Chapter 291 Another first date___1

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Chapter 291 Another first date___1

In the evening after spending time with her mother, Cecily and Justin in the empty gardens of the castle planting flower seeds, Scarlet took a warm soapy bubble bath with flower petals picked from Lythia's garden. She attempted to mimic Lythia by creating water creatures in the bathtub but she failed. She settled for creating transparent butterflies and bubbles which floated around in the bathroom but popped every time they touched the wall or something sharp. Then, dressed up nicely, then she went to the common lounge downstairs and waited for Esong to show up and pick her up.

As she waited, for the first time, she took a picture and posted something on star net that was not related to food.

The mecha king sucks: [Date night with the mecha king who only sucks a little bit now. #Miss Du Fyne on blue star]

Then, she continued to wait with a patient and relaxed demeanor as she read through the comments on her post. She even responded to some, with words, emoticons or funny memes that she had saved up but never used until now.

[I can't believe you still haven't changed your user name on star net.]

The mecha king sucks: [Why should I?]

[Hello my favorite chef.]

The mecha king sucks:[ Hello fan 011011011. I love your name btw.]

[You look beautiful chef Scarlet.]

The mecha king sucks: [Thank you, I was born beautiful, it is my plight.]

[Loving the red lip, you look gorge!!!]

The mecha king sucks:[Thank you, I love it too.]

[So he only sucks a little now, huh!!]

The mecha king sucks: [Should I add the percentages and calculate the degree to which he sucks?]

[If he sucks give him to me, I am willing to sacrifice my life enduring his suckiness.]

The mecha king sucks: [That sacrifice has already been made, keep moving.]

[I love miss Du Fyne, take a lot of pictures from the concert.]

The mecha king sucks: [ I will try but I am making no promises.]

[Does this mean you are going on a date with the mecha king, I am happy for you but I also hate you and I am jealous of you, sob sob]

The mecha king sucks:[Don't hate, also jealousy is an ugly color on pretty women.]

[This must mean the marriage is working, please give us another kiss to remember, don't be shy.]

The mecha king sucks: [I will aim to please.]

[Merry Christmas chef Scarlet.]

The mecha king sucks:[Thank you dear, I wish you a happy new year.]

[Where is Justin, is the baby going for date night too?]

The mecha king sucks: [My baby will be sleeping as should all children be doing at that time.]

She was having fun engaging with her fans online, teasing, rebuking and joking with them them and she only stopped when the sound of someone clearing their throat forced her to look up.

"You are here," she said.

The words came out of her mouth before her eyes saw the handsome face of her husband who was dressed in all black, jeans and a t-shirt. He added brown boots and a long coat. His hair had been cut, and curled, it was now reaching down to his shoulders.

She took in a deep breath and admired

"Wow." she said.

"I would say the same gorgeous, you look___, perfect" he replied with a smirk. He was proud that she had lost her marbles for at least three seconds when she set her eyes on him. Those fashion columns on star net were not totally useless.

"Come here." he extended his hand and helped her up.

She could not tell if she tripped over something or he simply used too much energy while helping her up but she ended up falling against his chest.

"Oh!" she gasped.

"I have got you." he said, in a deep reassuring voice and snaked his right hand around her waist and pulled her body against his tightly.

When she looked into his eyes, she noticed that he was smiling, but it was the sparkle in his eyes that gave him away.

"Oh, you bad, bad, boy." she drawled.

He said with a small laugh, "I can assure that whatever it is that you think I did, I did not do it."

"Uh huh." she replied.

Esong looked up and laughed, and then he let go her waist as well.

She watched him do this with an indulgent smile on her face. 'So handsome,' she thought, 'He is so handsome.'

"Are you ready to go?" he asked her. 𝑓𝑟𝘦𝘦𝓌𝘦𝑏𝓃ℴ𝑣𝘦𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

She nodded, and picked up her handbag from the chair where she had been sitting. "Food first," she said hopefully.

"Pizza and cola soda." he said. "Will that be okay with you?"

"I don't mind." she said.

He held her hand and led her out of the common room, walking slow so that their steps could be evenly matched. With every few steps that he took, he looked at her face and smiled, as if he was thinking of something secret.

"What?" she asked him.

"Nothing," he claimed.

"Say it or I poke your eyes out the next time you look at me." she threatened him, playfully because she was smiling.

He shrugged, and said, "I am just__," he paused, laughed in a embarrassed way and then added, "Just blown away by your beauty." freeweb

She blushed and suddenly scrambled to hold her purse over her face.

"Ho!" he exclaimed. He stopped walking and because he was holding one of her hands, she stopped walking as well. He used that free hand to try and swat away the purse she was covering her face with. "Don't hide." he said with laughter in his voice.

"You caused it," she replied. "If you keep staring and complimenting me then I might have to mask my face."

"That's extreme, you don't need to mask your face oh beautiful one." he responded.

She took the purse down and hissed at him, "Seriously." she said.

"Alright, alright, then, no more staring or complimenting which is going to be really hard to do because this is supposed to be a date. We are supposed to do such things like staring into each other's eyes while engaging in deep soul touching conversation." he reminded her.

They started walking again, and arrived at the cars. He intended to drive so she sat in the passenger seat comfortably. One car with guards drove ahead of them and one behind.

In the car, after adjusting her seat belt again, she looked at the man who was confidently driving with one hand and using the other to tease her hair, "What happened to the man with a list of topics to talk about? I don't remember any o those things being soul touching or deep."

Esong guffawed and slowly shook his head. "Right, our first horrible date. Did I ever apologize for it appropriately anyway?"

"No, you did not." she blurted out loud immediately. "You slapped my hand when I offered you a glass of wine."

He groaned deeply and said, "Don't remind me, it's a memory of shame that I want to erase from my life."

She laughed, pointed at him and said, "Shame, shame, shame,"

"Your weird." he shoved her lightly and said, "I am erasing history with my nonexistent wand and declaring this our first date."

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