Chapter 2072 - : The Ending Battle (4)

Chapter 2072: The Ending Battle (4)

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She had asked why she had to do this, but she didn’t get an answer. She could only carry this nightmare and live through the years until she met him again, this young man who once died in her hands.

Looking at Yun Qi’s back as he walked forward, Yin Yue’s heart tightened. If other people knew about this, Yun Feng would probably be the first person to not let her go. How would she allow the person who killed her Second Brother back then to live in the world? Thinking of the elegant figure next to Yun Feng, Yin Yue smiled wryly again. He would definitely not help her. Even if they had a life-and-death relationship, nothing could compare to the woman next to him in his eyes.

In the thick fog, the eight of them split into four groups and walked in their own direction. Nobody could predict what was hidden in the thick fog and what they would encounter. Ze Ran and Mu Canghai didn’t have a deep friendship at first, but ever since they joined the East and West Alliance and took over the matters of the Mercenary Union, the tacit understanding between the two of them gradually developed and the friendship between them became much deeper.

“Is it really safe for Yun Feng to go with Qi Yun?” Ze Ran frowned, thinking of Qi Yun, who suddenly appeared, and his silent look. “It would be safer if Qu Lanyi was with Yun Feng…”

“Brother Ze Ran, you’re really worried about Yun Feng.” Mu Canghai said with a faint smile. Ze Ran turned around. “Aren’t you the same as me? Even though you don’t say it, I know what you’re thinking in your mind.”

Mu Canghai curled his lips. “Qi Yun is probably stronger than Qu Lanyi. It’s not bad to have him by Yun Feng’s side. The purpose of the Blood Souls is to separate us. They’ll definitely focus on Yun Feng. The enemies Yun Feng faces should be stronger than us. She will be safer with Qi Yun. Qu Lanyi thinks so too.”

Ze Ran nodded. “Indeed. The Blood Souls care about Yun Feng the most. Where exactly will the thick fog spread to? We’ve been walking for so long, but we still feel like we can’t reach the end.”

Mu Canghai frowned slightly. “I’ve been using the power of space to detect it. I can’t find any signs of the edge at all. I think we have to continue moving for a while.” Mu Canghai turned around and looked at Ze Ran’s expression next to him. He said in a deep voice, “Brother Ze Ran, on this trip… It’ll be great if we can save your daughter.”

Ze Ran’s body was completely stiff and his voice also became much dry. “Yes… If I can meet her, I’ll definitely do everything I can to save her!”

“Ze Ran, if you can really save your daughter, you must be rational. Don’t be impulsive.” Mu Canghai couldn’t help but remind him. Ze Ran smiled wryly. “I certainly understand that. With my strength, I’m not qualified to fight the Blood Souls head-on.”

“I’ll help you,” said Mu Canghai. Ze Ran looked at Mu Canghai with his black eyes. Light flashed and he then lowered his head. “Thank you.”

Mu Canghai smiled lightly. The two men continued moving forward at a high speed. Layers of fog surrounded their bodies and they couldn’t see the road ahead at all. Mu Canghai suddenly stopped and blocked Ze Ran with his arm. Ze Ran frowned. “Why? Have we reached the end?”

Mu Canghai’s face was gloomy. He kept staring at somewhere in the space with his black eyes and said coldly, “It seems that someone is already waiting for us here.”

Ze Ran was stunned. He also looked ahead with his black eyes. There seemed to be a vague figure in the endless thick fog. As Mu Canghai said this, the thick fog that covered the sky slowly dispersed. There was nothing in the sky, but there was indeed a black shadow standing there, as if it had been waiting for a long time.

The black robe covered his entire body. This figure was very short, as tall as an eleven-year-old child, but his face wasn’t as young as a child’s. It had the facial features of an adult and the evilness in his eyes also belonged to an adult.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to meet the two of you here.” The figure said as he rolled his evil eyes and finally fixed them on Ze Ran. “No wonder I felt a familiar aura approaching from afar. Even though you’re father and daughter and are a bit similar, there’s still an obvious difference in bloodline.”

“What did you say?” The veins on Ze Ran’s forehead suddenly bulged! “Where’s my daughter?” He roared like a wild beast. The arteries on his neck completely bulged and throbbed crazily!

“Hehe, so what if you know where she is? She’s made a lot of contributions to the Blood Souls. We have to continue researching.” The figure smiled evilly and presumptuously! It was as if he wanted to anger Ze Ran completely!

“Blood Souls… I’m going to tear you into pieces!” Ze Ran clenched his fists tightly. Thinking that his precious daughter was really in an unknown place, suffering pain and torture that he didn’t know, his heart as a father was about to shatter!

“Brother Ze Ran!” Mu Canghai looked at Ze Ran’s bloodshot eyes and quickly roared, hoping that he could remain calm. “If we want to save her, we must defeat the person in front of us!” What Mu Canghai said suddenly made Ze Ran come back to his senses. Fierce light shot out of his bloodshot eyes. “You’re right. I’ll make him spit out everything word for word!”

“Hahahaha! You want to defeat me with your strength? Don’t you think too highly of yourself?” The black robe was raised slightly. The red patterns on it seemed to be emitting spots of red light, like blood!

The black robe was lifted and a pale and skinny arm extended and waved fiercely! “Swish!” A tall figure suddenly appeared in the air with an oppressive aura!

“This is…” Ze Ran and Mu Canghai looked at the tall figure that suddenly appeared. He wasn’t a Magic Beast… nor was he a human being! His upper body was in the shape of a human being and he had human facial features. However, he was in the form of a Magic Beast down his waist! There were scales that only Magic Beasts had on his thick legs. His feet were completely sharp and there was a thick and long tail behind him!

“Half-human, half-beast?!” Mu Canghai mumbled with an extremely ugly expression! Such a life shouldn’t appear in this world! The Blood Souls made such a monster in private!

“Hehehe, in terms of the fusion and improvement of blood, it’s certainly not as good as the specimen. The most perfect one is certainly the most primitive specimen, but this is also a successful replica, even though it can’t be unified in appearance.”

“Crazy… You’re crazy!” Ze Ran roared. The member of the Blood Souls smiled even more arrogantly. “Crazy? This is a masterpiece! Hehehe! With the study of specimens, I’ll be able to save a lot of effort on the combination of humans and Magic Beasts. Right, this guy certainly has your daughter’s blood in his body, the most important thing for reconciliation.”

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