Chapter 1069 - : The scum of the sect (1)

Chapter 1069 - 1069: The scum of the sect (1)

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Gongsun Xiangyang nodded silently, then turned to the servant girl under the eaves and ordered, ‘

“Inform the kitchen to prepare a medicinal meal for the young miss. The more nourishing, the better.”

The father and daughter entered the study. Gongsun Xiangyang opened a secret compartment behind the bookcase, took out a wooden box, and opened it in front of Gongsun Xiu.

Inside the box covered with yellow silk cloth, there was an ugly and wrinkled sage herb. It was only as long as a middle finger, but its roots were dense, like lines that were entangled together.

This kind of quality was extremely rare among ginseng.

“This King of purple jade ginseng is one of father’s most precious collections. It grew to the size of. radish in sixty years, and then another sixty years …”

Gongsun Xiangyang pointed at the box and said, ” it’s like this now. It’s concentrated and is a top-tier tonic. When father gets older in the future, he’ll have to rely on it.

Gongsun Xiu took a look and shook his head. “Since father kept it to extend one’s life when one is old, daughter does not want it. Daughter does not have to eat these things.”

Gongsun Xiangyang chuckled shamelessly and said, ”

“How can this thing extend one’s life? this thing is for when father is old in the future, when he gives birth to younger brothers and sisters for you, so it is a great tonic. An eighty-year-old man can also regain his former glory.”

no matter how many sons you have, they won’t be as good as me, ” Gongsun Xiu said grumpily. the position of master will definitely be mine.

Gongsun Xiangyang chuckled and said, ” you still have to give birth to one. If you give birth to a genius, he can also put pressure on you. Even if it doesn’t work out, I can still give you a few helpers.”

Gongsun Xiu rolled his eyes. He took the few roots that his father had plucked off, chewed a few times, and swallowed them.

The family head, Gongsun Xiangyang, was an interesting person when he was young. He was good at eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling. If it wasn’t for his talent being so strong, he wouldn’t have been the family head.

After being the clan head for so many years, his personality was still the same. He was not a cheeky person, but the so-called dignity of a superior could hardly be seen on him.

When the father and daughter discussed the matter of the heir, they were more open and calm.

Gongsun Xiangyang saw that his daughter’s face had flushed red and her complexion had improved a lot. He felt relieved and said, ‘

“Try to refine the medicinal power, don’t waste it … Did you encounter danger in the tomb?”

Gongsun Xiu sat down in a big chair. While refining the burning heat in her lower abdomen, she said,

“My judgment was correct. Those people who died in the tombs did not die to the formation, but to a powerful Yin object. Last night, we successfully fished it out and only killed it after a hard battle. If we were to encounter it underground, I’m afraid many people would have to die before we could kill it.” He immediately told his father about the process of killing the yin creatures.

“Well done.”

Gongsun Xiangyang nodded slightly after hearing this.

after that, we organized 18 people to dig into the tomb. There was a large-scale collapse in the tomb, and most of it was destroyed. Nothing of value could be dug out at all, until we entered the main tomb .

At this point, fear and other emotions flashed in Gongsun Xiu’s eyes.

Gongsun Xiangyang’s heart trembled, and he asked, “”What’s in the main tomb?”

Gongsun Xiu took a deep breath. there’s an ancient corpse in the underground tomb. Its age is unknown. We encountered it when we went down to the tomb. It was very powerful. It opened its mouth and created. cyclone … she said.

She emphasized on the horror of the ancient corpse, which made the group of 18 people unable to resist at all.

Gongsun Xiangyang jumped up with a whoosh, put his hands on the table, and widened his eyes. fre

“There is such a terrifying monster in Yongzhou? It shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be. If that’s the case, it can’t have been silent for so many years. From what you’ve said, it’s extremely thirsty for blood essence.” freew

The master of the Gongsun family was both shocked and terrified. Yongzhou was the base camp of the Gongsun family. If there was really such a terrifying thing underground, it would definitely be a great disaster for Yongzhou.

Gongsun Xiangyang’s first reaction was to inform the government and have the Yongzhou chief administrator submit a letter to the Imperial court, so that the Imperial court would send an expert to deal with this matter.

The ancient corpse was definitely not a fourth-class one. It was extremely evil and terrifying. Perhaps, perhaps it was a third-class one. There were no third-class martial artists in the Imperial court, but the astrologers could solve it. In short, they just had to report the matter …

A dynasty was able to rule the Central Plains. Even if the country’s strength had weakened greatly, it was still not something that the forces of the martial world could compare to

Wait a minute!

