Chapter 1020 (Not Giving Face)

Chapter 1020 (Not Giving Face)

The three of them rode horses and galloped towards the outskirts of the city. Ye Hua felt it was a bit hasty. Couldn't the officials come out to see them?

On the way, they received cheers from the people, but Huang Yun, as the commander, was behind Ye Hua, wearing a clearly frustrated expression. In contrast, Huang Li, with a smile, seemed pleased to undermine Huang Yun's composure.

However, once outside the city, Huang Yun shouted angrily and charged ahead on his horse. In front of so many soldiers, he couldn't afford to lose face.

Ye Hua chuckled; he was just a child. 'If you stood behind me, I would be burdened with a domineering title. The more aggrieved you looked, the more damage it would do to you. Young people just couldn't endure it, lacking a few points of wisdom!'

Huang Yun was indeed clever, but after this journey, he was infuriated. What wisdom could be discussed? Now he had the mind to kill Ye Hua, that damn Ye Hua! Sooner or later, he would make him understand his power! Since his father had arranged everything, he just needed to endure a bit longer.

Four million soldiers stood outside the city, an enormous and seemingly endless force. The view from above would make the visual impact even more stunning. Huang Yun stepped onto the command platform as the commander, but Ye Hua chose not to join. Huang Li followed Ye Hua's example.

The actions of Ye Hua and Huang Li nearly drove Huang Yun mad! When the commander spoke, the vice-commander and the military adviser should stand behind him. But now, it looked as if he was the only one on the platform, as if there were no reinforcements!

An infuriated Huang Yun took a deep breath.

'Father would handle Ye Hua; as for Huang Li, let him die in the war later. How dare he compete for the position of Crown Prince with me, Huang Yun! You don't know your worth. Since you don't want to come up, then forget it!'

"Soldiers!" Huang Yun shouted loudly.


The roaring response from five million people echoed loudly, shaking the heavens!

"Who is our enemy?"

"The Demon Capital!"

"What are we going to do?"


"The voice is too low! Can't hear!"

"Kill, kill, kill!!!"

In an instant, a mighty aura of killing pervaded the scene. Four million men's faces turned red, their blood boiling, eager to charge forward and kill the enemy right now!

However, standing in the right front of the formation were more than twenty individuals.

Ye Hua had noticed them earlier; these twenty-plus people should be the Overlords.

"What are these people here for?"

"Prince Ye, don't you know? This battle is likely to advance to Supreme Overlord. They came to prevent the other side from seizing this opportunity"

Ye Hua frowned, "Although this lord knows, I was just testing you."

Huang Li: "..."

'Is Prince Ye usually so humorous? How strange.'

"Let this lord test you again. What is this opportunity?"

Huang Li: "..."

"Prince Ye, there is a Soul called Supreme that can allow a person to break through from Supreme to Supreme Overlord."

Ye Hua really didn't know this. That night, they only mentioned fighting for something called advancement, but he didn't know the method.

'However, it seems quite formidable now, directly upgrading to Supreme Overlord, like reaching level 10 in the realm of cultivation.'

'Unfortunately! This deity is level 100 Supreme Overlord. Your level 10 Supreme Overlord is still a bit lacking, something that this deity could slap away.'

'What Supreme Overlord, this lord currently holds the title of Supreme Overlord just because there is no higher title temporarily. If there is, it can be changed naturally.'

"This thing is nothing special," Ye Hua said casually, obviously not impressed.

However, Ye Hua's words made Huang Li think that Lord Ye Hua likes to show off. He doesn't even appreciate this Soul.

'Could it be that Prince Ye has already reached the level of Supreme Overlord?'

In fact, Ye Hua wanted to say that the Supreme Overlord is nothing, and this deity could teach him how to be one with just a snap of the fingers.

Onstage, Huang Yun had already ignited the morale, making Ye Hua feel that Huang Yun was not just a spectator.

Indeed, he had some skills.

"Full army, march!" Huang Yun shouted loudly, and suddenly a blue flag appeared in his hand!

When the blue flag appeared, a black cloud surged overhead.The tone said it was a cloud, rather than some kind of void teleportation. Ye Hua didn't pay attention and waited quietly.

Soon, the black cloud completely descended, covering the five million soldiers.

A swoosh!

Everyone disappeared in place, leaving only the piles of footprints as evidence that many people had indeed been here.

Ye Hua felt a momentary darkness, and when he opened his eyes, it was a completely different scene.

Spirit City could be considered a fairyland, with green mountains and clear waters. However, this border region was a world of difference. Towering rock formations soared into the sky. Ye Hua saw such a phenomenon for the first time, where mountaintops were actually connected to the sky.

Here, the ground was covered in yellow soil. Each gust of wind could lift thousands of feet of yellow sand, creating a hazy, greyish atmosphere.

However, most of the four million soldiers were used to defend inland areas and had never been to the border.

Seeing this environment for the first time, they were quite uncomfortable, and even Ye Hua frowned. It was like going from a five-star hotel to a disposable motel—such a stark contrast!

Surprisingly, his sister could live here for thousands of years, truly remarkable!

'This sister, this deity has figured out, is a tough cookie.'

'No, she's a tough female cookie!'

Ye Hua continued to assess everything before him. He was standing at the last line of defence.

Don't think it's small. This opening is a kilometre long! The city wall was dark, seemingly made of some metal, covered in mysterious runes. Ye Hua felt that these were defensive runes.

Only a small portion was visible now.

Just then, the gate in front opened!

A beautiful figure leaped high and then landed with a loud thud, creating a small pit on the ground.

Who else could it be if not Ye Yuanqing?

"Big brother! Commander!" Ye Yuanqing respectfully shouted.

However, Ye Yuanqing's words annoyed Huang Yun again!

'This woman actually placed Ye Hua in the first position again. Don't you understand the hierarchy? Does this lord need to teach you?'

'If she weren't still somewhat useful, she would have been stabbed to death with a single stroke! Damned woman!'

Ye Hua showed a faint smile and walked forward to help his sister up.

Ye Yuanqing's lips curled into a smile, the kind of smile one would have when being spoiled by an elder brother.

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