Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player

Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player


Authors : ApexPen

Status : ongoing

Genres : Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Chapters: 592

Last update: 4 months ago

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What if one could defy death and, instead of perishing, be reborn?Such a situation happened to Kieran Silver after succumbing to his circumstances caused by wicked superiors.After being reborn, Kieran's desires changed and he considered the many routes.The route that resonated with him most was Zenith Online, the MMORPG that changed his life initially.In his past life, he was a bare minimum kind of guy, using the least at its maximum potential. However, his current outlook changed.Accomplishing the bare minimum? No, he would go above and beyond!On his path to greatness, creating an immortal legacy that resounds throughout the universe, dethroning his former guild, and other grand feats will become his stepping stones.To ensure his aspirations become reality, Kieran must walk a path where he becomes an entity prime for destruction.Magic, destruction, and ancient practices are just a few of the factors that mold his ultimate power. What began as one of the Hidden Classes would ultimately evolve into a one-of-a-kind entity!The ultimate power isn't given or born, it is manifested.

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