Chapter 1810 - : Ruan Mengmeng was surrounded

Chapter 1810 - 1810: Ruan Mengmeng was surrounded

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“I don’t want brother Wanwan. This is the best chance.” There’ll be too many people at the banquet, so junyu won’t notice that I’ve tampered with his red wine. I, Zhenzhen, like junyu. This is the best opportunity.”

Zhan Mo’s face was full of disapproval, “but your body is weak.”

Zhan Jia ‘er’s eyes flickered with calmness and certainty.”l’m fine. I’ve asked professor Maester. In my current condition, there won’t be any problems even if I use the love Gu. Besides, I still have ruan Mianmian in my heart, right?

Brother, ruan Mianmian’s bone marrow can help me, right?”

Zhan MO’s eyes paused for a moment. After a while, he rubbed Zhan Jia ‘er’s head and nodded. “Yes.”

“That’s good. Big brother Yingluo, you said before that I’m your only biological sister. I don’t want ruan Mengmeng to change me back, but since she’s here, I’ll just let her watch.

Don’t worry, big brother, I won’t act on my own anymore. You gave me the love Gu, so I’ll use it according to your instructions and make li junyu mine.

I’ll let ruan Mengmeng see who li junyu really likes so that she can give up completely.”

In that instant, Zhan Jia ‘er’s bright and innocent eyes seemed to be filled with too much desire.

And this desire was unfamiliar to Zhan mo. f(r)eewebn(o)

However, the teardrops on her eyelashes and the tears on her face reminded Zhan mo.

He had almost hurt his only sister for a woman of the same father but different mother. freew(e)bnove(l)

“Alright, I’ll listen to you,” Zhan mo said in a deep voice.

When Zhan mo brought Zhan Jia ‘er back to the banquet hall from the flower corridor, his cold eyes couldn’t help but tighten.

Ruan Mianmian was still in his hands, so Zhan mo wasn’t afraid of ruan Mengmeng exposing her and Jia ‘er’s identity in public.

However, what exactly had happened?

When he left, ruan Mengmeng, who was wearing a human skin mask and looked ordinary, was sitting obediently in her original position.

But now, ruan Mengmeng was surrounded by people, and she was in the middle.

“Brother, did she take off her mask?” Zhan Jia ‘ers eyes narrowed at the sight.

A look of panic flashed past her eyes. She had not even started to take action yet. Was ruan Mengmeng really going to abandon the little girl just to attack her?

If she had known this would happen, she would have asked her mother’s people to bring ruan Mianmian over. At least, ruan Mengmeng would have to be cautious.

“Don’t panic, I’ll go and take a look.” Be good and go back to your seat. Remember, Yingluo, your current body is not suitable for great sorrow and joy.”

Zhan Jia ‘er was indeed flustered. She was worried that her plan would be thwarted.

brother, don’t forget what you just said. You’re the only one left for Jia ‘er. Yingluo, you must help him. He reminded Zhan mo again.

“I know about Yingluo.”

After that, Zhan mo walked past the crowd and walked towards ruan Mengmeng.

Before he even got close, he heard ruan Mengmeng’s voice from the crowd.

She changed her usual tone and her voice was a little deeper.

“Sisters, I’ve already said that I’m not Yingluo. My name is Ming Ming, not Jia ‘er. The news had already reported that Zhan Jia ‘er was recuperating in the hospital ward and was being watched by the Procuratorate. She’ll be sentenced to at least three years in prison for false accusation. She’s done something bad, so how dare she come here?”

It turned out that after Zhan mo left, a dozen socialites suddenly appeared and surrounded ruan Mengmeng.

These socialites were none other than the young ladies who had become good friends with ruan Mengmeng after their blind date with li junyu.

They had heard from the others that the pregnant woman was Zhan MO’s younger sister. Although they didn’t think it was the right person, they knew that the only sister Zhan mo cared tor so much was Zhan Jia ‘er..

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