Chapter 518 - : Soft Girlfriend

Chapter 518: Soft Girlfriend

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Jiang Lingzhi raised her head and met his eyes.”Where’s your book?”

Li Shunan looked up and said casually,””Ah, I forgot.”

His tone was languid and casual, and he seemed to take it for granted. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

Jiang Lingzhi was speechless.

Forgot to bring your books to class?

What kind of class was this?

Why was it still the same as before?

The teacher was giving a lecture. Jiang Lingzhi really looked like she was here to take the class seriously. She even brought her notebook along. He quickly picked up his pen and started to take notes.

Li Shunan was speechless.

Li Shunan leaned over and stared at her side profile. He found it funny. For a moment, he couldn’t figure out if she was here to chase after him or to freeload.

After class.

The students got up and prepared to leave the classroom.

He couldn’t help but look back.

It was already very magical for the study god to come to class today!

This legendary figure could not be seen for the entire day. It was difficult to even see him in the classroom.

However, he was so famous that he was famous outside the school, so everyone knew about him.

The school hunk of the computer science department of Nanjing University was so handsome that it angered the gods!

He didn’t expect to come to class today. There was a little girl beside him. She didn’t look like she was from the computer science department.

Some people were whispering in low voices, discussing the relationship between the two of them.

“Is that the girlfriend of the study god? She’s so beautiful.”

“No way, you already have a girlfriend so soon? How long has it been since school started?”

“Did the study god leave his single life so quickly?!”

“Sob, sob, sob, sob. Handsome guys are indeed not worried about not having a girlfriend.”

“I thought that the closest pavilion would get the moon first, but in the end, I don’t usually see anyone. It was not easy for him to come to class, but he actually brought his girlfriend along.”

“This is too hurtful to the girls of the computer science department!”

“Wuwuwu… The two of them were a good match.”

“Hey, didn’t I hear that the senior in the second year of the computer department is crazily pursuing the god of studies?”

There were more than ten canteens in Nanjing University.

Jiang Lingzhi had been to a few canteens with her roommates these few days. She had been to all kinds of restaurants, including Hui restaurants and local restaurants.

There was the most luxurious place called the Grand Laurel Garden. It was like a star-rated hotel, but not many people went there.

After all, they were all students and their monthly living expenses were limited. It was better to be frugal.

Jiang Lingzhi did not have much of a concept of money before.

Before school started, Lu Yuping had helped her prepare all the necessities for school.

He also gave her 3,000 yuan as pocket money.

However, there was nothing much to spend money on in school. Jiang Lingzhi’s money was quite enough.

She looked at her own little treasury and found that it was quite enough. She specially invited him to a more western-style place for dinner.

The advantage of this place was that there were fewer people.

The two of them found a seat by the window and sat down. Jiang Lingzhi handed the notebook in her hand to him.”This is for you.”

“Huh?” Li Shunan looked up.

Jiang Lingzhi blinked her eyes.” Notes? Didn’t you not bring any books?”” “You?” Li Shunan realized something.”

Jiang Lingzhi replied calmly,” That’s right. Why else would I copy it? I’m not a computer science major. ‘”‘

Li Shunan’s eyes moved slightly. He opened the notebook. The girl’s handwriting was elegant and neat, looking very beautiful. He copied down the notes without missing a single word.

The corners of his lips curled up.

His cute, soft girlfriend even copied notes for him.

Li Shunan stared at her thoughtfully.

Jiang Lingzhi was a little embarrassed by his gaze. She subconsciously touched her face. “What? Is there something on my face?”

Li Shunan lowered his head and laughed before he averted his gaze..

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