Chapter 113 - : 112, Slaying the Demon Saint, Taming the Diamond Battle Pig!_l

Chapter 113 - 113: 112, Slaying the Demon Saint, Taming the Diamond Battle Pig!_l

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“Honestly, it’s like iron shoes worn through in fruitless searching, yet the find is effortless. The human race should all die!” “Kill them for me, don’t let a single one escape!”


“Heavenly Killer Domain!” “Hidden Kill Strike!”

“Extreme Heavenly Kill!”

The murderous voices tore through the sky, shredding the continuous clouds.

Five Heavenly Saint Realm demons soared through the sky, unleashing earth-shattering power, rushing straight towards the two human figures below.

“Brother Zhang, we really have bad luck- I’

The ever-dismayed youth opened his mouth. Opposing the ubiquitous attacks, five imperial beasts stood bravely in front of him.

“Yeah- Who would have thought that these guys would gather so quickly, and our contact bracelets happen to be blocked by this secret realm.”

The other man spoke, the color of his face quite ugly. He also summoned his own imperial beast.

The two of them collectively possess ten imperial beasts, all of them Heavenly Saint Realm level nine imperial beasts, among which even four have the potential for Lower Transcendence. Even so, their moods are exceptionally heavy.

Because they recognize that the five Heavenly Saint Realm demons facing them all are Heavenly Saint experts from the demon race royal family. The one in the lead, prior to entering the Beast God Mountain, accompanied Black Sun, Yue Yao, and Xing Yue. Clearly, he is one of the strongest people besides the three major demon race misfits.

As for the two of them, one is an ordinary genius from the Martial God Temple, the other is an ordinary genius from the Martial Arts Hall. If it weren’t for the demon race leader, the two of them might have persevered and taken out these demons, but the overwhelming aura emanating from the demon race leader is just too strong.

“The decision to enter this secret realm was our own, we can’t blame others!”

“Fight with all your might! A determined expression appeared on Zhang Kun’s face.

As a Heavenly Saint of the human race Martial Arts Hall, he’d rather die standing than live kneeling, much less live kneeling before these demonic imps.

“Of course!”

“If the Martial Arts Hall doesn’t have people who live on their knees, then does the Martial God Temple?”

“Damn these demon imps!”

A fierce light flashed in Cao Xing’s eyes. Those who can reach the Heavenly Saint Realm, who doesn’t have the blood of hundreds or thousands of demons on their hands?

In an instant, the attacks from both sides collided violently in the void!


A tremendous explosion swept across the sky. The faces of Cao Xing and Zhang Kun turned white, they tasted sweetness in their throats, and smelled an odor of blood.

Both of them swallowed this mouthful of blood. They looked at each other, and they both saw a look of determination in each other’s eyes.



The next moment, the two of them led ten imperial beasts straight towards the leading demon from the royal family. This time, they only have one goal, to give up their lives to kill this demon from the royal family.

As long as they killed this demon from the royal family, they would have won, even if they die.

“In your human language, isn’t there a saying about a mantis trying to stop a cart, and a moth flying into a flame. That’s you two!”

“Overestimate your capabilities!”

The leading demon is from the Ancient Sword Wang Clan. As the force in his hand consolidated, a long sword slowly formed.

However, at this moment, all of the demons stopped their attacks and looked in a certain direction.

“Hahaha, the heavens really want to annihilate you two!”

The long sword in the hand of the demon from the Ancient Sword Wang Clan disappeared. At the same moment, the faces of Cao Xing and Zhang Kun changed dramatically, and a touch of despair appeared in their eyes.

Because in their field of vision, a figure slowly appeared. This figure was one of the top three demons they had seen earlier.


In an instant, the vast land turned into winter. Endless white quickly covered everything they could see. The bone-piercing cold instantly grazed over the two of them and froze the demons into ice sculptures.


The next moment, all the demons frozen into ice sculptures shattered into dust and dispersed in the air.

Cao Xing: ????

