Chapter 500 - : Enemies on a Narrow Road

Chapter 500: Enemies on a Narrow Road

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Feng Chuge shook his head lightly and stopped thinking about Wenren Zimo.

After all, Wenren Zimo was just a stranger. Once she achieved her goal and returned to the Cloud Sky Academy, they would part ways. freew(e)

The interaction here had long fallen into the eyes of the people in the sedan chair.

Feng Qing Wan lifted the curtain of the palanquin window and looked over, only to see Feng Chu Ge and Helian Zi Xuan talking and laughing, as well as the extremely delicate and lovely boy beside them.

She couldn’t help but grit her teeth.

Turning her head, she laughed lightly.” Your Highness, look, Fourth Sister’s popularity is really good. Look at them talking and laughing. Fourth Sister is really liked by men.”

Helian Jin Yu followed Feng Qing Wan’s gaze and indeed saw Helian Zi Xuan and Feng Chu Ge talking about something, and at this moment, Feng Chu Ge’s face was carrying a few traces of a smile.

This smile was completely different from when she was facing him.

Every time she faced him, Helian Jin Yu could always feel the mockery or falsehood in Feng Chu Ge’s smile, but now, Feng Chu Ge’s smile towards Helian Zi Xuan was from the bottom of his heart.

That smile…It’s so dazzling

Helian Jin Yu’s eyes flashed coldly, and his face gradually darkened.

Finally, he pulled down the curtain and sneered.

“Shameless woman.”

This voice was not low. At least, Feng Chu Ge and Helian Zi Xuan heard it.

Feng Chu Ge’s lips curled into a cold smile, and a chill flashed in his eyes.

“Biao Younger Sister, Third Older Brother’s words are a little overboard, don’t take it to heart.”After all, he was his third brother, and they were close brothers. Hearing Helian Jin Yu’s words and seeing Feng Chu Ge’s changing expression, Helian Zi Xuan couldn’t help but speak up.

Feng Chuge did not say anything more and continued to move forward.

Soon, they arrived at the restaurant they were going to.

Standing outside the restaurant, Feng Chu Ge’s forehead was filled with black lines.

Raising his eyes, the words “Moon Breeze Restaurant” flashed brightly.

Moon Breeze Restaurant-

Wasn’t this a business under Fengyue Brothel?

In the entire Heaven Enlightenment, there was only one. Coincidentally, it was not too far from where they were just now.

The palanquin stopped and Helian Jin Yu got off the carriage first. Then, he stretched out his hand to hold Feng Qing Wan’s hand.

Feng Qing Wan took the opportunity to lie in Helian Jin Yu’s arms, her eyes bright, her eyes full of lust.| Light. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

When she walked past Feng Chu Ge, she saw Feng Chu Ge standing outside, thinking about something. She couldn’t help but pull up her lips and said with a smile.

“Fourth Sister, this is the best restaurant in our Heaven Enlightenment. Unless it’s someone with an extremely noble status, the rest are practically unable to enter. 1 guess Fourth Sister has never been here before, right? It’s fine. Fourth Sister can just follow us. His Highness has brought me here a few times before, so I can be considered to be somewhat familiar with this place…”

Her voice was very delicate, her tone was very arrogant, and the meaning behind her words was extremely annoying.

Feng Chu Ge turned around and saw Feng Qing Wan’s disdainful gaze.

Feng Chu Ge curled his lips and used his mental energy. A gust of wind blew and Feng Qing Wan’s veil fell off…

“All!” Feng Qing Wan cried out in alarm and quickly covered her face with her hands.

She knew the current condition of her face. That day, after Feng Chu Ge had torn her skin and flesh, even though the wound had healed, it still left behind a series of potholes and scars. It was extremely ferocious and terrifying.

Following her scream, everyone in the restaurant looked over. Some sharp-eyed people saw the state of Feng Chu Ge’s face. He couldn’t help but look down on him.

“Look at her figure. She’s a beauty. I didn’t expect her to be an ugly monster….”

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