Chapter 1068 - Scaring (1)

1068 Scaring (1)
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It had been eight hundred years since he attained the Dao, but he had never used. flying sword to take. head … Old Daoist Qing Gu muttered to himself. The light from the torch shone on his old face, and his dull eyes were filled with excitement.

it’s been eight hundred years since he attained the Dao. This expert is a figure from eight hundred years ago. My God, isn’t he even older than Da Feng? ”

“The Dao … Daoist Immortals of the great Zhou Dynasty?”

“God, God …”

The surrounding Warriors were trembling with excitement. They already knew that there was a terrifying ancient corpse sealed under the underground palace. They knew that the collapse was caused by a great battle. They also knew about the strange incident that happened at the White yang Lake this afternoon.

Gongsun Xiu and the others had already told everyone about this when they came up.

Therefore, when they heard this poem, no one doubted the authenticity of the green-robed man and believed that he was one of those otherworldly experts who had appeared by chance.

Gongsun Xiu’s expression changed slightly. The firelight had dyed her face a warm orange, and flames danced in her dark eyes. She stared at the back of the man in green, unable to look away for a long time.


After Xu Qi ‘an left the mountain, he went around the mountain and entered the west side of the mountain. He aimlessly searched for poisonous grass.

Searching for poisonous flowers and plants was the poison Gu’s innate ability.

Even if Xu Qi ‘an knew nothing about poison, as long as he could contain the miasma and become one with it, he would be able to inherit the ability from the miasma.

He had spent an entire night finding more than ten kinds of poisonous grass with different levels of toxicity. The less toxic ones could at most make people vomit and have diarrhea, while the more toxic ones could kill the throat.

In addition, he also dug out many hibernating venomous snakes and extracted their venom.

There was a limit to the poisonous items that could be bought in the medicine shop, and the variety was simple, which was not conducive to the development of the miasma. Taking advantage of this trip, he might as well collect some poisonous things here.

After he returned, he would mix it with the poison from the ancient corpse to produce a highly toxic substance that could kill at the first sight and feed it to the poison Gu.

This would allow his strength to increase by a few folds, and he would have a stronger ability to deal with risks.

I feel that if this goes on, a venomous gentleman. Xu Qian. will appear in the underworld. He might even be ranked in the top 100 of the underworld …

It could also be the rapist Xu Qian, his best friend Xu Qian, or the beast King Xu Qian. Of course, what does Xu Qian’s actions have to do with me, Xu Qi ‘an?

I am still the God in the hearts of the people of Dafeng.

Well, this time, Xu Qian’s identity must not be exposed … He collected the poisonous grass and snake venom, found a pool, and cleaned the mud on his body and feet.

He returned to ju restaurant before dawn. In the lobby, the waiter was sleeping soundly in front of the counter. There were several stoves boiling hot water, and the charcoal fire was already very weak.

For a large Inn like this, in autumn and winter, providing hot water all night was the most basic service.

The waiter didn’t notice a figure sneaking into the inn without a sound, and he walked towards the living area.

Xu Qi ‘an walked along the long corridor. Suddenly, her ears twitched. She heard the sound of a man and a woman making out in a room.

The bed creaked rhythmically, and the man’s panting and the woman’s muffled groans intertwined.

Seriously, isn’t it too early for morning exercise? there are still four hours before daybreak … Xu Qian muttered in his heart. He passed by the room where the indescribable sound came from and continued forward.

Speaking of which, the combination of dark Gu and love Gu was simply a method that flower thieves dreamed of.

This made him even happier that he had left the category of a rough warrior and was now a mature Jianghu swordsman who was flashy enough.

They came to the room at the end of the corridor, and the bright candlelight shone through the gap of the door.

Eh, she’s still not asleep?

Xu Qi ‘an knocked on the door. There was no response from the room, but Xu Qi’ an heard a slight sound of the quilt being pulled and the rapid heartbeat.

He knocked on the door again, but there was still no response.

His body turned into a shadow and disappeared. Then, he crawled out from the shadow under the table.

In the bedroom that was as warm as spring, the decorations were elegant. Mu nanzhi was curled up on the large brocade couch, the blanket pulled over her head, covering her head as she shivered.

No way, was he so scared that he didn’t sleep the whole night? I know you’re timid and afraid of ghosts, but this is too cowardly … He had always been a guy who liked to tease women. Seeing that the princess Consort was so weak, he immediately quietly approached her.

His hands quietly reached into the bedding.

Wangfei, who peeked through a gap in the blanket to look at the door, did not notice the pair of hands that reached into the blanket.

Just as she was feeling extremely tense, a pair of cold hands suddenly wrapped around her waist, and a loud voice rang in her ears, “”Hey!”



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