Chapter 1803 - : Goodbye, Empress (2)

Chapter 1803: Goodbye, Empress (2)

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The Dark King, the Worm Queen, the Beastmaster, the World King, and the cosmic overlord, these super experts who stood on the throne of the universe, focused their gazes on Shi Yu for the first time.

Shi Yu was finally noticed by these strongest creatures in the universe. This meant that he had completely walked into the ranks of experts.

Of course, for most people, everything was still too dreamy.

“Impossible, definitely impossible.”

The super divines of the five divine races on Blue Planet who had already flown out of Blue Planet were completely stunned.

Who could tell them what had happened?

Why were there dozens of sources of transcendence around Shi Yu when he woke up from seclusion?

Making a movie?

“The war isn’t over!!!”

However, although Shi Yu had already stepped into the super divine level, many experts in the Divine Realm understood that the war wasn’t over.

As long as Shi Yu didn’t successfully fuse with the source of transcendence, the battle would continue.

Perhaps everyone was afraid of Shi Yu’s strength and didn’t dare to act rashly.

However, when Shi Yu began to refine the transcendent origin and fuse, perhaps no one would be willing to see Shi Yu successfully fuse. They would definitely interfere with Shi Yu from the outside world during the fusion process.

At this moment, Shi Yu was the most helpless.

Shi Yu had instantly killed so many super divines. Was it terrifying? It was very terrifying. However, such an action could be considered a ruthless slap to the Dark King Army and the Worm Mother Nest.

Those two cosmic thrones were enemies with the Cosmic Sea to begin with, especially the Dark King Army. They regarded the cleansing star spirit as a thorn in their side. Even if no one dared to touch Shi Yu now, what next?

Moreover, the current Shi Yu could be said to be the richest person below the cosmic emperor. With so many sources of transcendence, any faction would be envious.

Unless Shi Yu could obtain the protection of the universe or at least two peak super divines, Shi Yu’s super divine path would still be difficult to walk without a strong guardian.

“Sir Shi Yu.”

Just as Shi Yu returned to Blue Planet coolly, a super expert that everyone was familiar with and unfamiliar with appeared in front of Shi Yu and said, “Congratulations, congratulations.”

The old man smiled and said, “It’s a small congratulatory gift. Please accept it.”

He actually gave the pile of super divine stones he had set up previously to Shi Yu as a gift.

When Shi Yu saw the old man, he was amused. “Is this considered a reward for letting you watch the show?”

“What are you talking about?” the observer said. “This transcendent battle is simply an epic that’s enough to be recorded in history. It’s a good story that’s enough to be passed down for several eras. How can it be fun?”

“Next, please let me serve as your guardian and help you break through.”


The entire starry sky was in an uproar when the observer appeared and said that he wanted to be Shi Yu’s guardian and assist him in breaking through. However, that made sense. This old man had always liked to interfere, so they didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“There’s no need.”

Just as the observer was about to protect Shi Yu to break through, a female voice came from the void.

Right on the heels of that, the pressure that surged into the starry sky shocked the starry sky. Her aura was several times stronger than the previous King of the Yun Race, and several times stronger than the previous son of the queen.

In fact, compared to Little Zi, who had absorbed the power of Shi Yu’s entire team and temporarily had enough battle power to suppress peak super divines, its aura looked even more terrifying.

Her descent shocked the observer, Emperor Shi, Blue Planet’s Will, and the others. It even made the expressions of some peak super divine experts like the Western General change.

Just like how there were strong and weak demigods and epoch gods, there was also a difference in strength between peak super divines.

The strength of this mysterious expert who had descended almost made everyone unable to breathe.

In the galaxy, a humanoid figure with a snake tail slowly appeared beside Blue Planet. Everyone could only see a rough outline of her and couldn’t see her face clearly, but they could also sense the terrifying power fluctuations on her body.

“Who is it…”

“Goddess Wa???” Many people in the universe didn’t know Goddess Wa, an extremely mysterious ancient expert from hundreds of millions of years ago, but on Blue Planet, the gem cat, owl, Lin Feng, the Space Emperor, the Time Emperor, and the others were shocked when they saw her.

Didn’t Shi Yu say that Goddess Wa had failed to break through to the cosmic level and had a serious backlash? That it was very difficult for her main body to wake up, and the consequences were very serious?

What was going on? Goddess Wa completely resolved the backlash of the breakthrough?

At this moment, the entire transcendent divine realm was shocked by the powerful fluctuations of the mysterious super divine expert who suddenly appeared.

When the two super divines, the Western General and the Northern General, saw Goddess Wa’s figure, they vaguely thought of something with shocked expressions.

“Could it be that person, the overlord who challenged the cosmic overlord and successfully defeated 1% of his strength? Didn’t she disappear?”

After Goddess Wa descended, she said,

“Next, I’ll be guarding him and helping him break through. Those who obstruct him will be killed without mercy.” Her words made some experts who had originally planned to use some sinister moves behind their backs turn pale to the extreme.

What a joke. As expected, they knew that it was impossible for a freak like Shi Yu not to have a guardian.

This guy’s strength felt even stronger than Shi Yu’s entire team.

Where did this come from?

“Ha… Haha.” At this moment, the corners of the observer’s mouth twitched. He sensed Goddess Wa’s powerful aura and had a depressed expression. With such a strong guardian, Shi Yu shouldn’t have made fun of an old man like him back then.

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