xi Yue and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

Xi Yue’s eyes fell on her face. A hint of surprise flickered in her eyes.

This girl’s appearance didn’t match her mother, Anling Yue’s beauty. However, there was indeed some resemblance between their facial features.

Could it be that Anling Yan is related to Anling Yue?

On the contrary, her appearance was somewhat similar to Anling Yue’s at first. However, as she slowly became more and more beautiful, she became less and less like Anling Yue.

Anling Yan said softly, “May I ask for your surname, Mister? Do you know anyone from the Anling Family?”

Xi Yue nodded, “You can say that. Do you know Anling Yue?”

As soon as Xi Yue said this, Anling Yan, Uncle An who had just woken up, and Qing Yuanzhi who was tied up were all shocked.

Anling Yan even exclaimed, “Mister., you…who are you talking about? Who do you know?”

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