Chapter 501 - : Let’s See Who Can Beat Who (1)

Chapter 501: Let’s See Who Can Beat Who (1) freew ebnov el

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“Isn’t that so? Aiyo, aren’t those the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince? Looking at her leaning against the Third Lord’s chest, wasn’t she the disfigured Feng Qing Wan?”Someone recognized Helian Jin Yu, who was being held up by Feng Qing Wan, and cried out in alarm.

“Tsk tsk…How ugly!”

Waves of discussion came from the surroundings, and Feng Qing Wan’s face was completely distorted.

Helian Jin Yu’s face was also a little embarrassed. He stood up and with a wave of his hand, a gust of wind blew and took the veil that flew not far away. Finally, he put it back on Feng Qing Wan’s face.”Helian Jin Yu patted the back of Feng Qing Wan’s hand and comforted her.

Even though her expression wasn’t very good, but now hearing Helian Jin Yu’s words, Feng Qing Wan’s eyes flashed a bit, and in the end, her eyes were filled with pity.

“Alright, let’s go up.”

Just as Feng Qing Wan had said before, unless one was extremely wealthy, no one could enter the Moon Breeze Restaurant.

Not to mention that the dishes here were novel and expensive, just the seats inside had to be reserved a few days in advance. As the saying goes, the rarer something is, the more valuable it is. There were quite a few restaurants under the Fengyue Brothel, but this Fengyue Restaurant was the most high-end and also specialized in serving the rich. Those who could enter this restaurant were mostly people with prominent statuses. Such an arrangement catered to the mentality of some rich people. With this, the Wind Moon Restaurant swept through the entire Heaven Enlightenment and the other two countries in a short few months at a speed that was as fast as the wind sweeping through the clouds.

Long before coming, Helian Jin Yu had already reserved a private room. The Moon Breeze Restaurant was the best restaurant in the three countries. This private room was especially large. A table and a chair were carved out of high-quality sandalwood. Elegant paintings hung around them. It really didn’t look like they were here to eat, but rather, it looked like an elegant courtyard to rest.

Even though this was the second time she had come here, Feng Qing Wan still couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration as she walked in and looked around.

What kind of person was capable of planning the Fengyue Restaurant to such an extent?

Her gaze swept across Feng Chu Ge’s body. Feng Qing Wan’s lips curled into a cold smile as she stepped forward,” Fourth Sister, don’t be so formal later. Although this restaurant is not a place for people of your class, with us here, don’t be afraid.””

Feng Chuge glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and raised his eyebrows slightly. He did not say anything and just sat on a chair at the side.

Feng Qing Wan thought that Feng Chu Ge had been rendered speechless by her words and couldn’t help but feel a little proud of himself. The reason why she insisted on Feng Chuge coming here today was to embarrass him. Feng Qing Wan thought that she had already achieved some results, but she didn’t know that Feng Chu Ge didn’t even bother to pay attention to her…

Soon, all the dishes were served.

These dishes were really good. Wenren Zimo’s eyes lit up when he saw the vegetables.

The facts proved that Wenren Zimo was a glutton!!

Wenren Zimo picked up his chopsticks and went forward to pick up some food. He looked at Feng Qingwan with disdain.” You’re so rude and uneducated. As expected, people are divided into groups!””

Ever since she met Feng Chu Ge, Feng Qing Wan had been at loggerheads with him, not forgetting to belittle him.

Feng Chuge raised his eyebrows and turned his head. He saw Wenren Zimo eating a chicken drumstick. As he ate the drumstick, he did not forget to say a few words through gritted teeth.

“A dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory!”

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