Chapter 480 - : Disgust

Chapter 480: Disgust

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Tang Beibei followed Jiang Jingchen into the car and shared her experience today.

She found it especially exciting and interesting.

As she spoke, she burped. Jiang Jingchen patted her back a few times, but she was still not well. He got out of the car and bought her a bottle of water. She drank half a glass of water before she stopped burping.

Tang Beibei held the water and giggled at him.

Jiang Jingchen walked up to her, hugged her, and rubbed his chin against her shoulder.

“Hubby, what’s wrong?”

Tang Beibei looked at him strangely. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood and rubbed his cheek against her.

Jiang Jingchen pursed his lips. His gaze was cold, but he didn’t say anything. Tang Beibei felt his arm tighten. She asked worriedly, “Is it because of work? Or dtd someone bully you? Tell me, maybe I can help you think of a way.” Jiang Jingchen sighed. “Jiang Minghua is missing. Jiang Xing and Song Yan came to the company to cause trouble, saying that I kidnapped her. The scene was a little chaotic.”

Tang Beibei frowned and sneered. “Why would you kidnap her? They’re not good people, so they think that everyone else is bad. Da*n it!”

Jiang Jingchen looked at her indignant look. He imagined that if she were here today, she would be like a little warrior protecting him. His mood improved a little.

“It’s not a big deal. Let’s take a walk.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you for a walk.”

Tang Beibei rubbed her stomach. “I’m so full today. The prawns today are delicious. Haha! Hubby, what did you have for dinner?”

Jiang Jingchen was stunned for a few seconds. He tried to recall, but he couldn’t remember anything.

He finally reacted. “I think 1 haven’t eaten yet.”

Tang Beibei glared at him.

They found a noodle shop by the roadside. She ordered him a bowl of noodles. When the steaming hot noodles were served, Tang Beibei handed him a pair of chopsticks. “You can’t skip dinner even if you’re busy with work. What if you Starve yourself? If you’re not feeling well, I’ll be sad too. You can’t be like this in the future.”

Jiang Jingchen took the chopsticks. He didn’t feel hungry before this, but now that he smelled the noodles, his taste buds were open.

He ate a few mouthfuls and noticed that the little woman was staring unblinkingly at the noodles in his bowl.

“Do you want a bite?”

“No, no. You eat.”

Jiang Jingchen held back his laughter and put the noodles to her lips. The woman seemed a little embarrassed and said, “Since you want me to have a taste, I’ll do it.”

She took a bite of the noodles.

The noodles were very long, and she was reluctant to bite them off because she could not even put all of them in her mouth.

“It’s delicious. Hubby, hurry up and eat too!”

Jiang Jingchen didn’t mind. He put the noodles that she had bitten off into his mouth.

After eating a mouthful, he fed her another mouthful. The woman had a big appetite and did not reject anything.

In the end, she chuckled and drank the last mouthful of soup.

“We can’t waste it,” the little woman explained righteously.

As Jiang Jingchen ate the steaming hot noodles, the anger and hatred that he had accumulated from Jiang Xing disappeared.

He wiped the sweat off the woman’s forehead with a tissue. “Do you want to have more?”

“No. I’m stuffed.”

Jiang Jingchen reached out and rubbed her stomach. “It’s bulging. Stop eating then.”

The two of them got up and walked to the front desk to pay, but Tang Beibei took out her phone and swiped Weixin Pay.

“Hubby, you treated me tonight. Now, it’s my turn to treat you.”

Jiang Jingchen glanced at her and didn’t fight with her for the money. Walking out of the noodle shop, the night breeze was cool and comfortable. The early summer wind carried the aftertaste of spring and the joy of summer. Jiang Jingchen turned to look at the little woman who was jumping around. He recalled the conflict with Jiang Xing today.

Perhaps he used to live in the dark hell, and this woman pulled him here to experience the hustle and bustle of the world.

The two of them walked for a while before returning to the villa.

Tang Beibei still had dance practice tonight.

Jiang Jingchen also had things to arrange.

In the study, Jiang Jingchen contacted Ji Yi to investigate Jiang Minghua.

Ji Yi said that Jiang Minghua should be together with Wu Rui. He was investigating Wu Rui’s residence, but there were no clues at the moment.

