Chapter 376 - : Anwan, You ‘re Really Beautiful

Chapter 376: Anwan, You ‘re Really Beautiful

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Yu Anwan was even more confused.

But Wen Jin didn’t say anything.

He only held Yu Anwan’s hand and walked behind her. Yu Anwan was shocked.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t say a word.

Because there was a brand new wedding dress in front of her.

And this wedding dress contained all of Yu Anwan’s expectations for the wedding.

Compared to the wedding dress that Wen Jin had asked her to try on, this one was truly sincere.

Under such circumstances, Yu Anwan did not react for a while and could only look at Wen Jin passively.

Wen Jin didn’t avoid Yu Anwan’s gaze.

“Do you like it?” Wen Jin asked.

“I like it,” Yu Anwan replied directly. “It’s hard not to like Carina’s designs.”

It was very stunning.

A dreamy and stunning feeling.

Yu Anwan felt that any woman who saw it would fall in love with it immediately.

Not to mention the exquisite workmanship of the wedding dress itself.

When Carina heard Yu Anwan’s words, she laughed. “No, the main body of the design is not me. It’s President Wen.”

Yu Anwan was stunned.

Why didn’t she know that Wen Jin knew how to design?

“It was President Wen who gave me a rough draft and told me what kind of wedding dress you would like,” Carina explained. “That’s why I started drafting. ”

“Can I see President Wen’s draft?” Yu Anwan blinked.

It was quite rare.

Carina smiled and didn’t refuse.

Then, she placed a piece of A4 paper in front of Yu Anwan.

Yu Anwan lowered her head to take a look.


It was a rough draft.

Rough enough.

But at least there was an outline.

The fluffy muslin, the long train, the heart-shaped neckline, and other details were all added by Carina.

Based on President Wen’s rough draft, no one could guess what Wen Jin wanted.

Therefore, Carina was still the best.

However, Yu Anwan was pleased to see Wen Jin coaxing her.

Yu Anwan didn’t mock Wen Jin.

She knew that he was trying to please her.

From the moment he appeared in Paris until now, every move was an attempt to please her.

Yu Anwan felt genuinely flattered by Wen Jin.

As she thought about it, Yu Anwan curled her lips.

He seemed a little impatient.

Wen Jin suddenly hugged Yu Anwan and looked down at her, his deep eyes focusing on her.

“Do you like it this time?” Wen Jin asked directly.

Wen Jin still remembered the unhappy incident with the previous wedding dress.

So this time, he was genuinely serious and cautious.

Yu Anwan raised an eyebrow and then said seriously, “I like it. I like it from the beginning to the end.”

Wen Jin smiled.

Yu Anwan felt that Wen Jin looked very handsome when he smiled.

It was just that when he smiled normally, the smile did not reach his eyes.

There was even a moment when his smile seemed to hide a dagger behind it.

And now, Wen Jin seemed to have completely relaxed. He was genuinely just trying to make Yu Anwan happy.

Yu Anwan even thought that at this moment, if she wanted the stars in the sky, Wen Jin would pluck them for her.

Thinking about it, Yu Anwan couldn’t help but ask, “President Wen, can you give me whatever I want now?”

“What do you want?” Wen Jin asked again, but his attitude had already conveyed everything.

“I want the stars in the sky. Will President Wen give them to me?” Yu Anwan asked directly.

“Those are just stones. I don’t think you’ll like them.” Wen Jin raised his eyebrows.

Yu Anwan was left speechless.

Alright then.

There was not much to say to a straightforward man.

Yu Anwan didn’t want to discuss this issue with Wen Jin anymore. If they continued, the romantic atmosphere might turn suffocating.

“Mrs. Wen, please try on the wedding dress first. If there’s anything that doesn’t suit you, we can change it on the spot,” Carina spoke up after their conversation.

“Alright.” Yu Anwan smiled.

Then, she gracefully followed Carina into the house. The curtains outside were drawn, and Wen Jin was left waiting outside.

Wen Jin sat calmly on the sofa. This was an entirely new experience for him.

Even when he was with Lu Nanxin, he had never tried on any clothes with her.

Wen Jin never went shopping. Everything he needed would be delivered to his home promptly, thanks to his assistants who understood his preferences well.

If there were any issues, they would communicate with Shen Bin at the earliest opportunity to ensure it wouldn’t inconvenience Wen Jin.

Therefore, this was the first time he was waiting for a woman to try on a wedding dress. Surprisingly, it felt quite pleasant to Wen Jin.

He lowered his head and flipped through the magazine in his hand. However, his mind wasn’t on the magazine. It was focused on Yu Anwan, who was behind the curtain.

It was as if the moment the curtain opened would be the most anticipated moment for Wen Jin.

At that moment, with the assistance of three assistants and Carina, Yu Anwan successfully donned the luxurious wedding dress.

The already stunning wedding dress seemed to come alive on Yu Anwan.

It was tailor-made for her.

The stylist, standing by, swiftly fashioned a simple hairstyle for Yu Anwan, and the long veil gracefully adorned her head.

It was done in one seamless motion.

As if she needed no further embellishment, the attire alone was enough to captivate anyone in the room.

Yu Anwan gazed at herself in the full-length mirror, momentarily falling into silence.

Despite being married to Wen Jin, and this not being their first wedding, Yu Anwan couldn’t help but feel like a newlywed.

It was a moment of romance and sheer beauty.

Just then, Wen Jin’s voice echoed from outside, “Is it ready? Can I come in?”

His magnetic voice asked politely.

Hearing Wen Jin’s voice, Yu Anwan subconsciously turned around.

Coincidentally, as Yu Anwan turned, Wen Jin had already drawn back the curtain, revealing his tall figure before her.

Their eyes met in the air.

In that instant, Wen Jin had only one thought.

Stunning.u pdat? by п?w?o??l.?R?

It was as if a fairy had descended to the mortal world, gracefully approaching.

Wen Jin remained silent, his lips pursed as he stood there. However, the intensity of his gaze, unwaveringly fixed on Yu Anwan, spoke volumes. Yu Anwan’s ears began to warm. freeweb(n)

“Is something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” Yu Anwan composed herself and inquired of Wen Jin.

Wen Jin didn’t utter a word. Instead, he calmly approached Yu Anwan.

However, Wen Jin’s profound gaze remained fixated on her.

To Yu Anwan, it felt as if there were no stars in Wen Jin’s eyes, only her.

It was the flavor of heart-fluttering love.

As she pondered, Yu Anwan’s ears involuntarily flushed.

Wen Jin had already reached Yu Anwan. He said with deep affection, “Anwan, you look truly beautiful.”

A man who had never been one for sweet words.

Yet, at that moment, it seemed as though he couldn’t contain it any longer. He spoke each word deliberately, “So beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you..”fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

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