Chapter 180 - : 48: The Taoist ancestor resists public opinions, Yu Qjnghan awakens, the great Yan true dragon enters the southern Nanyu Mansion_2

Chapter 180 - 180: 48: The Taoist ancestor resists public opinions, Yu Qjnghan awakens, the great Yan true dragon enters the southern Nanyu Mansion_2

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Thinking of this, he could only snort coldly:

“Don’t get too excited, we’ll see.”

The next second after he finished speaking, the flesh body of the old fiend of Netherworld exploded into a bloody mist.

He destroyed his own body and a wisp of his primordial spirit.

Just to make it impossible for the other party to trace and locate him.

Unperturbed, the Limitless Taoist priest waved his hand and scattered the bloody mist.

The old fiend of Netherworld had countless substitutes, and it would take a lot of effort to kill him. The ancestors of many Immortal Sects would have to join forces, otherwise, it would be very difficult.

Four hundred years ago.

The old fiend of Netherworld seized a demonic Immortal Sect disciple.

This infuriated an ancestor. f(r)

The disciple was his true heir.

For this reason, the ancestor mobilized all of his connections, asked the old existences of various Immortal Sects to take action, and vowed to suppress the old fiend of Netherworld.

But in the end, they still let the other party escape.

It is very difficult to kill the old fiend of Netherworld, who is proficient in the art of escape and survival unless a Great Divine Skill is used to lock him down.

He didn’t have that skill yet.

The Limitless Taoist priest looked down at the unconscious woman in the space below and fell into deep thought.

At this moment, Pei Xiangyun was holding Yu Qinghan in a ball of light, both of them in deep sleep.

He had created this space to prevent excessive destruction, avoiding annihilating Jinzhou City.

At the same time, he wanted to protect the girl in front of him.

The commotion caused by the birth of the Immortal Spiritual Root was too great, and he couldn’t let someone with ulterior motives notice her. “After so many years, this day has finally come.”

Looking at Yu Qinghan’s face, Limitless Taoist priest could not help but express a sigh.

He put his hands behind his back and slowly descended to the ground.

At the same time, the space around him gradually dissipated.

Dots of spiritual qi rose, revealing the original appearance of the outside world.

In an instant, he felt many scrutinizing gazes.

They all came from ten thousand meters above the ground.

The old existences of various great sects in the clouds, fearing the locking of the Heavenly Thunder Tribulation, did not come in person but manifested as Avatar projections.

Limitless old Taoist, you hid the birth of the Immortal Spiritual Root from us?

Ten years ago, you probably already knew about this.”

The leading voice was deep and full of anger, sounding very dissatisfied.

The Limitless Taoist priest smiled slightly: “It turns out to be my old friend Nan Li, it has been a long time since we have seen each other, it should be more than three hundred years.”

“Don’t try to ingratiate yourself; answer the question.”

“I didn’t intentionally hide it from everyone, instead wanting to maintain harmony within the Immortal Sects. Furthermore, since she chose the Limitless Immortal Sect, it was Heaven’s will, and I have no power to interfere.”

The Limitless Taoist priest remained smiling, with a clear attitude.

He had no intention of letting her go.

“With the Ancestral Weapon and the Immortal Spiritual Root appearing one after another, it may indeed be the will of Heaven. Limitless, what do you know? Tell us, we already have a deep grievance against you.”

Another ethereal voice resounded from the clouds, and this dignified voice sounded like a woman.

As soon as the woman finished speaking, others echoed her words.

“That’s right, the old fiend of Netherworld created such a big mess, implicating great cause and effect. This is the dereliction of duty of your Limitless

Immortal Sect. If you don’t provide an explanation, this matter will not end.”

“The Immortal Spiritual Root is a heavenly chosen person born for the sole purpose of becoming an immortal. Why should she cultivate in the Limitless Immortal Sect? Give us an explanation.”

The attitudes of these ancient existences in the clouds were quite tough, but their tone remained calm.

It was because they belonged to the same Immortal Sect, and making a scene would only give the Devil Sect an opportunity to take advantage.

What they truly resented was the unfairness of the Limitless Taoist priest’s hoarding of resources.

Facing the denouncing voices of the people, f(r)eenovelkiss

Limitless Taoist priest knew that he had to come up with something today or he would not be able to cope.

So he retracted his smile, his eyes deepened, and from his wise old eyes, it seemed as if he had seen through the ways of the world, emanating an innate atmosphere of the great Dao.

“This decision was not my wish, but was entrusted to me by the person eight hundred years ago.”

With just one sentence, the people in the clouds fell silent.

Eight hundred years ago.

That person.

They knew who this person was.

Legend has it that he was a Human Immortal reincarnated, with incredible talent, who joined the Immortal Sect and made outstanding contributions in just a hundred years, bringing peace to the human race and finally quelling the chaotic tribulations.

This person was Ancestor Yan Zu.

“What did Yan Zu say?

One of the Avatar projections asked.

“Two sentences.”

“What are they?”

The Limitless Taoist priest sighed:

“Protect the one with the Immortal Spiritual Root.”

“With the appearance of the Ancestral Weapon, a great tribulation has arrived.”

Looking back eight hundred years ago, Limitless Taoist priest was not yet the Sect Hierarch, but an elder in the Immortal Sect.

He watched as a dazzling new star shined brilliantly in that era.

Until it surpassed him.

After a long period of silence, someone asked:

“So, the one with the Immortal Spiritual Root, she is appointed by Yan Zu to be protected?”


Limitless Taoist priest nodded.

Upon hearing this answer, everyone fell silent again.

As for the truthfulness of the words of the old Daoist ancestor, they had no way of confirming.

But it was certain that the cultivation of Yan Zu was unfathomable, and he possessed the ability to predict the future.

Moreover, when Yan Zu was still unknown, he was cultivating in the Limitless Immortal Sect.

So the credibility of his words was quite high.

But why would a junior like him make them so wary?

After all, they were thousands of years old, even older than Yan Zu.

But they revered him.

Because Yan Zu was the only one who had ascended to immortality after the immortal path was severed.

People say he disappeared.

In fact, only they knew that Yan Zu had attained the Immortal Method.

No one knew the specific process, but it indeed happened.

That’s why the Ancestral Weapon he left behind was so coveted by so many people..

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