Chapter 1809 - Choosing between Zhan Jia 'er and ruan Mengmeng

1809 Choosing between Zhan Jia ‘er and ruan Mengmeng
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Zhan mo chased after Zhan Jia ‘er. In the eyes of the public, it was Zhan mo chasing after’ ruan Mengmeng’.

“Young master mo and young Madam li are siblings. From young Madam Li’s expression just now, their relationship isn’t as tense as the rumors say, Yingluo.”

yes, young Madam li seems very excited to see young master mo. Are they going to acknowledge their family? ”

how is that possible? I heard that Zhan mo and Zhan Jia ‘er were born out of wedlock, and ruan Mengmeng is an illegitimate daughter. She and Zhan mo should be siblings from different mothers. How can they be so close? ”

The guests ‘soft discussions immediately spread.

She was even more curious about the relationship between Zhan mo and young Madam li.

At this moment, the so-called ‘young Madam li’ Zhan Jia ‘er had already run to the garden corridor behind the banquet hall. She was leaning on a carved pillar and panting slightly.

His heart ached slightly, but what hurt even more was the scene that had just entered his eyes.

Her brother was surprised that he would actually carry ruan Mengmeng in.

Jia ‘er! the man’s low, indifferent voice came from behind. The next moment, he put his hand on Zhan Jia’ er’s shoulder and turned her around.

The moment Zhan mo grabbed Zhan Jia ‘er’s shoulder and turned her around, her black hair followed her movements, drawing out an alluring stream of light.

A crystal-clear tear rolled out of her eye and fell as she turned her head.

It was so obvious. That teardrop was burning Zhan Mo’s heart.

The man’s dark eyebrows furrowed,”Jia ‘er, Yingluo.”

Zhan Jia ‘er turned her face to the side, not looking at Zhan mo, and allowed her tears to fall silently.

These days, his disappointment in Zhan Jia ‘er due to the’ crazy woman murder ‘was completely dispelled by his sister’s silent tears.


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