Chapter 362 - Mrs. He's Birthday Banquet, Part 3

362 Mrs. He’s Birthday Banquet, Part 3
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“You… Don’t get too happy too soon. It’s not that easy to become part of the He family. Do you think you’re already Mrs. He?” Hu Shanshan looked at Ye Xiaomeng, who remained calm and collected no matter how she provoked her. Hu Shanshan felt even more exasperated.

“It’s you who’s interested in the title of Mrs. He, right?” Ye Xiaomeng didn’t want to argue with her and hit the nail on the head.

Hu Shanshan’s face turned even redder after being exposed.

She was about to retaliate when she saw He Ming walking in their direction. She stopped talking immediately to leave a good impression.

She then put on a pitiful look that made those not in the know think that Ye Xiaomeng was bullying her.

As He Ming got closer, he saw Hu Shanshan standing beside Ye Xiaomeng. He was shocked and picked up his pace.

Because he had learned his lesson with Hu Shanshan. Nothing good ever happened when she was around. She must be causing trouble again.

“Mengmeng…” He Ming called out to Ye Xiaomeng as he approached the girls.

Hu Shanshan also looked over when she heard his voice. Although she had met He Ming many times, her heart still beat wildly every time she saw him.

He Ming stood tall and straight, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His nose bridge was very high, his eyebrows were thick and spirited. The contours of his face were sharp but smooth.

His light gray trousers matched his black short-sleeved shirt. His equally attractive body was wrapped in clothes, but they made him look noble.

Hu Shanshan became even more nervous and looked a little shy as He Ming approached.

“Brother He…” Hu Shanshan greeted him shyly.

“Hi…” He Ming nodded coldly. She was still a guest here, so he couldn’t give her the annoyed face but his expression was like when he met a stranger.

“Mengmeng, what took you so long? Are you tired?” He Ming asked with concern. He waited for a while but she didn’t come to find him.

“I’m not tired. I’m just chatting with Miss Hu.” Ye Xiaomeng said indifferently.


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