As his thoughts turned, Gongsun Xiangyang suddenly came to a realization. He looked at his daughter with wide eyes and said, ‘

“You, how did you guys come back?”

If the ancient corpse was really as evil and terrifying as she described, the one standing in front of her now should be her daughter’s dead soul. No, there might not even be a dead soul.

“It’s because we met an expert,”

“An expert?”

yes. Gongsun Xiu nodded. I have to start from yesterday at noon. I invited a few chivalrous men to a banquet at white yang Lake. I accidentally saw a child fall into the lake from the ship Wang’s Fish Square’. .. Daoist Qing Gu had said that it was the dark venomous tribe’s doing.

“So I wanted to invite him to explore the tomb with me. A person like him who has strange means can play a more important role in the tomb than a warrior. He didn’t agree, but before he left, he left us two words.”

Gongsun Xiangyang couldn’t help but squint his eyes as if he was shocked, but he patiently listened to his daughter without interrupting.

“If you encounter danger in the tomb, you can say:Have you forgotten your promise with that person? The other one was, “there’s going to be heavy rain tonight, remember to bring your rain gear. ‘”‘

Gongsun Xiangyang immediately looked out of the window. It was drizzling.

This autumn rain proved that the master had the ability to predict the weather.

“What do you mean by the first sentence?” His expression was serious, but he could not suppress his curiosity.

Gongsun Xiu didn’t answer directly.

“After entering the tomb last night, we encountered an ancient corpse in the main burial chamber. We were supposed to die without a doubt, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this sentence, so I said it aloud. The result .

“What’s the result?” Gongsun Xiangyang’s body leaned forward slightly.

“The ancient corpse really stopped and didn’t kill us.”

Gongsun Xiangyang’s pupils contracted imperceptibly, and he analyzed, ‘

“Did that expert have any interactions with the ancient corpse? The promise … Is it because of the existence of that expert that the ancient corpse has been staying in the tomb and hasn’t come out to cause trouble?”

Gongsun Xiu nodded and gave an affirmative answer.

“The ancient corpse was sealed by that expert, and the collapse of the tomb was caused by the battle between the two. All of this had happened less than a year ago. After that, the expert appeared in the tomb and seemed to have a deep conversation with the ancient corpse. I can feel that the ancient corpse is very afraid of him.’

An evil and terrifying ancient corpse was very afraid of him … Gongsun Xiangyang stared into his daughter’s eyes and said, ”

“What happened after that? did that expert still appear? Do you know his roots?”

Gongsun Xiu showed a hint of admiration and said, ” I tried to find out his identity. He didn’t say anything, but he left a poem.

“What poem?”

Gongsun Xiangyang’s tone suddenly rose.

“It has been eight hundred years since I attained the Dao, but I have never used a flying sword to take a head. The Jade Emperor didn’t have a heavenly talisman, and he’s just a Black Gold mixed-world type.”

Eight hundred years after attaining the Dao … Gongsun Xiangyang clenched his fists and trembled slightly.

“Xiu ‘er, you have met a hidden master, no, a master who is playing in the world. This is a great opportunity, a real great opportunity.

“Level three experts are as rare as Phoenix Feathers and Oilin horns in this

world, but experts who have stepped into this realm have long lifespans. After a few thousand years, he would be able to accumulate some. These experts were either hidden from the world or playing in the human world. Even if you saw them, you wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

“To be able to meet such an expert, what kind of opportunity is this? I knew that you were a child with great fortune, and choosing you as the head of the family was the best decision.”

His face was full of excitement and agitation.

“Father, the master told us not to enter the tomb again before he left. He also told us to guard the tomb and not let anyone in, especially the Wanderers.”

Gongsun Xiangyang calmed down, nodded, and said, “”This is what we should do. The ancient corpse has appeared. If Yongzhou can’t be at peace, then we can’t be at peace.”

The forces in the pugilistic world had a strong sense of territory. While they enjoyed their lives, they would also try their best to maintain the stability of one side, because this was also to protect their own interests.

This was the reason why the Imperial court had allowed the gangs of the pugilistic world to run free, and why neither Wang zhenwen nor Wei Yuan had deliberately suppressed them.