Zhang Kun:????

At this moment, the two looked at each other with bewildered expressions. Then they saw the figure of Xing Yue pass by them and walk away.

“Aren’t they all in the same group?” Cao Xing asked doubtfully.

“I don’t know- I’

Zhang Kun shook his head on the side.

“Holy shit! Bro, don’t, please don’t attack!”

“Spare me, I can help you obtain the treasures here in Beast God Mountain, and

I can even help you take out the other monsters-”

Yet at the other end, the fat man in the Wilderness Forest was, due to Ye Feng’s behavior, scared out of his wits.

He swore that if he survived this, he would steer clear of the human man in front of him. He was goddamned terrifying.

Who knows whether his prayers worked or his words did, but the Ancient Star Tree didn’t make another move.

A trace of thought crossed Ye Feng’s eyes: he was tempted by the fat man’s proposal.

After all, Beast God Mountain was so vast, he couldn’t possibly kill that many Demon Clan members on his own. If he could enlist some Foreign Race members to do his bidding, why not?

Moreover, there were mythical materials in Beast God Mountain, and his five Imperial Beasts needed corresponding mythical materials to advance from the top legendary level to the mythical level.

Why not take advantage of free labor?!

At this moment, Ye Feng completed a mental switch – he needed both power for himself and plenty of underlings.

Yes, underlings!

That was the role he assigned to the fat man.

“What’s your name?”

Ye Feng asked. novelbuddy(.)com

“Zhü S?np?o!”

The fat man hesitated for a moment, then his face broke into a wild grin – it looked like his life was spared.

“Zhü S?np?o??”

“Don’t tell me you also have two older brothers named Zhu Dapao and Zhu Erpao?”

Ye Feng looked at the fat man with an indescribable expression on his face.

“No, Zhu Erpao is my dad, and Zhu Dapao is my grandpa!”

Well, it seems this is a family with a tradition.

“I accept your proposal.”

“Thank you, big bro-

“Big bro, trust me, you won’t regret it!”

Zhü S?np?o was grinning from ear to ear, relieved to have escaped death.

“By the way, big bro, here’s a contact bracelet. It can be used in Beast God Mountain, and it can show us each other’s locations. The one you have on might be blocked by the power of Beast God Mountain.”

Zhü S?np?o handed a new bracelet to Ye Feng, who took it since the one given by the Human Federation didn’t work. “Ummm, big bro, may I ask your name?”

“Ye Huang!”

Instead of using his real name, Ye Feng gave himself a pseudonym.

“In that case… can I go now?”

Zhü S?np?o looked at Ye Feng tentatively.

“There are two tasks. One, you should know the Ancient Demon Race. I need you to wipe out all the beings that carry the scent of the Ancient Demon Race but are distinctly different from them.”

“Mobilize all members of your Diamond Battle Pig Clan to do this!”

“No problem, no problem!”

The fat man had learned his lesson this time. Just say the word, and I have no problem at all.

“Two, as for the treasures you mentioned, tell me where you find these exceptional resources!”

Ye Feng handed Zhü S?np?o a list of materials his Imperial Beasts needed for their evolution.

Zhü S?np?o took the list, cast a quick glance at Ye Feng, then swiftly retreated without a trace.

“This guy’s not trustworthy!”

The voice of the Ancient Star Tree echoed in Ye Feng’s ear.

“That’s ok, we will run into each other eventually. ‘A crooked tree can’t be straightened, a crooked man can’t be reformed.”‘

Controlling both people and beasts were similar – as a Beast Tamer, Ye Feng naturally knew this.


Suddenly, the ground underneath started to rumble and tremble, and the shaking was getting more severe.

Shortly after, a beam of red light shot into the sky from the horizon. Then, Ye Feng sensed a strange fluctuation.

“A treasure has appeared. From the looks of it, it’s a rare gem. Perfect, let’s go!”

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up – he’d been looking for a pillow to rest his head on and here one was being delivered right to his door..

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