Chapter 363 - : Future Daughter-in-Law

Chapter 363: Future Daughter-in-Law

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“Ming, Xiaomeng, come here for a moment.” Mrs. He saw them from not far away and waved desperately at them.

“Come, let me introduce you. This is Xiaomeng, He Ming’s girlfriend.” Mrs. He asked them over so she could introduce Xiaomeng to their relatives.

“Hello, everyone.” Xiaomeng said politely.

No matter how bold and extroverted Xiaomeng was, she couldn’t help but blush at such a scene.

He Ming’s relatives all look at them meaningfully.

“He Ming, we’ll be attending your wedding banquet soon, yeah?” A family friend even teased.

“I’ll definitely inform everyone when the time comes.” He Ming smiled so widely that he was all teeth and no eyes.

Mrs. He was also smiling from ear to ear, holding Xiaomeng’s arm.

Two people around them whispered to each other when no one was paying attention. One of them said with a hint of disdain, “She doesn’t look that outstanding what? I wonder what her family background is like.”

“Their family background is not bad to begin with. They don’t need powerful in-laws. She just needs to give birth to a chubby grandson for her.” Another voice sounded, obviously someone very close with Mrs. He.

“Mom, so you’re here?” Hu Shanshan looked around and finally saw her mother chatting with another woman.

“Yeah, quickly take a seat. Lunch will be served soon.” Mrs. Hu looked at her daughter with heartache.

She knew that Shanshan liked He Ming, but now that he had a girlfriend, she should probably give up.

Mrs. Hu obviously didn’t know her daughter very well. Hu Shanshan had been spoiled since young and was extremely competitive. The way He Ming treated her was nothing but a blow to her. How could she just accept it?

“Shanshan, hurrv up and find a boyfriend too.” Her mother’s friend at the same table said with a smile.

Slight surprise appeared on Hu Shanshan’s face like she was shy, but no one saw the sadness in her eyes.

She stole a glance in He Ming’s direction, feeling more determined than ever.

What right did such an ordinary woman have to stand beside Brother He?

After introducing Xiaomeng to his relatives, He Ming pulled Xiaomeng to sit at the host’s table.

“Pay attention to your image.” Xiaomeng wasn’t as thick-skinned as He Ming, so she reminded He Ming after they sat down.

This man was sometimes so unaware of his surroundings and acted intimately in public. He didn’t care about losing face, but she did.

The two of them kept their heads down, talking and laughing, as if they were flirting.

Hu Shanshan, who was sitting at the next table, felt as if her eyes were on fire. She did not want to see them being lovey-dovey at first, but she couldn’t help it. Her heart was in turmoil.

The current He Ming was unfamiliar to Hu Shanshan, but even more fascinating.

Although he was usually polite, he always felt a little distant.

What about the current He Ming? His smile was kind and genuine, and he was always smiling when he looked at Ye Xiaomeng.

Hu Shanshan bit her lip, took out her phone, and secretly took a photo of Ye Xiaomeng.

After that, she pretended to sit up straight.

When lunch was served, He Ming was worried that Xiaomeng would be too embarrassed to pick up food, so he helped her enthusiastically.

“Are you raising pigs?” Ye Xiaomeng couldn’t help but complain.

“Eat more.” He Ming’s hands didn’t stop for a moment. He felt especially satisfied watching Xiaomeng eat.

Mrs. He smiled when she saw the two of them being so loving. This was her best birthday present. She could finally put her biggest worry to rest.

Everyone was happy on this day except for Hu Shanshan.

After she left the He residence, she took a car to a private detective agency.

When she came out, she had a contemptuous sneer on her face. Her gorgeous face looked a little contorted.

In Hu Shanshan’s mind, she was thinking, “Ye Xiaomeng, let’s just wait and see..”

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