A rule-abiding power in the pugilistic world was actually a positive factor in public security. What was the real unstable factor? It was those wandering cultivators.

Those guys killed one person every ten steps and left after the matter was settled. Moreover, they could hide their achievements and fame.

Using force to break the law mostly referred to this group of people.

but we can’t be the only ones to take care of it. I’ll pay a visit to the Dragon God Castle later and tell Lord Lei about the tomb. We have to drag them down with us no matter what.

After Gongsun Xiangyang finished speaking, he thought for a few seconds and said,

“Send someone to ask the people at Wang’s fish market if they can’t remember that expert. Then send someone to secretly investigate in the city. If they can find him, father will personally pay them a visit. If they can’t find him, then forget it.”

Clouds and mist lingered around the mountain. White cranes were chirping and apes were climbing the mountain.

Origin Lord Bingyi stood on a crane, her clothes billowing in the wind. Below her were celestial mountains shrouded in clouds. The crane flapped its wings and brought her to the main peak.

Not long after, a majestic immortal Palace appeared. It was hidden in the Evergreen forest and stood proudly on the peak.

A ray of red light flashed across origin Lord Bingyi’s crystal-clear eyes as a red silk flew over from the distance, entangling a middle-aged Daoist with a celestial appearance.

“Senior brother Xuancheng. ”

Progenitor Bingyi’s Red lips parted slightly, her voice clear and melodious like the collision of ice.

“Junior martial sister Bingyi.”

Xuancheng Daoist priest nodded, his expression as cold as ice.

The two of them didn’t say anything else. They rode their respective mounts and magical artifacts toward the immortal Palace and landed on the huge square outside the immortal Palace.

The immortal Palace was majestic, with 18 pillars supporting the high dome, and a red carpet leading to the end of the palace.

At the end of the red carpet, an old man in a black Daoist robe was sitting cross-legged on the platform. His hair was white and he had a Lotus crown on his head.

There was a four-colored Halo behind his head, representing earth, wind, water. and fire-

On both sides of the red carpet stood seven Daoist priests. They wore all kinds of crowns, and their eyes were like glass. They looked cold and emotionless.

Origin Lord Bingyi and Daoist priest Xuancheng, who were equally cold and emotionless, flew into the main hall and saluted coldly.

“Celestial venerable!”

An old man in a black Daoist robe sat cross-legged on the Lotus dais with his eyes closed and his brows lowered. He seemed to be unaware.

But his voice reverberated in the hall,

“A disciple sent back information that li Miaozhen has become a famous swordswoman in the Central Plains after two years.” “It’s good to enter the world first,” origin Lord Bingyi replied.

Li Miaozhen was her personal disciple.

The celestial venerable’s eyes were still closed, as if he was asleep. His voice reverberated in the air.

“She first acted as a chivalrous person and robbed the rich to help the poor, gaining her reputation in the Central Plains. After that, he organized an Army to suppress the bandits in Yunzhou, which was highly praised by the Imperial court and the people. Not long ago, the Emperor of Da Feng was killed, and she was also one of them.

“Bingyi, do you teach the heroes of the pugilistic world or the disciples of the heavenly sect?

“When the disciples of the heavenly sect enter the world to cultivate, they must know their limits and not fall into oblivion. Li Miaozhen has already taken the wrong path. She is the Holy Virgin of the heavenly sect and a model for the disciples of the sect.

“What do you want me to do, celestial venerable?” she asked coldly.

“Take li Miaozhen back to the sect and re-study the heavenly sect’s treasure book.”

“Obey the decree!”

Taoist master Xuancheng looked at the celestial venerable and said coldly, “”Why has the celestial venerable summoned Junior Brother?”

The Saint went missing a year ago.

Daoist priest Xuancheng looked at progenitor Bingyi and said, “”Disciple will go down the mountain to search for it.”

Capture the Saint and bring him back to the sect. He’ll study the heavenly sect’s treasured Bible again.

A hint of confusion appeared on Daoist priest Xuancheng’s cold face.”What is the meaning of this?”

after he entered the martial world, he fell in love with more than a hundred women in a year.

Daoist priest Xuancheng’s frosty face twitched slightly.

“Celestial venerable, why don’t we get rid of the Holy Sons and holy virgins and replace them with new ones?” a female Daoist said coldly. These two scums shall be expelled from the sect. ‘

The celestial venerable didn’t speak. He lowered his eyebrows and closed his eyes, as if he was asleep.

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