“Wu Rui won’t be found in a short time if he intends to hide. Throw the clues you investigated to Jiang Xing.”

Jiang Xing loved his daughter dearly. When he found out that his daughter had been missing for two days, he rushed to the company angrily and questioned him about kidnapping his daughter.

Jiang Jingchen laughed in anger when he heard his ridiculous accusation.

How dare he accuse him without evidence!

However, Jiang Xing had a reason. He said that Jiang Minghua had a grudge against him before, so he would definitely take revenge. Perhaps he kidnapped her and wanted to harm her.

At that time, Jiang Jingchen thought that he was Jiang Xing’s son after all. In addition, he had made a lot of effort to win his father’s favor.

However, Jiang Minghua had only been missing for two days before the seriously ill Jiang Xing ran out of the hospital to interrogate him. He even threatened him that if he did not hand over Jiang Minghua, he would have to bear the consequences!

Back then when Jiang Jingchen was recovering from his illness, he acted autistic in the hospital ward to avoid Song Yan’s people. He did not go out or eat for a few days and nights. However, as a father, Jiang Xing did not have any emotions.

The last bit of hope he had for his so-called father had also disappeared.

“Mr. Chen, the person protecting your wife recently said that someone seemed to be following her.”

“Who is it?”

I m not sure. I’ll get someone to investigate carefully!”

Jiang Jingchen’s face darkened. Now that he was the chairman of the Jiang

Corporation. Many people were staring at him. novelbuddy(.)com

If someone had their eyes on his wife, it was not without reason.

Wu Rui’s apartment.

It was late at night, but the woman on the bed was still tied up. It was already the third day.??????????????????????????? ’

She was tormented for three days.

These three days, she was simply living a life worse than death.

She was restless all the time. She hated the man beside her to the bone.

She felt herself even more foolish. How ironic was it that she treated him as someone she could trust wholeheartedly in the past!

The man got out of bed and took a shower. He put on his clothes and said to her, “Jiang Minghua, do you hate me?”

“Wu Rui, you beast! I won’t let you off!”

Wu Rui laughed softly. “When you betrayed me, I was thinking that I would tie you to the bed and torture you for three days and nights to make you realize how stupid it was to betray me!”


“Yes, I’m a lunatic. I’ve already told you that I don’t easily love. If the woman I love betrays me, she deserves to be punished!”

Wu Rui looked at the traces of her wrist being strangled and rubbed it a few times. His hand was very strong. Jiang Minghua cried out in pain.

“Lunatic, go away!”

Wu Rui was knocked away by her knee, but he wasn’t angry. He walked to the side and drank a glass of water.

“I’ll help you do what I promised you. But Jiang Minghua, don’t play with other feelings in the future.”

“You were the one who teased me and deliberately gained my trust. You gave

me a fatal blow when I let down all my guard!

Wu Rui, you used your methods on me. I felt disgusted when you were on me!”

Wu Rui held the cup tightly and stared at her coldly.

“Are you disgusted?”

“Yes, you’re disgusting!”

“You’re like a bug, a vicious dog. Also, your skills are terrible, much worse than those men. You can’t blame me for leaving you. Just blame yourself for not being able to do it!”

A man being accused of being useless. This was undoubtedly provocation.

Wu Rui picked up the glasses on the table and put them on, looking at her silently.

Jiang Minghua felt goosebumps all over her body from his stare, but she still looked for a way to escape.

“Wu Rui, I advise you to let me go. I’ll just treat it as being bitten by a dog and let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, my father will definitely look for me when he discovers that I’m missing!”

However, her words did not scare the man.

How could a man who hated her because of love be found so easily after planning for so long?

He didn’t say a word and calmly turned to leave.

Jiang Minghua still wanted to scream, but the man probably felt that it was too noisy, so he went back and sealed her mouth with tape before turning off the lights in the room. fr eeweb novel

There was no light at all in the dark room.

Jiang Minghua could not speak. Her heart was tormented in the darkness.

The darkness swallowed her rationality. If this continued, she would go crazy too! y

An hour later, Wu Rui returned.

When the lights were switched on, Jiang Minghua was so scared that she almost screamed.

He saw two men following behind Wu Rui.

The two men stared at her on the bed with wretched eyes as if they wanted to skin her alive and eat her.

“Wu… Wu Rui, what…. what do you want to do?”

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