Chapter 114 - : 113: Be a Dog to Me and I’ll Spare Your Life! 1

Chapter 114 - 114: 113: Be a Dog to Me and I’ll Spare Your Life! 1

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“Faster, faster!!!”

“So terrifying! ”

“How can someone be this scary-”

“We all have the same level of cultivation-2′

Underneath a gloomy sky, a transparent figure, hidden in space, was frantically fleeing.

Endless horror was the expression on Yue Yao’s once beguiling face.

This, even as one of the Shadow Clan, who was known as the Spatial Darling among the Top Ten Royal Clans of the Demon Clan, could not provide her any sense of security.

Because not long ago, she encountered a person from the Foreign Race with a proud demeanor.

Just that brief moment, she was a bit slow to turn around and leave, and then that foreigner became her nightmare.

At this moment, six eyes were deeply engraved in her mind and could not be dispelled, causing her body to tremble in fear.

At this point, she was no longer one of the three most powerful beings of the demon clan entering the Beast God Mountain, but rather a helpless female demon.

“Not good-

At this moment, Yue Yao’s heart was beating wildly, and an extreme sense of danger enveloped her. Subconsciously, she changed her direction.

Concurrently, a dark red beam as thick as a thumb appears out of thin air within the void and lands directly at her back, piercing her right chest!


The beam went through Yue Yao’s chest, and in the blink of an eye, it hit the ground.

The ground started undulating like waves, then collapsed, forming a dark pit that was ten thousand meters in diameter and bottomless.


Yue Yao let out a muffled sound as blood crazily spurted out from her, her aura dropping to its lowest in an instant, revealing herself from the spatial void and plunging into the pit.

In the dark pit, Yue Yao felt as if her soul was going to shatter from that single blow, and the energy within her body began to run wild.

If she couldn’t control this power soon, her body would explode and die. “You’re lucky, after all, my temper isn’t always this good.”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from above, which made her heart tremble again involuntarily.

It was the voice of that foreigner. A foreigner with six eyes on his face and stepping on a Tian Long appeared in front of her, blocking most of the sunlight from the sky.

“Be my dog, and I might spare your life!”

The youth’s voice was very calm, but it had a huge impact on Yue Yao.

She knew that he was just speaking casually, but that sentence gave her, who was so prideful, a tremendous humiliation.

But in the face of such a huge gap in power, she didn’t even have the right to commit suicide.

Yue Yao closed her eyes, tears slipping down her cheeks.

Yue Yao, the once most dazzling genius of the demon clan, had disappeared from the world at this moment.

A moment later, Yue Yao stood on the Tian Long, with the six-eyed foreign youth in front of her.

“Based on the time, they should be coming in now, shouldn’t they- I’

“Let’s warm-up first-

The youth’s casual voice echoed, as if he was talking to himself.

Then, a force that shook the heavens exploded from his body, reaching high into the sky.

The intense aura instantly changed the climate of this space, and the immense pressure made Yue Yao almost suffocate behind him.

“What… What kind of power is this- I’

At this moment, only intense shock remained in Yue Yao’s eyes!

She never knew that the Heavenly Saint Realm could possess such powerful force.

Even when the Demon Emperor was at the Heavenly Saint level, it was not as terrifying as this.

Perhaps, this should be called the true Heavenly Saint Realm.

“Yue Yao, becoming my dog will be the best decision you have ever made. Together, we will conquer the Depths of Starry Sky. You will be bathed in the supreme glory.”

“Yes, master!”

In that moment, Yue Yao’s heart completely succumbed to the six-eyed youth before her. The Demon Emperor, Black Sun, Human Race-Ye Feng, they were all utterly powerless in the face of her master’s might.

Meanwhile, at the foot of Beast God Mountain, a horned youth with wide opened mouth stood on a towering mountain peak, his eyebrow slightly raised.

“So, that Six-eyed Flying Fish is up for a fight again. Well then, I’ll indulge him in a battle. It will kill some time considering the Tian Huang Mountain, Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb, Divine Medicine Garden, and Starry Sea are not going to activate anytime soon.”

In a marshland emitting a foul stench, a youth wearing a dark green robe abruptly opened his eyes. His snake-like eyes became almost like a straight line. (f)reeweb(n)

“I’ve long heard about the Eternal Eyes of the Six-eyed Clan and always wanted a taste of them!”


In the next second, the youth’s figure vanished from the spot. Simultaneously, the marsh itself started to fade, revealing bones underneath. The creatures these bones once belonged to – the Demon Clan, Human Race, and other Foreign Races – were gone.



High above in the heavens, deep within a sea of thunder that radiated an endless majesty, a muscular man wrapped in lightning suddenly opened his eyes. Two enormous thunderbolts burst out, distorting the void.

“That crazy Six-eyed Flying Fish wants to start another fight. I guess I’ll join in the fun. Life is as lonely as snow, after all!”

The moment the Six-eyed Flying Fish released his aura, the various creatures from different races felt the surge of his power, and they released their own auras in response. freewebn

For a moment, the vast expanse around the Beast God Mountain was a whirlpool of chaotic energies, with every being converging in one direction.

Meanwhile, in the Wilderness Forest outside the Beast God Mountain, Zhu Sanpao ran a million miles without taking a break. He only breathed a sigh of relief once he was sure Ye Feng wouldn’t catch up anytime soon.


“That bastard beat me up so bad, wants me to kill for him, and find him opportunities. He’s dreaming.”

“Wait for me, once I gather enough people, we’ll see who’s the real boss!”

It was only then that Zhu Sanpao felt the countless auras clashing in the sky overhead, which made his body tremble uncontrollably.

“Damn it, damn it! These psychopaths are going to start fighting again, aren’t they? I knew it, they always pick fights when they have nothing better to do!”

“I can’t afford to get caught up in their mess; all these bosses are way out of my league! ”

Meanwhile, Ye Feng, along with the Ancient Star Tree, reached the location where the Creation was born first.

“This fluctuation, a heavenly treasure of low legendary level, perhaps?”

Ye Feng raised an eyebrow, eyeing a flickering red fruit emitting a tantalizing scent in front him.

This thing… is it possibly edible?

In that moment, the appealing scent of the fruit drew Ye Feng in. He gathered his force and reached out to grasp the fruit from a distance!

But at that moment, a sharp ear-piercing sound echoed. Soon after, a ray of light, extremely fast in speed, shot towards his body.

Like transcending space, it swiftly covered the distance. The moment ago it was only audible, and the next, it was already in front of Ye Feng..

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