Chapter 517 - Open Your Mouth

517 Open Your Mouth
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” Tsk.” Li Shunan leaned back in his chair, his posture very relaxed. His gaze fell on her white and tender palm.

The little girl had grown up and was able to woo people.

“Where did you learn it?”

” Because I have a military advisor.” Jiang Lingzhi glanced at the candy in her hand.”You don’t want it?”

Li Shunan leaned there lazily and looked at her with a half-smile. He didn’t reach out to take it.”Not chasing me? How could he chase someone so insincere?”

Jiang Lingzhi’s small face scrunched up, and she instantly became depressed.””Still not sincere? I’ve already worked very hard.”

Li Shunan lowered his eyes and his gaze fell on the candy in her hand. He said in a drawl,””Shouldn’t you be the one feeding him?”


Jiang Lingzhi raised her head and looked around. She was a little nervous.”Now?”

It was class time now. Although they were sitting in the last row, there were still so many people in the classroom.

Li Shunan just looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

She thought about how he had said that she wasn’t sincere.

Jiang Lingzhi swallowed her saliva and lowered her eyes. She peeled the candy and brainwashed herself.”Alright, you were the one chasing me in the past. Now, it’s my turn to chase you.”

She raised her hand and brought the candy to his lips.

The little girl looked up at him with wet eyes.

Jiang Lingzhi reminded him,”Open your mouth.””

Li Shunan lowered his eyes and stared straight at her. He smiled and raised his hand to hold her delicate wrist.

His palm was warm, and a rough touch gently rubbed his wrist.

Li Shunan stared at her from head to toe. His light brown eyes and beautiful peach blossom eyes were extremely gentle. He bent over slightly and bit the candy between her fingers.

This action of his was inexplicably lustful and sexy.

Jiang Lingzhi was a little overwhelmed.

When he got closer, the tip of his tongue licked her fingers.


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