Chapter 179 - : 48: The Taoist ancestor resists public opinions, Yu Qjnghan awakes, Yan Country’s real dragon enters Nanyu Mansion.

Chapter 179 - 179: 48: The Taoist ancestor resists public opinions, Yu Qjnghan awakes, Yan Country’s real dragon enters Nanyu Mansion.

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The appearance of the Ancestral Weapon caused a shocking commotion.

However, Zhao Huai still held the Treasured Mirror tightly, resisting the attacks of Immortal Corpse.

“Hand over the Ancestral Weapon, and you can avoid death!”

Immortal Corpse shouted harshly.

He was also anxious in his heart.

The longer the delay, the more disadvantageous it was for him.

The appearance of the Ancestral Weapon would inevitably attract the covetousness of many hidden existences.

However, no matter how Immortal Corpse attacked, he couldn’t shake the Heavenly Glaring Treasured Mirror.

Zhao Huai was always well protected.

In a moment of desperation, Immortal Corpse targeted the Exquisite Fairy and Qiu Yueqing, who were hiding in the distance.

Wielding a dust whisk, his white beard transformed into tentacles and shot towards Qiu Yueqing.

Qiu Yueqing sensed it and slashed her sword at the dust whisk.

But it had no effect.

Although the dust whisk seemed like it could be easily broken, in the hands of Immortal Corpse, it became indestructible golden threads.

The white beard was like a spirit snake, quickly tying up the weakened Qiu Yueqing.

Immortal Corpse stretched out a finger, placed it on Qiu Yueqing’s delicate chin, and sneered:

“I knew the two of you had an unusual relationship. You don’t want to see this hpnlltv norich dn von?”

“As long as you hand over the Ancestral Weapon, I’ll let her go.”

Seeing this, Zhao Huai was also in a difficult position, his face immediately becoming solemn.

“Young master, run!”

Qiu Yueqing quickly shouted.

However, her mouth was soon covered by the white beard.

“I agree, but you have to let her go first.”

Zhao Huai thought for a moment and responded. freewebn

As long as he acted quickly, he could use the power of the Ancestral Weapon to pull Qiu Yueqing in.

“Fine, come over here.”

Immortal Corpse also agreed readily, as he didn’t have much time.

He slowly released Qiu Yueqing, allowing her to spread her arms, but the dust whisk didn’t leave her. His gaze was fixed on the Treasured Mirror in Zhao Huai’s hand.

Zhao Huai slowly approached and reached out his hand, not daring to be careless in his mind. fr(e)

Just as he was about to grab Qiu Yueqing’s jade hand, the white beard of the dust whisk stretched out quickly and grabbed his hand.

It exerted a tremendous force, as if trying to pull him out.

At the crucial moment, Qiu Yueqing’s palm displayed a complex yet powerful talisman.

She forcefully pressed it onto Zhao Huai’s hand.

She calmly said.

At that moment, space began to fluctuate.

Zhao Huai’s figure was suspended in the sky, his eyes filled with surprise.

Obviously, this was an extremely precious Teleportation Talisman.

Only a rune master with a high cultivation level, who had grasped the art of space, could refine it.

This was because the space skill was not something ordinary cultivators could understand.

Those who could master it were often the Mighty.

Zhao Huai was momentarily stunned when he saw Qiu Yueqing had given him such a precious treasure.

“Fairy, you…”

Before he could finish speaking, there was a flash of white light.

He was enveloped by the power of space, along with the Treasured Mirror he held in his arms, and disappeared from the spot.


Seeing this, Immortal Corpse was suddenly furious.

“Court death!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Immortal Corpse vented all his anger on Qiu Yueqing.

The pressure of the Rebirth Realm was applied to her, causing her bones to creak.

She furrowed her brow and her face showed pain.

Yet the corner of her mouth formed a faint smile.

Immortal Corpse held Qiu Yueqing’s neck and lifted her up, angrily saying:

“You dare to spoil my plans!”

Just as he was about to destroy her Golden Core with force, several terrifying auras appeared in the sky.

Immortal Corpse’s face changed, as he was being locked on by the aura.

Looking around, there were no other people left, and the Devil Sect’s disciples had all retreated under the organization of Bloody Immortal Sect’s Yang Yuan.


The sound of breaking through the air came.

Immortal Corpse looked up.

He saw a cold and gloomy droplet of water shooting from the sky, quickly approaching. It seemed simple, but carried a bottomless power.

At this moment, his face turned ashen.

Inside the independent space here,

“Elder Limitless! Do you think you can kill me?”

Even with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, the old fiend of Netherworld still had a crazy smile on his face.

“I know you’re powerful, and your cultivation is high, but what can you do to me, who has managed to survive until now?”

His tone was arrogant, filled with self-pride.

Even if he couldn’t defeat Elder Limitless of the Limitless Immortal Sect today, he could still live well.

His plan had ultimately failed.

He had thought that these old guys would be reluctant to face the consequences of Heavenly Power and wouldn’t dare to take action.

However, he never expected that this woman’s identity would be so important, and that she would actually have a seal set by Limitless Taoist priest himself. In just a moment, the elders of the Dao sect had arrived to protect the Dao.

One couldn’t help but wonder.

Was there something more to this?

Did it hold some unspeakable secrets?

The appearance of the extremely rare Immortal Spiritual Root and the Yan’s Ancestral Weapon, unseen for a century,

Any of these news would cause a sensation in the Immortal Cultivation World!

What kind of turmoil would be created between the Immortal Sects and Devil Sects that were originally stagnant?

The old fiend of Netherworld was looking forward to it.

The more chaos he could cause, the more beneficial it would be for him.

Within the independent space,

the reaction of Limitless Taoist priest was much calmer when facing the provocation from the old fiend of Netherworld.

“It’s not your turn to gloat, no matter how big the trouble is, I can handle it.”

“As for you, how many more years can you live? When the time comes, even if I don’t take action, your life will come to an end.”

Hearing the sarcasm in the other’s words, the old fiend of Netherworld’s face turned green, unable to speak.

Because these were indeed true words. If he couldn’t find a suitable vessel by then, his days would be numbered..

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